M10 Die Grinder

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Type: Die grinder

Model : S1J-SG-6
Disk rotational speed : 22000 (r / min) Power supply voltage : 220V/110V
Power type: AC motor power : 280 (W) Scope: engineering , site grinding cutting metal
Weight : 1.3  (kg) custom processing

Technical parameters:
Standard models : S1J-SG-6 Order number : 6006
Voltage : 220V / 110V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Rated speed : 0-22000r / min Chuck Diameter : 6mm
Rated power : 280W

General Standard configuration:
Motor stack height : 40mm chassis Color : Customizable
Packaging: carton packaging drill chuck key : 1
Wrench : 1
Cable : 2X075 * 2 meters outside the box size : 42X28X31
Number of units : 20 units / pieces

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Q:How do I cut the PCB circuit board?
The shearing of the laminate can be either manual or electrical mechanical operation, regardless of which method has the same characteristics in operation. The shears usually have a set of adjustable shear blades, as shown in figure 10-1. The blade is rectangular, the bottom edge is about 7 DEG angle adjustable, cutting length can reach 1000mm, the vertical angle between two blades are usually the best selection between 1 - 1.5 degrees, the use of epoxy glass substrate can reach the maximum of 4 degrees, two blade cutting edge gap between less than 0.25mm.
Q:Angle grinder is used for what?
Angle grinder suitable for cutting, grinding and brush grinding of metal and stone.
Q:What tools are used to polish wood?
Knife and sand grinder etc.Wood polishing tools, you can choose sand paper, this is cheap, simple, and the effect is still very good.
Q:The difference between polisher and waxing machine
With the development of science and technology, polishing machines and waxing machines are now combined. Now common are multipurpose. The wax sponge can be waxed by changing the wax sponge plate, and the wool wheel is used for polishing and grinding. About wax polishing machine selection, 220V home electrical speed, high strength, used for polishing the best. If only waxing, and buy 60 or so 12V waxing machine, generally buy with wax sponge plate, no, you can buy one yourself, it is very convenient.
Q:What is the polishing wheel used in mirror polishing in machining? The material is not quenched by S136
S136 die steels require proper grinding techniques to avoid cracks and increase tool life. If the material is ground at low temperature, it becomes very sensitive during grinding, and only soft and open grain wheels can be used, and must have good coolant. S136 in the hardened and tempered state, with excellent polishing, general grinding, choose 46-120# 38A, 25A, HA abrasive grinding wheel. Polishing selection
Q:What tools are used to grind the most finely?
You can buy them directly in the area where they can make you powder, that would be better.If you must do it yourself at home, I suggest you use the bowl, but some herbs are not very good, and poria is better
Q:Abrasives are what to catch?
Abrasives are tools for grinding, lapping, and polishing. Most abrasives are made of abrasives and binder made of artificial abrasives, but also natural mineral rock directly processed into natural abrasives.
Q:What tools are better for household hardware tools?
Reciprocating small pneumatic grinding machines can be used. Reciprocating small grinding machine, commonly known as Sanda machine, also known as the left and right swing grinder.
Q:Are the procedures for grinding and polishing metals and nonmetals the same?
The base is not much different, for example, the tool for throwing glass, I can also throw the mold, even the grind material is the same
Q:What tools do you need to finish the paintwork?
The general mechanical polishing is to replace the manual operation with electric or pneumatic grinding machine, grinding according to the manual operation principle, general requirements of grinding machine is easy to use, high rotating speed, above 1800r/min, so pay attention to prevent the heat generated by high speed and scald film should be used when.

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