Luxury Nylon Printed Carpet and Rug for Hotel

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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150000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 Specification  of Nylon Printed Carpet and Rug for Hotel


  • Material:100% Nylon

  • Style:Jacquard

  • Pattern:Cut Pile

  • Design:Printed

  • Technics:Machine woven

  • Use:Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Decorative, Bathroom, Commercial

  • Size:4*25M

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:printed carpet

  • Product:Nylon Printed Carpet

  • MOQ:100 SQM

  • H.S. Code:57032000

  • Area of Suitability:Suite, Room, Meeting Room, Guestroom, Houses

  • Yarn Fiber:100% High-powered Durable Nylon6 or Nylon 66 or wool blend

  • Primary Backing::PP cloth

  • Width:<SPAN class=attr-value title=3.66/4m>3.66/4m

  • Length:25m

  • Lead time:20-35 days upon deposit

  • Packing:In rolls, with PP and Poly bag wrapped, anti-water packing

Style Name:

Nylon printed carpet

H.S. Code:


Area of Suitability:

Suite, Room, Meeting Room, Guestroom, Houses

Yarn Fiber:

100% High-powered Durable Nylon6 or Nylon 66 or wool blend

Color System:

Printed Colors, 1-12 colors


Loop pile or cut pile

Primary Backing:

PP cloth


4 meter or 3.66meter


Action Backing with Constructive BASF Latex


3.66m width

Fire Resistant Grade:

GB 8624 - 2006, Cf1-s1, t1

Fire Rating:

Anti-fire, Antistatic, Easy Clean


Heavy Residential Use

Special Treatment:

Anti Bacteria Protection, Anti Stain Finish (Additional Charge)





Pictures of Nylon Printed Carpet and Rug for Hotel




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Q:How to solve the bubble after the carpet cleaning?
Q:Whether is the carbon crystal electric heating carpet easy to use?
Carbon crystal carpet has 5 layers, the first layer is conductive leather, the second layer is carbon crystal heating sheet, the third layer is high light reflection layer, the fourth layer is thermal insulation layer, the fifth layer is ground skid resistance layer. It is the second layer carbon crystal heating sheet because of being away from work. Under the electric field of carbon crystal molecules Brown friction fever, the second layer is to reflect heat radiation up and prevent heat down, the fourth layer is thermal insulation and also further prevent the heat insulation layer down, which can avoid damage to the other materials floor the fifth layer is skid resistance and wear bottom.
Q:Need carpet fading advice?
If your home is a double wide (or larger), and you did not order it direct from the factory, then there is a good chance it sat on the dealer's lot for some time...and its possible some sunlight was allowed in thru the marriage wall. The marriage wall usually just has a layer of plastic over it for transport...some dealers leave it on while the home is on their lot, and some don't. Even a small hole in the plastic can result in a large faded area if it was facing the sun. (Some homes will sit on a dealerships lot for a year or so, before they are sold....plenty of time for the sun to cause some fading) There is also the possiblity that your cleaning chemicals did cause some fading....they all come with a warning to 'spot check' a section to see if they will cause any fading, before you are to use them all over the carpet. Since you mention dogs in the home, pet urine could also be a factor. And of course, there is always the chance that you just got a bad quality carpet to begin with. Different manufacturers use varying quality of carpet. Some are pretty good. Some are pretty cheap. A lot of the carpet being made today is synthetic...(some even use recycled plastic). Things like nail polish (or remover), or 'kool-aid' (its actually the sugar in the drink that does the damage) can actually alter the fibers chemically. Bleach dripped on the carpet will do the same, even if it is wiped up immediately. If a rag has been used to clean with bleach, or acetone (an ingredient found in most nail polish removers) is dropped on the carpet, or used when damp to wipe the carpet, it will cause the carpet to fade. If the carpet is in good shape, physically... little wear and tear, no holes, etc... then you may want to just have a professional come in to dye the carpet. Usually, this costs less than replacing the carpet, but get some quotes for replacing it too. Good Luck
Q:math 245 problem, what dimensions should the rug have?
The Area of the room = 21 x 22 = 462 sq.m The Rug should leave uniform strip therefor from all sides equal length must be cut off... So let length to be cut from one side be = x/2 So the Rug's sides will be = (21-x) and (22-x) So the area of the Rug will be equal to = (21-x)(22-x) (=132sq.m) = 22x21 - 21x - 22x + x^2 = 132 = x^2 - 43x +43 - 132 = 0 = x^2 - 43x + 330 = 0 Now Middle term Splitting = x^2 - (33 + 10)x +330 = 0 = x^2 - 33x - 10x + 330 = 0 = x (x-33) - 10 (x-33) = 0 = (x-10) (x-33) = 0 Either x= 10 or x=33 x cannot be equal to 33 as the max value could be only 21... So the dimensions of the rug are.. L= 11 B=12.. Thankyou.. Have a nice Day.. :)
Q:How to clean the asphalt on the carpet?
if it is chemical fiber carpet, then brush it dry with a soft cloth and cut the fiber, and then use the hot steam smoked pure wool carpet for ten minutes. you could also cut off the fiber where is aspfalt with a knife.
Q:do you think rugs look good on carpet?
yes as long as you bring in some more things that match the color of the rug
Q:cat urinating on rugs?
Have you tried adding more litter boxes and/or moving the litter box from its current location? Sometimes, this is all it takes.
Q:Where can I purchase black carpet?
Any and all carpet stores will have access to black carpet. Hard to find in the store, you have to ask some times. It ll come in 12' wide rolls and on occasion in 15' goods. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Why does my cat keeps moving my rug?
Ours do the same thing with various throw rugs. We think it is just play and, it is kind of cute. We simply return the rugs to their proper places.
Q:Is Kirby Sentria carpet cleaner toxic?
certainly it particularly is nutty as a squirrel to me. i'm able to work out how they're in debt. Spend without a quiet down era to think of in the event that they want it, in the event that they prefer it, in the event that they haven't any opposite direction of cleansing. via the way, I additionally very own Dyson and think of it particularly is barely outstanding. Kirby's used to misrepresent the certainty of their presentation/sales pitch years in the past. lower back then it became $3000 the place I lived. thankfully i did no longer get tempted as I in simple terms did no longer have the money. Years later i chanced on a great number of the Kirby vac's on the marketplace in 2nd hand places and stuff like that. in the event that they have been so warm, why did human beings could deliver them off to retire? and that i additionally observed some in a vac save being repaired! The little chap who confirmed me one in simple terms approximately advised me it became unbreakable for 30 years. Oh via the way, do no longer help your individuals financially any further. you're permitting their dependancy to spending. fairly, get them involved in some on line websites on budgetting and coping with much less, saving and the assumption of repaying till now you dig yet another hollow on you cash. it particularly is the kindest concern you're able to do, have confidence me. Cheers Lisa

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