M14-11501 Angle Grinder

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Type: Angle grinder

Model : S1M-SG-100
Grinding disc diameter : 115 (mm) grinding disk rotational speed : 11000 (r / min) Power supply voltage : 220V/110V
Power type: AC motor power : 900 (W) Scope: engineering , site grinding cutting metal
Weight : 1.8 (kg) custom processing

Technical parameters:
Standard models : S1M-SG-115 Order number : 11501
Voltage : 220V / 110V Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated speed : 11000r / min wheel diameter : 115mm
Rated power : 900W Spindle Thread : M14

General Standard configuration:
Motor stack height : 50mm casing colors: red + silver glitter paint
Packaging: carton packaging auxiliary handle : 1
Wrench: a wheel cover : 1
Wire : 2X0.75X2 meters
Carton size : 62x31x26 Number of units : 10 units / pieces

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Q:What is the polishing wheel used in mirror polishing in machining? The material is not quenched by S136.
Suitable for die steel use moist environment and weak alkaline environment, by ESR remelting (Grade A) steel is suitable for making optical instruments, lens, lens mold, suitable for most electronic components, tools, utensils abandon meal type, camera, sunglasses, chemical equipment and plastic products, high surface finish production optical products, such as cameras, sun glasses, chemical equipment, syringes, analytical instruments and plastic products.
Q:Angle grinder is used for what?
Angle grinder suitable for cutting, grinding and brush grinding of metal and stone.
Q:Do you have to grind the car before polishing?
Yes, the car needs polishing before polishing.The surface of the car by spraying, may appear coarse, fine sandpaper mark, flow mark, white, orange and other defects in the film surface, in order to remedy these defects, usually for grinding polishing after spraying in the car, in order to improve the film mirror effect, is bright, smooth, bright requirements.
Q:Jade processing technology and tools used
Diamond powder is jade carving tool, tool surface with diamond powder, and its function is similar with iron tools, cutting use, also has the rolling mill, because of the hardness of diamond, for jade carving, in order to improve the power.In addition to Hetian jade processing must be equipped with equipment, but also need to have a jade master, to carving exquisite jade products.
Q:The correct method of polishing automobiles
Abrasive polishing agent 1, abrasive; containing fine particles, can remove the oxide layer and the depth of minor scratches and paint when the pits and vertical flow2, paint polishing agent: reduction of abrasive particles finer than some, can remove paint in mild scratch, this product contains oil in the paint when polishing into paint, paint of lost oil to the brightening effect of nursing, also called moderate polishing agent.3, rapid polishing agent: thinner than the reduced polishing agent, also known as fineness polishing agent. With the removal of oxide layer and the double effect of wax as a final polishing process, by handwork, make up machine polishing has been halo phenomenon has brightening effect, also known as brightening agent. The use of five speed polishing machine (grinding machine) mechanical polishing machine is divided into two kinds of electric and pneumatic electric polishing machine is large and adjustable reporting reporting, large power, good polishing effect, have to pay attention to the power loom large for beginners should always pay attention to the state of the machine, to avoid damage to the paint. Pneumatic polishing machine reported low, and grinding, polishing, grinding effectiveness is poor, the efficiency of grinding and polishing operations is relatively low. We usually use electric polishing machine, variable speed polishing machine is a set of grinding and polishing as one of the equipment, the installation of grinding disk can be carried out grinding operations, installation of polishing disc can be polished. The variable speed polishing machine smoothes and finishes the paint by rotating the grinding plate or polishing disc to remove minor paint defects and increase brightness.
Q:Polishing, waxing, sealing glaze, grinding. What do you mean by that? What's the difference?
Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, in order to obtain bright, smooth surface processing methods. The utility model utilizes the polishing tool and abrasive particles or other polishing medium to finish the modification of the surface of the workpiece.
Q:Hand polishing of jade
Pure hand is throwing out good results, the self-made polishing cloth, the drill fixed clamp self-made cloth coated with abrasive paste, hand polished jade (Note: grinding paste of different mesh with different polishing cloth, polishing paste from coarse to fine)
Q:What tools are used to grind the most finely?
You can buy them directly in the area where they can make you powder, that would be better.If you must do it yourself at home, I suggest you use the bowl, but some herbs are not very good, and poria is better
Q:Abrasives are what to catch?
In addition to being widely used in machinery manufacturing and other metal processing industries, abrasives are also used in the processing of food, paper and ceramics, glass, stone, plastics, rubber, wood and other non-metallic materials.
Q:What does magnetic abrasive mean?
With the rapid development of optics, electronics, communications, petroleum, machinery and biological engineering, many components with complex shapes and difficult to process materials have put forward more stringent requirements for ultra precision machining technology. In traditional machining technology, the finishing process is the method to obtain the lowest surface roughness. The so-called finishmachining, refers to the object to be machined surface quality greatly improved at the same time, realize the accuracy stability and even a technique to improve machining precision, is an important part of advanced manufacturing technology. The research and development of advanced finishing technology is of great importance to the development of modern manufacturing technology.

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