LV Series Switching Power Supply

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Q:Where can I get a suitable Transformer with the following specs?
Transformers only work with AC, so the second choice is not possible. But you can buy power supplies that have a DC output. Reference has one possibility. Search google for buy supply 24v 10a and you will find lots more. .
Q:What is an electrical transformer, and how does it work?
I know this isn't what you asked for, but it gives a much better answer than I'm willing to type.
Q:how to use a transformer (electrical)?
9v battery has a D.C. and a transformer only work in A.C. circuits.
Q:Ohm's law and transformers?
The product of voltage and current should be equal,both in input and output less conversions loss.
Q:Transformers Animated Series?
Transformers G1: On DVD Beast Wars: On DVD Transformers Armada: On DVD Transformers Energon: On DVD Transformers Cybertron: On DVD Transformers Animated: Season 1 is on DVD. I'm not sure if there were any other seasons made. Transformers Prime: Not on DVD I think this animated series is pretty new. There may be a DVD release in the future, not sure. I hope this helps!
Q:800KVA transformer itself is the loss of how much?
Are 800kVA transformer, the model is different, loss of access great. You find out the model to say, there are standards can be found.
Q:1.Transformers are normally used to step up or step down alternating voltage or current. May dc also be used t?
A transformer works on the precept of induction. The essential coil of the transformer induces a voltage in secondary coil propotional voltage utilized to it. For this to happen there must a various magnetic flux produced with the aid of the primary coil. Due to the fact that U deliver a DC voltage, magnetic flux produced through the pri coil is zero on account that that the frequency of a DC is zero (be aware: The magnetic flux produced is straight propotinal to the applied frequency) as a result a DC voltage can not be stepped up or down but a pulsating DC will also be tried.
Q:Do stepdown transformers have any adverse effects on equipement?
All transformers do is change voltage. As long as the equipment you are using is rated for the output voltage of the transformer, there shouldn't be any problems. There is a small possibility that you might get a little bit of humming and line noise from the transformer's windings, and if you're concerned about that, such as with audio equipment or computers, you can use a line conditioner to filter out the noise. I'm not sure what kind of equipment you mean. If you mean equipment that uses large motors or other inductance devices with a low power factor, I have heard that it can cause buckingbut really this is more of a danger to the transformer than the equipment. So, basicallyNO, a transformer isn't going to cause any damage to equipment as long as it's rated for the output voltage of the transformer.
Q:Mall Cop Vs Transformer 2?
Transformers 2 was better. The action was good and so was the story. Plus transformers has Megan Fox. Mall Cop wasn't that funny to be honest.
Q:Step-Up Transformer ?
voltage is inversely proportional to current, if the voltage increases then the current decreases . as long as the power remains the same. P I x V if you increase the voltage then the current should decrease proportionaly, that is how they can distribute high voltage over long distances using such small conductors . the current is very low

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