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Quick Details

  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTD600


LTD600 tyre paver

LTD600 asphalt  wheel paver, a newly product with independent intellectual property rights is

Manufactured by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., It based on summarizing the experience of development, technical promotion, and manufacture of paver in last 30 years and combining the construction characteristics of China road and customs actual demands, as well as via the optimization design and construction test and inspection. The paver is mainly used to pave asphalt mixture and with the features of high reliability, high price performance ratio, high efficiency and high smoothness, and it can stably work under the environmental extremes. LTD600 asphalt paver is most popular with our customers since it came onto the market.

2. Technical Parameters

Overall dimension (running status): L×W×H:5630mm×2856mm×2630mm

Gross weight: 12800kg

Hopper capacity: 5m3 (6000kg)

Paving width: 2800mm-6000mm

Paving thickness: 10mm-150mm


Engine:  Model: X4110 water-cooling diesel

       Rated power: 62.5kw

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Q:Two ash gravel on the bulldozer, then how much virtual shop reasonable?
Two ash crushed stone bulldozer, paving coefficient is 1.3
Q:When the asphalt concrete pavement is pressed at the beginning of the paver, what hydrostatic pressure should be adopted 1-2 times?
For the initial pressure of common bituminous concrete pavement, a double steel roller should be used. For modified asphalt concrete (SBS) initial pressure, heavy duty roller can be used as well. Asphalt pavement compaction program: initial pressure, re pressure, final pressure.The ordinary asphalt pavement early pressure method: using light steel cylinder roller 8 ~ 10T or close vibration vibration device of roller compacted for two times, the pressure should not be less than 350N/cm, the initial pressure after inspectors, measuring working check flatness. Test work, check the flatness of crown, if necessary, be adjusted appropriately. Initial pressure in the mixture after paving high temperature, generally not less than 110-120 degrees, the rolling speed of 1.5-2.0km/h, and may not produce passage, cracking.
Q:How much is the asphalt paver?
Sir, the exact price can not be posted online. You can go to the website to find out the contact information, and then the consultation will be.
Q:Hello Is the paver operator easy to find?
At present, paver operators in the country is relatively large, you can not unilaterally request the company's treatment. Paver operation is very simple, but to the road paved, some complex pavement strain capacity, of simple maintenance, so there are a lot of companies to you, if you just stay in the foundation meeting, I estimate is not very good.
Q:How many kinds of paver are there in Volvo? Is the machine Volvo good?
but the operating platform is a touch type, the other is a button type, the price difference is about about 300000., but the price is concerned, the 8620 building is also good.
Q:31, 95 paver running to the side, what's the matter?
Description of the phenomenon is not very clear, this is a failure before and after forward or backward or;
Q:Who can give me the certificate of excavators,
So he thought for a crown.A cricket, divide it in halfMake it the same size as a mirror, he beganHe copied everything he saw in the mirror with great skill,"More than half of the image of his self portraitIs the image that has been moved.
Q:What are the ABG423 vulnerable parts of paver?
I was doing the paver balance beam, Xi'an Guangwei Gu Xianggao
Q:What kind of paver of construction machinery?
It is divided into water stable paver and asphalt paver,According to the walking system can be divided into: crawler and wheeled machine,Fixed width and variable width can be divided into fixed width machine and telescopic machine.Other parts according to power, brand, paving width and so on.
Q:The paver stalls and runs a few meters per minute under normal conditions
Can be uniform, 1.2 meters ---6 meters, but vibrating vibration frequency changes with the speed requirements, the reference data are many, the adjustment is not convenient, so the requirements of uniform speed, simple and easy to operate...... For reference only, for communication only.

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