Machine Woven PP loop pile carpet rolls project carpets rugs

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789090 roll/month

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Product Description:


Quick Details

  • Material: 100% Polypropylene

  • Style: Stripe

  • Pattern: Shaggy

  • Design: Other

  • Technics: Hand Tufted

  • Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Car, Commercial, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Prayer, Toilet, Other

  • Size: 50x50, 60x60cm

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:carpet tiles commercial design 100% Nylon Tufte be packed in 20pcs per carton
Delivery Detail:25-35days after receive your deposit or original LC



Machine woven PP loop pile carpet rolls project carpets rugs


Quick Details

  • Material:100% nylon, 100% PP

  • Style: Jacquard

  • Pattern: Cut Pile, Loop Pile

  • Design: Other

  • Technics: Other

  • Use: Commercial, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer

  • Size: 50*50cm, 60*60cm customized

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Detail:Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic is in Standard export carton, 20pcs per cartons.
Delivery Detail:25-30 days, please confirm it again when ordering.

Technical Specifications   

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic Specifications:



1.Yarn :

100% PP


4  colors as picture showed  . 

3.Pile weight:


4.Pile height:



PP woven




300SQM if it has stock, if not ,2000SQM

7.Samples Time:

(1)7-10days-If you want to customize pattern and material

(2)1day-For our existing samples for reference.

8.Use palce

low price PP carpet in rolls,wall to wall low price loop pile carpet for hotel flooring

9.Certification available:


10.Packing Details:

4m wide ,25-27 long /roll ,roll size : around  diameter (50-60cm )*4.1m ,a cylinder

11. Loading

2500SQM/20FT ,4000-5000SQM/40FT ,6000SQM/40HQ


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Q:cleaning carpet?
Pretreat any spots you see ahead of time with a really good cleaner like Folex and then go ahead and steam clean the whole carpet. You may have to do it several times.
Q:Landlord wants me to replace entire carpet?
Let’s start with the premise the landlord is not entitled to full replacement value of the carpet, because awarding such would unjustly enrich the landlord So the question becomes what is the FMV (fair market value) of the carpet? Ie the life span, on that issue it really comes down to your local landlord judge Some jurisdiction might be 5 years, while others may go 10, I have found 7 years( IRS guide lines) tend to be rule of thumb by me, but you should check your local landlord court
Q:help me find this rug!!!?
I've . You might find something you like even better, too. The thumbnails aren't great, but they are clickable to show a larger view with more detail and better color. have fun :-)
Q:How can I prevent my rugs from staining my linoleum?
There are a few types out there ,but the one I m familar with is calles Rug Hold.. It s a thin rubberymat you put under your rugs to hold them down and wont react w/ your vinyl like the backing is know to your vinyl.. Ashphalt drives are a big problem (tracking in the oils) because the petroleum based products react w/ each other and causes the yellow stains you see.. Check any product like this and get the 1 for your needs.. They make them for wood and carpet etc The nice thing is they can be tossed in washer when they do lose tackeyness and be renewedGL
Q:bleached carpet!! HELP!!?
When the person we had come over and feed the cats cleaned up a fur ball she used the only thing she could find, comet dishwasher detergent with bleach. I saved a remnant when they installed the carpet and had somebody splice it in but it still didn't look right. Actually the maintenance guys there might know just the trick. But most of the time people don't get their deposit back unless it's in better condition than when you moved in (if documented on move in) was my experience. You could call or see a professional cleaning or janitorial service and ask if they could help you out with some tips and some types of dyes to use. You could buy a carpet sample that is similar for a buck or two and experiment on it, buy a couple fabric dyes but don't make it worse than it already is. This has huge potential for disaster so be super careful, a professional would be better.
Q:What kind of carpet floorings are at reasonable prices? Carpet Costs?
There are tons of price ranges for carpet out there. One of the main things that effects carpet price is the composition. The 2 main compositions are polyester and nylon. Polyester is the kind that seems to clog up my vaccum with thread residue. Polyester is inferior to nylon. It will not last as long as nylon, but you will pay less. All types of carpet, berber, cut piles, cutloops come in all price ranges. I, personally, don't prefer berber as I have cats that will take up the loops and it's super casual. If you go to one of the big box stores, you will be safe with a nylon in a $2.50/sqft range. It won't be top quality, but it won't be contractor-quality either. When you're searching for carpet (what a task!) you'll want to pay attention to the face weight as well. That is, essentially, how much a carpet weighs per sqft or sqyd (or, how much thread is it composed of). The higher the face weight, ordinarily the more resilient the carpet will be in the long haul. The best carpets have a face weight over 70 or so. The commerical or contractor grade carpets are usually in the 30's. Best of luck!
Q:How to deal with the color of rose petals on the carpet?
You can only clean it by several times. There is no possibility to remove it one time by diluted oxalic acid. You must be careful that each time to clean it with a large amount of water, and the stain will be lighter after a time's cleaning, with a absorbent cloth to absorb water , repeat several times. One-time removal is impossible, you should ensure that the dilution will not make the carpet colors fall off
Q:Is This A Suitable Selection Of Rugs For A Horse?
I'm north England and my rug list is Heavyweight (360g) turnout with hood Middleweight (200g) turnout Waterproof with no filling Bug rug (my mare has mild sweet itch) Heavyweight full neck stable rug Medium weight stable rug lightweight stable rug fleece exercise sheet I have before now had all three stable rugs on at once, and having the light and medium allows you lots of felxibilty. If you're working lots with the horse then you will probably need to clip to some degree but even if you don't thoroughbreds tend to need pretty heavyily rugged to keep their weight up. I would strongly recommend OKorder for rug purchases as you'll get good, new rugs for a lot less than anywhere else.
Q:What happens if the seat and carpet are dirty in the car?
Never wash with soap or hot water, because soap and hot water will fix traces on the surface of your seat. You can only wipe it with cold cloth and then rinse it with a foam cleanser.
Q:What is the production of Carpet cloth?
Carpets are usually made from two different raw materials, one is jute, but the other is polypropylene. Jute bottom cloth and polypropylene base cloth. Carpet fabric is woven fabric, therefore, according to different materials, they should be classified as hemp weaving processing and chemical fiber weaving processing.

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