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Quick Details

  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTD600


LTD600 tyre paver

LTD600 asphalt  wheel paver, a newly product with independent intellectual property rights is

Manufactured by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., It based on summarizing the experience of development, technical promotion, and manufacture of paver in last 30 years and combining the construction characteristics of China road and customs actual demands, as well as via the optimization design and construction test and inspection. The paver is mainly used to pave asphalt mixture and with the features of high reliability, high price performance ratio, high efficiency and high smoothness, and it can stably work under the environmental extremes. LTD600 asphalt paver is most popular with our customers since it came onto the market.

2. Technical Parameters

Overall dimension (running status): L×W×H:5630mm×2856mm×2630mm

Gross weight: 12800kg

Hopper capacity: 5m3 (6000kg)

Paving width: 2800mm-6000mm

Paving thickness: 10mm-150mm


Engine:  Model: X4110 water-cooling diesel

       Rated power: 62.5kw

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Q:The latest 31 paver new how much money
Rubber roller installed automatic injection device, can save the wages of the workers, to prevent sticking tire, find Xuzhou Max engineering machinery, you want to install new Tim He Wei, Max technology phonetic spelling: (mankesikeji) 152#3808#5890
Q:What does the paver do?
The paver is a key for the highway on the base layer and the surface layer of various materials paving construction equipment, the many types of approximately Stone Pavers, asphalt paver, the role and function of the concrete is not very clear! I don't think there is a China electromechanical data network There should be relevant analysis reports above, I remember the last time also found, feeling very comprehensive, you can go and check the specific price! I remember I checked a crane before, and the price should be checked. Trust me
Q:How much is the asphalt paver?
To see the brand, general imports are more expensive, there are generally two million million, the domestic it.
Q:The paver stalls and runs a few meters per minute under normal conditions
Your question is very professional, paver paving, paving speed is required, the highway paving uniform requirements, do not stop, in the actual construction can seldom be strictly adhered to, paving speed and mixing station output.
Q:When the construction of water stabilized sand gravel base, does the tamping hammer of paver not work?
There is not much consolidation in the early stage will be completed well
Q:Loudi municipal asphalt paver operators will not go to repair the highway, tired?
The task of repairing the high speed will go to work, ah, no work is not tired, see how you think. Salary level is not very high, but also depends on individual ability, ability, responsibility is different, the salary will be different.
Q:What's the price of the ABG8820 spreader?
8820 of the price is now uncertain, because Volvo has long been updated to ABG8820B, the price between four million and down, according to the euro exchange rate will fluctuate slightly, the most advanced 9820 is only five million. Domestic production at two million up and down, cheap, the same quality, corresponding to the price. Shaanxi construction has also become the past style, and now the factory in Linyi, are Volvo group's banner.
Q:31 paver screw pump pressure in which tune?
Engine oil, that is, engine oil, is known as the "blood" of automobiles. It can lubricate, clean, cool, seal, reduce wear, prevent rust and protect the engine. The engine is the heart of the car, the engine has many friction movement of the metal surface, these components moving speed, the environment is bad, the working temperature can reach 400 degrees C to 600 degrees C. Under such bad conditions, only qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear and tear of engine parts and prolong the service life.The oil pressure is supplied by the oil pump.
Q:31, 95 paver speed does not go down, what is the reason?
Is it possible to slow down when using emergency walking? Is the speed potentiometer defective?. Suggested inspection.
Q:Where can learn to drive a milling machine, paver
No professional schools, can only go to the construction unit as an apprentice, while studying while doing.

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