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Q:What exactly is the history of the Transformers.? (Starting with the comics)?
I am a fan but I haven't been able to find that out myself, if you find out let me know.
Q:Can the transformer oil be used as a lubricant?
Can not. Because the main role of transformer oil insulation is not lubrication. Its water absorption is strong.
Q:S11-1250kVA transformer oil capacity how much
I am a sales engineer for power transformers! S11-1250 / 10 / 0.4 Oil capacity: 550kg
Q:Where can I find a replacement power transformer for my crate gt80 guitar amplifier?
First, what you need to know is the secondary voltages of the transformer you wish to replace. A part number is nice, but tells you very little, unless you have a book on hand, and usually, these numbers are only for that product line (in house) part numbers. I can tell you where to go to find a power x-fmr. but will need to know: How many watts will said amplifire send to the speakers, how many wires come off of the secondary, and how big is it? If you can get a schematic drawing of your amplifire with power transformer output voltages, I can tell you exactly where to get a transformer from. Feel free to e-me. Why did it fail? Are you sure that the power transformer is bad? There may be other issues, here. I rarely see a transformer go bad under normal use. If the fuse blows, replace it with a 1/2 amp larger than it calls for. If it calls for a 2 amp fuse, try a 2.5 amp fuse. If it still blows, try a 3. if it still blows, you may have a short in the power output section of your amp. I don't normally recommend that higher fuse ratings should be used, but that is what I would do if I was working on it. You may find other issues besides the power transformer. If you have voltage going into (the primary) and no voltage on the secondary at all, then you might have a transformer that has a thermal cutoff unit that is hooked up in series with the primary windings protecting the transformer from over heating. This has been known to happen, and can be easily repaired, if you have the right tools, a soldering iron, and a lot of patience. I can walk you through it.
Q:Two different impedance of the transformer, parallel load how to allocate?
The impedance voltage is equivalent to the power supply resistance. Two impedance voltage is not equal to the parallel operation of the transformer, the impedance of the load distribution of small, low impedance voltage transformer load distribution. Basically inversely proportional. Generally the same type of transformer, the impedance voltage and capacity is basically inversely proportional to the large transformer impedance voltage is smaller than the small transformer impedance voltage. Parallel operation after the load distribution is basically proportional to the capacity of the transformer. But this ratio is not exactly the same, so even if the same type of transformer, the capacity difference is too large (more than 3 times), it is not allowed to run side by side. If it is different types of transformers, the impedance voltage and capacity is not completely inversely proportional to the capacity. The load distribution is even worse.
Q:Is It Bad to Live Above a Transformer?
Transformers can produce powerful electromagnetic fields, but there is no definitive answer on the safety of living next to transformers. Some people believe the electromagnetic fields cause health problems, and others do not. Bona fide research on health risks has produced sometimes contradictory results. One thing is for sure, high capacity transformers occasionally explode if they get overloaded, but these types of transformers are not allowed inside of buildings.
Q:Am I overloading this electrical transformer?
Three phase transformers are given a power rating which is the sum of all three powers on each phase. So 285 amps on each phase at 120 line to neutral (assuming this is how youve them connected) is about 35kva, so about 100kva all up. What is actually on the name plate of the transformer? How hot is 'pretty hot'? Is it running as it was desinged (oil, dry, forced air cooling etc). Also how are your lamps/dimmers wired? The other answer is correct, the dimmers will produce alot of harmonics. The meter your are using to read the current is most likely designed to read a 60hz sine wave, any other stuff there will cause a wrong reading (they usually measure the average value, then apply a correction factor to obtain the rms value. But this factor depends on the wave shape, if its not a sine wave it will be wrong). See if you can obtain a meter that will measure the true RMS current. Transformers of that size are usually heavily over engineered, it should be fine as long as the tempertature doesnt continue to increase, ie to the point where the case is too hot to touch. As the other answer said it is probably rated for continuous operation at about 75 degrees. Id not worry too much as long as the temperature doesnt continue increasing.
Q:Switching Transformer, Alternative to MPPT Charge Controller? (wind+solar)?
When okorder
Q:Should I get an Asus Transformer Prime or an Ipad 2?
Ahh two very highly rated tablets that each have their own pros and cons I'm an owner of the Transformer, and I love it. It's got very good touch response. Camera quality is poor, though. If the camera doesn't matter to you, then that shouldn't be a problem. With the docking keyboard on, you've got basically a netbook that can play apps. The Transformer's keyboard obviously makes it a lot easier to type, and since you're looking for a tablet for schoolwork and are already accustomed to Android's interface, the Transformer is a nice bet. iPad 2 is in my opinion highly overpriced. It has slightly smoother touch response and a much higher quality camera. But it does not have a docking keyboard. The touch response and camera quality are the only two things that make the iPad 2 better than the Transformer. Of course, you are also accustomed to a wider app market with the iPad. Since you are looking at a tablet for schoolwork, I would say the Transformer is right for you. (I typed that whole thing with my Transformer's keyboard!)
Q:Where can I buy transformers?
Transformers as in the action figures? You can find them at Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, or Target.

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