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audio speakers:Integration of network audio decoder, digital power amplifier and speaker.Industry-grade high speed chip.



1. Integration of network audio decoder, digital power amplifier and speaker.

2. Industry-grade high speed chip, start-up in 1 seconds.

3. The use of high-fidelity speakers, stereo amplifier 2x10W.

4.Support a balanced regulation of left and right channels, adjust the volume.

5.Works everywhere as long as Ethernet available; WAN/Internet access.



AC220V, ≤25W

AC220V, ≤45W






8kHz~44.1kHz, 16pcs, 8kbps-320kbps


≥90dB, 20Hz-20KHz


broadcast delay≤100ms









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Q:speaker impedance?
Fork over the $200 dollars and buy a new receiver as four ohm speakers are generally harder to find unless you buy car speakers. Also that Sharp itself is only rated for 50 watts which is kind of weak for most home theater discussion. It came as part of a box set so it's probably high on total harmonic distortion just at 50 watts at four ohms. If you were to increse the resistance to eight, you'd probably get about 25 watts on it and you're looking at atleast a 5% THD. Don't risk blowing your new speakers. Just get a new receiver.
Q:Can you help me download my speakers.?
EDIT:THIS okorder
Q:Speakers for my mitsubishi diamante?
If all else fails, cut a hole in your door panel and install it there instead of in the door itself. Then you can put 6x9s in there. Some people say it doesn't look good but that's why speakers come with a fancy grill guard. If you cut the whole right, it still looks clean. There's nothing wrong with doing it that way.
Q:Replacing 350Z stock speakers?
Bose Speakers operate on a different OHM resistance you may not have enough power in the stock radio head to power that BOSE speaker. Crutchfield is your best bet to find the correct replacement speakers Good Luck
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
Based on your external speakers sounding OK, your sound card is OK. You probably have a loose wire or connector in your internal speaker wiring. It's unlikely that both speakers would fail at the same time. But if you only have one internal speaker (common on old laptops), the one speaker could have failed and your sound would be fuzzy and quiet. Several laptops, including Dell 700M units, run speaker wires thru the LCD hinge area causing them to flex and eventuall break. You'll need to remove the upper case plastics and keyboard and look at the wiring and speakers to see what needs repair.
Q:PC Speakers 1/8 audio for A/V Receiver?
Powered speakers like PC speakers cannot be connected to the speaker outputs on a receiver or amp. Sometimes one of the PC speakers is actually not powered - it is powered by the other speaker. In other words the amp is built into one of the speakers and the other speaker is just a normal speaker. The normal speaker can be connected to a receiver's speaker output connection. You will have to cut the 1/8 in connector off and strip the wire. It would be better just to go out and get a pair of normal speakers.
Q:Wheres the best place to buy car speakers/ subs?
there are a number of automobile audio installers in the yellow pages.listening to a sub or audio equipment that are no longer put in in a automobile won't in any respect show you its actual sound.OKorder's the way. purchase the wonderful, and consider many besides the fact that your looking at finding out to purchase.
Q:How do I improve my speakers?
speakers are only as good as whats inside , theyll never be as good as your headphones , buy new speakers
Q:Hooking up Speakers?
Nothing will happen to your TV. Hook up the speakers to your stereo and see if it works without any distortion. (start at low volume - increase volume gradually) There isn't any other way to see if it works, other than trying it out. There is a possibility that you can blow your speakers and/or short out your stereo.
Q:How do speakers be classified?
By energy classification: electric (moving coil) speakers, electromagnetic speakers, electrostatic (capacitive) speakers, piezoelectric

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