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Q:What is transformer reverse charging?
Here to step-down transformer as an example: The forward power supply is powered by the high side of the transformer to the low side of the transformer, and the "reverse charge" is powered by the low voltage side of the transformer to the high side. When the main transformer power failure operation, we must first load side, that is, first stop low side, after the power side, that is, after the high pressure side; If there are two main transformer running side by side (or other means of multiple power), when one of the main transformer power failure, if the first stop high-voltage switch, then low-voltage switch has not been disconnected, will make another master Variable power through the low-voltage switch back to the transformer power supply, resulting in transformer back-off situation; this situation not only failed to power transformer, but also increased the impact of a transformer, when there is over-voltage, etc., may cause resonance hazards Equipment safety.
Q:Transformer Uk = 4.5% What does it mean?
Uk represents the transformer impedance voltage, refers to the transformer short-circuit impedance voltage. The impedance of the transformer (now the standard is called: "short-circuit impedance") standard value with a percentage (per unit value) to represent. General small distribution transformer standard value of 4% or 4.5%.
Q:KW how to know how much transformer?
You said KW, it should be refers to the active power of the. Select the transformer depends on the nature of your load, and what type of load, such as emotional load, or resistive load? If it is purely resistive load (very little), then the transformer capacity to choose the same as your load can be, if it is emotional load, then according to the formula S × cosφ ≥ P can be. Calculated after the election can be selected transformer, the general will leave a margin of more than 5%.
Q:What is the unit of the transformer?
KVA instead of KW? VA or KVA is the apparent power, AC line used, also known as the capacity, that is, voltage and current rms product, the unit ... but will affect the load design of the transformer, so use VA or KVA to calculate more accurate. And W or KW is our usual habit of the law, written formal.
Q:Transformer input power how to ask?
Transformer calculates power factor If the capacity of the power transformer is denoted by S, the output active power is expressed by P, then the power factor cosa = P / S.
Q:What is the normal color of the transformer oil?
these substances can make the oil color becomes darker. If the transformer oil color is dark, should pay attention to, can determine its dielectric loss factor, breakdown voltage, moisture, acid value and color indicators are in line with the new oil standards, conditional units can also determine its oxidation stability indicators Standards compliant
Q:Rectifier and rectifier transformer
1) rectifier transformer is the rectifier device power transformer. Rectifier equipment is characterized by the original input current, and vice president through the rectifier output after the original DC. Converter is rectifier, countercurrent and frequency conversion of the three working methods in general, rectification is one of the most widely used. Transformer used as rectifier power supply is called rectifier transformer. Industrial rectifier DC power supply is mostly by the AC power grid through the rectifier transformer and rectifier equipment and get. The application of rectification change the most chemical industry. Simply talk about the industrial high-power DC power supply. Civil rectifier transformers are commonly referred to as power adapters, transformers, power converters. 2) rectifier (English: rectifier) ​​is the exchange of alternating current into direct current devices, can be used for power supply devices and detect radio signals. Rectifier can be vacuum tube, ignition tube, semiconductor diodes, SCR, mercury arc and so on. Generally do not contain voltage transformers. Refers to a wider range. Basically most of the electronic products are in use. 3) folk often put the ballast as "rectifier", inductance ballast is a core inductance coil, rectifier is a rectifier device.
Q:Transformer noise reduction
Transformer noise is mainly caused by magnetostriction of silicon steel sheet. method: 1, choose a reasonable magnetic density; 2, core clamping; 3, pad to take shock measures; 4, the tank within the parts fastening, does not allow loose metal parts or standard; 5, all the accessories on the tank must be tightened; 6, the use of low noise fan; 7, the installation of the basic level. Dry-type transformers do not have fuel tanks, remove the other 5, the same, because the dry-type transformers do not have the mailbox, the core magnetic choice, parts fastening, installation foundation leveling is more important
Q:What is the transversal and semi-crossing problem of the transformer?
Dual split transformer compared with the general power transformer, there are four important impedance parameters: (1) through the impedance: two low-voltage winding in parallel, the high and low voltage winding short-circuit impedance, that is, high-voltage winding short circuit, two low-voltage winding in parallel after adding the current equivalent impedance. Where the reactance component is referred to as crossing the reactance. (2) half-crossing impedance: one of the two low-voltage windings open, the other low-voltage winding between the high-voltage winding short-circuit impedance, that is, high-voltage winding short circuit, a low-voltage winding open, and the other does not open the low-voltage winding power Value impedance. Where the reactance component is called a half-pass reactance.
Q:How to understand the secondary side of the transformer
Primary side, is the primary, is connected to a fixed power grid. Secondary side, secondary conversion into what we need, or the power needed by the device. Secondary side output also has high pressure and low pressure points. The principle is that the transformer becomes the voltage we need to use.

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