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audio speakers:Integration of network audio decoder, digital power amplifier and speaker.Industry-grade high speed chip.



1. Integration of network audio decoder, digital power amplifier and speaker.

2. Industry-grade high speed chip, start-up in 1 seconds.

3. The use of high-fidelity speakers, stereo amplifier 2x10W.

4.Support a balanced regulation of left and right channels, adjust the volume.

5.Works everywhere as long as Ethernet available; WAN/Internet access.



AC220V, ≤25W

AC220V, ≤45W






8kHz~44.1kHz, 16pcs, 8kbps-320kbps


≥90dB, 20Hz-20KHz


broadcast delay≤100ms









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Q:whats wrong with my car speakers?
If you hear vibrating, then the speakers aren't screwed down very tight, and all you would need to do is screw them down tighter. if you hear more of a popping sound, then the speakers are blown and need to be replaced. If you replace your speakers, then look for speakers that fit, and try to find get ones with the highest sensitivity rating.
Q:When hooking up speakers to an amp.?
you could run a set of speakers on one channel but you will not be getting the full potential of that output for that one channel, you would be better off putting one speaker on one channel.
Q:Need help understanding speakers for a sony str-de925 w/ 209 watts.?
its all depends what kind of speaker your buying. what is its input power capacity it can sustain continuously like rms power of the speaker. normally floorstanding speaker require more input power to function with full capacity as compare to the book shelf speakers or satellite speakers. so if your buying floorstanding speakers then u need have the receiver who can output power compatible with the speaker. normally all floorstanding speakers, input rms power greater than 100 watts. u can buy 100 watts speakers but you have to buy the receiver who will be capable to feed this sort of speaker. if you are buying 5 no. of speaker whose rms power is 100 watts then 5x100 500 watts is the total rms power. Then u need to buy receiver who can feed rms 100 watts each channel. if u want to buy the speaker then don't only go for its rms power capacity. u need to know several things before u buy any speaker. 1. go for speaker who has high effecieny. no. of crossovers it has, the more no. of crossovers then it is good for speaker like 3-way or 4-way or more. 3.go for quality bookshelf speakers or floorstanding speaker for better sound, don't go for satellite speakers. through internet who are the best company regarding speaker qualities and its performance. 5.go for speaker which includes tweeter and woofer.
Q:what are some Good Computer Speakers?
klipsch pro media 2.1
Q:Why Amp Car Speakers?
your gonna want 4 rc wires 2 for front 2 for rear. a positve cord with a fuse run directly from automobile battery to amp. then the blue cord from you automobile radio that announces the two distant or amp ability to the amp have been it says distant. and then a detrimental cord maximum individuals % to screw that to 3 have been on the autos physique yet i propose run a detrimental directly from automobile battery for better floor. run the speaker wires directly to amp confirm amp is a stereo amp not mono is barely for subs and could be like one hundred - 3 hundred watt amp to not intense becuase youll blow production unit speaker except your going to enhance to intense end audio equipment and you will pass up on wattage of amp and confirm amp is 4 channel.
Q:No audio from speakers?
Are you use computer speakers or speakers that have an amplifier with them? A computer audio out is not speaker level. It's much to low to drive speakers without an amplifier. It can drive headphones and the line-in to an amplifier but not speakers directly.
Q:Macbook Speakers?
go to system preferencessound. and choose where to output the sound to. the default is probably the built in speakers. change it to line out to output the sound to your logitech speakers.
Q:2 way speaker 3 way speaker whats better?
Depends on what you're looking to do. 2 way is usually a tweeter type for mids and highs. A 3 way is low mids and highs. I suggest 3 way.
Q:How do you attach component speakers to your computer?
That type of speaker cannot connect directly to the computer. Those speakers need an amplifier. Your best bet is to go out and buy some cheap computer speakers - computer speakers have an amplifier built in.
Q:building computer speakers?
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