Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint Hot Selling !!!

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint

Luminous Paint (Photoluminescence paint) is a new kind of paint which is glowing in the dark with the function of lighteningThe product is a kind of quick-drying  thermoplastic acrylic acid.Easy to operate,with good atomization and sufficient spray.The paint coating is quick drying hard,thick and has an excellent luster adhesion.

2.Main Features of the Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint

• Very fast drying.

• Good adhesion. 

•Excellent resistance to water and weathering.


3. Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint Images


Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint Hot Selling !!!

Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint Hot Selling !!!

Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint Hot Selling !!!



4. Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint Specification


Antirust   paint based on alkyd resins with red oxide pigments.


Antirust   under coat for steel.


1. Very fast drying.

2. Good adhesion.

3. Excellent resistance to water and weathering.

4. Reality low cost.






Above   1.3 kg/L


90 - 100   KU



Dry hard

0.5 hrs.

2 hrs.







Min. 6   hrs.


Above   65%




70~%(depends   on tools used)


Airless   Spray, Brush, Roller.


1. Moisture, grease, rust, dirt and loose paints film   on

substrate must be removed. As a result, paint

performance can be ensured.

2. Before application, stir paint evenly. When paint is

too thick, thinner can be added within specified


3. Application should avoid the following environment:

rainy day; substrate is damp by dew; temperature is

above 40°C or below 10°C.

4. Subsequent coat has to wait until paint films of

preceding coat completely dry off.



5.FAQ of Luminous Paint,Se-lett,Phosphorescent Paint

① The Directions?

1. Remove thoroughly the oil, soil, water stain and dust from the surface to be sprayed. 
2. Shake the can well for about half a minute before spraying. 
3. Apply first on an invisible part to make sure the selected color is well matched
4. Keep 15-30 cm away from the surface to be sprayed. 
5. In case of little paint or only gas out, turn the nozzle 180° and try again. 
6. During spraying, keep the can upright within a vertical angle of 45°.
7. After use, clear the valve and nozzle by spraying upside down for a few seconds.

②What's the usage?

Appliance Paint,Boat Paint,Building Coating,Car Paint,Electrical Insulating Varnish,Furniture Paint,machine.

③How about your company?

A world class manufacturer & supplier of castings forging in Spray Paint.This is a manufacturer of tin product,such as aerosol can,food can,beverage can and so on,we began to supply  service,and main service  is : shaving foam,insecticide,air freshener,super carb cleaner,dash board polish,furnithure polish,polyurethane foam,leather polish,etc.

With advanced machine and perfect insect system,quality of every product are well guaranteed.

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Paint Good luck and happy new room color !!!

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