LY0171355 Passenger Car Aluminium Alloy Wheel

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Product Description:

Finishing : Sliver, Machined face sliver, Hyper sliver, Chrome, Grey, Black, Black machine lip, Black machine face, Vacuum chrome,Black vacuum chrome,etc.


Alloy wheel:
1.Advanced production lines and latest models
2.TUV,VIA,SFI approved
3.Fuel-efficient,light weight

Alloy wheel:


1) The size of wheel rim can make: Aftermarket wheels and replica wheels from 12 inch to 26 inch.

2) Finishing : Sliver, Machined face sliver, Hyper sliver, Chrome, Grey, Black, Black machine lip, Black machine face, Vacuum chrome,Black vacuum chrome,etc.

3) Certificate : ISO9001,TUV,VIA,TS16949,SFI.

4) Products advantage : Fuel-efficient,durable,Reliable security,High strength,Long life,Save energy,Best quality with competitive price.


5) Process: 100% Heat treatment,100% Airtight, 100% Balance

6) Packing: Export carton+pearl cotton+shower cap+ pvc bag,according customers' request

7) Company advantage : The low pressure casting machine, gravity casting machine, continuous heat-treating furnace ,the CNC lathe , machining center , automatic spray-painting line, the spectrum analyzer,  X-ray machine, three-coordinates measuring machine, rotary bending tester , the radial rolls fatigue tester, impact tester, the salt spray tester, the universal material testing machine.

8) The replica alloy wheel rim we can make  for: Toyota, Honda,BMW, Benz, Audi, Nissan, Ford,Hyundai, Opel, Volvo,Land Rover,Citroen,Subaru, Mazda,Buick, Suzuki, Peugeot, Lexus, Mitsubishi etc.

9) Our Market: Europe, North America, Middle East, South America, South Africa, Australia, and so on.

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Q:Wheel Balancing Weights?
Wheel balancing is a process to have the gravity point on wheel is always at the center when the wheel is turning that cause an outward force, the balancing need to be done because the rubber isn't design to have a very smooth shape and gravity. The balancing be done in two ways, dinamic and static balance, static with wheel off the car, and dynamic on the car. The weight is depend on the need and placed depend on the need, more then one place is possible. The weight is placing by clamp model or sticky model, it's depend on visual and space between wheel and shockbreaker and brake. But clamp model is harder and better.
Q:If you know advanced science and other cutting-edge science people suddenly all die
This is the IK-level global civilized collapse of the scene ah. The The Perhaps the foundation has a coping program
Q:FF7 where is the first floats wheel to find?
Tools: the church before the ground
Q:How to improve the efficiency of locomotive wheel polishing?
After the lathe processing, the direct use of Hao Ke can be processed, instead of polishing, Ra raised to 0.2, to meet the processing requirements, greatly enhance the valve surface quality, reduce the valve carbon deposition
Q:How to remove the rust on the wheel?
First in the rust where some vinegar, the rust out, and then fuel
Q:Why can not the wheels be blue?
Rubber has a good elasticity, with rubber to do tires, can reduce the movement of the bumps, but pure rubber can not withstand friction, use it will soon be thin, worn and scrapped. Scientists have found that in the pure rubber by adding some carbon black, can improve the rubber wear resistance. Just the rubber "face" darkened. Tire made with carbon black rubber, not only to maintain a good flexibility, but also greatly improve the wear resistance, extending the use of tires, so we see a variety of tires, are generally black. Today, there are about 30% of the tires inside the composition of carbon black. Of course, with the development of the tire industry will certainly have other raw materials to replace the original raw materials, there may be other colors, Michelin developed the world's first color tires. Like children's toy car only focus on color, wear is secondary, add some colorants, tires are color.
Q:Large gear wheels Low pressure rail flatbed
Paffete handling is a professional rail flatbed manufacturer
Q:What is the difference between all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive?
All wheel drive (AWD) is when there is a center differential. I'm assuming you know what a differential is like on the back of a pickup. So ya know how with an open rear diff if one wheel has more traction the other one will get the power, it's the same thing here, the diff in the center of an AWD vehicle such as a Subaru is open. It's literally just a diff rotated to have the two axles going to the front and rear diff to give them power. But let's say the front wheels are on ice and the rears are on dry pavement, the front wheels will spin because tey have the least amount of traction. But with 4 wheel drive (4x4) or (4wd) there is no center diff, but a transfer case which is controlled usually by a shifter inside the car that lets you choose where all the power is going. So in 2wd, all the power will usually go to the rear wheels, but in 4wd mode, it is just like locking that center diff in the AWD. So the front wheels can't spin faster or slower than the rear wheels. Hope i helped!
Q:How to true wheels?
Personally, I know how truing is done, but am no expert. Given the price of wheels these days, I just take them in and have them trued. It costs about $7 and sometimes, especially if it's really minor, they don't even charge. That way I don't have to worry about doing it wrong and putting a flat spot in the rim. Also there are issues of spoke tension and twisting to consider. I'd just find someone reliable to do it.
Q:National Day military parade in the military wheel why there is a white circle?
Force combat vehicle wheels are coated with talcum powder maintenance, the most important role is to prevent tire aging.

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