LVL Wood Board For Construction and Package

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$280.00 - 500.00 / m³
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
50 m³
Supply Capability:
5000 m³/month

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LVL  Wood Board  For Construction and Package


Garage doors

Window and door headers

Floor beams

Ridge and hip beams


1)high bending strength

2)little linear expansion conefficien

3)strong nail holding

4)moistureproof and easy work,Can be opende notch ,open hole,and so on

5)tight construction and high strength

6)no ratty or decay, Resists shrinking, warping, splitting and checking for a consistent performance you can count on.

LVL  Wood Board  For Construction and Package


① why from okorder?

Okorder is a qualified supplier of all kinds of building matierials in China. All products have been showed in Okorder website are under well controlled by okorder QC team.

All products had been produced under a clear quality standard and the quality is consistence among the shipments.

Okorder has already setted up more than 20 warehouses in different markets to show the products. You are convenient to know the products from your local place and it will help you to make decision easyly.  

②How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We have established a perfect quality management system,as for raw material and semi parts all are under strict quality test and we have a IQC system to control the purchases.

QC on site is very strict and all steps of process are measured per drawings. Before delivery, we set a OQC system to make sure each piece meet the standard of order.from design to delivery, 

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.  

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Q:garden wood oil - garden wood oil from the preparation of natural raw materials
effectively prevent the cracking of wood, significantly delay the aging of wood deformation, and does not change the true nature of wood
Q:What are the requirements for wood exports to Europe and the United States?
Europe and the United States have introduced new products in recent years, the United States on the requirements of imported wood products more stringent. The "Lacey Act" amendment, which came into effect on September 1, 2010, stipulates that timber products such as wood products, live plants, bulbs, wood pulp, paper, paper products, musical instruments, furniture and other products exported to the United States must be marked with wood Type and source, otherwise the United States will refuse to enter these products, illegal products will be confiscated. The formaldehyde standard of the composite wood products has also been implemented, and the formaldehyde limit for hardwood plywood, medium density fiberboard and particleboard supplied, sold or manufactured in the United States has become the most stringent requirement for formaldehyde emission from composite wood products worldwide. Far higher than the EU, Japan and China standards. Coincidentally, the "Certificate of Origin", adopted by the European Union at the end of 2010, will take effect on March 3, 2013. The bill requires that wood products imported into the EU market must be "ID", that is to prove that the production of timber procurement from the legitimate development of the forest. "The bill passed by the European Union is similar to the previous" Leices Law "in the United States, and is aimed at ensuring that buyers are aware of the origin of raw materials for imported goods sold in Europe.
Q:What are the wood products? Is the wooden product environmentally friendly?
Whether the wood products are environmentally friendly depends on the production process, whether it contains toxic and hazardous substances, whether the transition process waste a lot of resources. Products that do not have an impact on the environment do not exist. Production of any product will consume energy, and materials and so on. Only relatively environmentally friendly products exist, that is, the application of time or the number of applications and the ratio of the greater the better. But also take into account the product after the retirement of the environment to bring the burden of the smaller the better.
Q:What are the characteristics of wet and dry shrinkage of wood?
high moisture content will nail corrosion, wood moisture Too high to increase the certain brittle and so on ,,,, wood moisture content detection SH-01
Q:How does wood products use wood flame retardants?
At present, the mainstream varieties of environmentally friendly flame retardants are water-soluble products, so the main method of adding dipping treatment. The impregnation treatment is a flame retardant treatment method in which the flame retardant solution is injected into a wood or wood-based panel at atmospheric pressure, vacuum, pressurized or integrated under several pressure conditions. The impregnation treatment of the wood material flame retardant treatment method, especially the high pressure impregnation method, is the most widely used in the production and the best way to flame retardant effect.
Q:Taobao sell wood products with what packaging is better, what courier is better
as to which courier, this It is hard to say that the general small pieces are the most fragile, because the parcels in the sorting time are flying, thrown to throw. Relatively speaking, one can pass, of course, Shun Feng, is Shunfeng prices too expensive.
Q:How much is the woodworking painting
Do not know what you have a special request no, my family just done decoration, painting is 35 yuan / square, see how much your arch, too small depends on the master do not do.
Q:What are the maintenance methods for wood products
to avoid being scratched hard, there are some details, when you are cleaning or picking things
Q:Wood products hand string which is better
If it is on the collection of valuable wood bracelet material, incense is undoubtedly the best (but the real natural rare rare rare, artificial medicine Shen majority), and then the pear material (to Hainan pear for the most), as well as lobular red sandalwood (Often wear on the human body has conditioning the role of blood) and some valuable wood
Q:Will the long-term distribution of light aroma of wood products?
Can be distributed in their own fragrance of wood: pine flavor - pine; cypress flavor - cedar; camphor - camphor (camphor); wood ginger flavor - wood ginger tree (mountain cave); cinnamon flavor - cinnamon (Guizhuang);

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