LV&MV, Al/Cu Conductor, Shield CTS, Armour SWA/DSTA/ATA, Power/ABC/ACSR/Control/Overhead cable

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Insulation Material:



Low and Medium Voltage


Overhead, Construction, Underground, Industrial, Power Station

Conductor Material:

Aluminium or Copper




aluminium or copper


low & medium


single or multi-cores




Steel Tape/ Steel Wire/ Aluminium Wire/ Aluminium Tape


Copper Tape, Copper Wire

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Wooden drum, iron wooden drum or according to your requirements.
Delivery Detail:10-15 days after we confirm the deposite.


1. Power cable 
2. ABC cable/bare conductor 
3. Electric wires & cables 
4. Control cables 
5.Overhead/Aerial insulated cables

LV&MV, Al/Cu Conductor, Insulation/Sheath PVC/PE/XLPE, Shield CTS/, Armour SWA/DSTA/ATA, Power/ABC/ACSR/Control/Overhead cable


Power cable


1. Material: Cooper, Aluminum


2. Rated voltage: low and medium voltage 


3. Wire identification: Red, yellow, blue, white, black


4. No. Of cores : Single core cable: from 1.5 mm2  to 800 mm2; Multi-core cable: from 1.5 mm2 to 400 mm2


5. Standard:   Low voltage: IEC60502-1 Medium voltage :IEC60502-2 or other requirement.


6. Insulation: PVC, XLPE, PE


7. Sheath:PVC, PE, XLPE 


8. Armor:   Galvanized steel wires armouror Galvanized steel tape armour Aluminium Tape Armour/ Aluminium Wire Armour.


9. Application: Suitable for indoor, channel, conduit,underground,vertical well etc.


10. Nominal cross section area: from 1.5 mm2 to 800 mm2.

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Q:Panasonic pa-t480 ampere and voltage power cable must match?
No this is not the problem. Your equipment probably only draws a few amps, well below the rating on both the power cord and the fuse. Power cord and fuse rating do not have to match.
Q:do all 1 tera hdd come with a power cable?
They should. I mean it would be dumb if they did not. But radio shacks or office depot type places. Like electronic stores or office stores. Online would be the best place. Just type the type of power cord your looking for on OKorder and I know for a fact you will find one. Good luck
Q:I have a power cable for my computer that got slightly chewed and i was wondering does that effect the power?
replace your cable as its now a fire and shock risk
Q:how to divert the power cable on a radar detector from dragging across my head unit when plugged in?
Mount the detector on your sunvisor. Run the power cord fromt eh detector under the edge of the headliner and down the A-pillar next to the windshield (you should be able to remove the plastic over the A-pillar and run the cord behind it.) Cut the cigarette lighter plug off and wire it into the fuse panel to a switched 12v source (something that comes on when the car is cranked)(radio, etc). That will allow the radar detector to power on when the car is cranked and to power off when the car is stopped. I wired all of mine like this and never had any problems with any of them.
Q:Is My Power Cable Good Enough?
okay alot of 4 gauge amp kits are not legit 4 gauge ive seen some more like 10 gauge of actual wire if you have legit awg wire you should be fine but you should have another 4 gauge strand to the alpine amp Id also recommend the big 3 upgrade your power will be increased greatly... if you want to run a 0 gauge you can but you could also just run another 4 gauge wire also make sure your grounds are sufficant because they shouldnt shut off either way
Q:Is there a thumb rule for selecting Power Cable for Diesel Generating Sets?
Power cable size will depend on the output current rating of the genset. The conductor size shall be rated for carrying the maximum genset current contnuously and shall be rated for the voltage of the genset.
Q:Toshiba TV has no power cable?
Plug interior the ingredient cables, then you ought to do a video reset..the television is attempting to apply the HDMI nonetheless... a million- turn off the potential of your PS3 and then turn it returned on returned. 2- throughout that, carry down the potential button till you spot something on the reveal screen. 3- And that’s approximately it. What it does is, thoroughly resets the video settings to 480p i think of, the priority-unfastened configuration, which facilitates it to paintings on any television or reveal screen.
Q:is using an extention cord for car amplifer power cable safe?
I have never tried an extension cord but i have tried 270v rated home wiring for outlets and stuff. The wiring I used wasnt really wire though it was made up of a solid piece of copper, not several strands of small pieces. It worked fine. I dont think an extension cord would work though. It is not a solid cable and i HAVE seen wires burn up within minutes due to being the wrong gauge, so if you plan on keeping your car/system for a while, just get the recommended amp kit. Good luck
Q:can twin power cables be used on motorbike batteries to connect lighter sockets?
In principle, yes, but it also depends on the type of bulb (single or twin-fillament). But you better have someone do it for you if you're not familiar with this kind of circuitry. There is risk of shorts and fire, unless you are sure of what you're doing.
Q:Should TRS or TS cables be used for the powered signal in a 2 channel PA?
very interesting question

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