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Quick Details

  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTD600


LTD600 tyre paver

LTD600 asphalt  wheel paver, a newly product with independent intellectual property rights is

Manufactured by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., It based on summarizing the experience of development, technical promotion, and manufacture of paver in last 30 years and combining the construction characteristics of China road and customs actual demands, as well as via the optimization design and construction test and inspection. The paver is mainly used to pave asphalt mixture and with the features of high reliability, high price performance ratio, high efficiency and high smoothness, and it can stably work under the environmental extremes. LTD600 asphalt paver is most popular with our customers since it came onto the market.

2. Technical Parameters

Overall dimension (running status): L×W×H:5630mm×2856mm×2630mm

Gross weight: 12800kg

Hopper capacity: 5m3 (6000kg)

Paving width: 2800mm-6000mm

Paving thickness: 10mm-150mm


Engine:  Model: X4110 water-cooling diesel

       Rated power: 62.5kw

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Q:Can the asphalt cold patching material be paved with spreader?
We are the traffic bureau of Liaoning Dandong Donggang District, Donggang district government in January last year, our urgent need to paving the road ahead, cold weather can not use cement mixing, after inspection, the purchase of the Yantai Huatong company of cold patch asphalt paving material, the length of 2.7 km, width of 6 meters, 1100 tons of materials.
Q:The health hazard of the operator of asphalt paver
I worked for 8 years, to be honest it really is not dry, tired of living, but also harm the body, just married best not to do this, not to mention the salary of a month is four thousand or five thousand dollars, hungry leave it, it'll be a good free point. Nothing else. It's all sad to do this job.
Q:Where is the laser spreader well?
With strong professional knowledge and years of research and development experience. The company is independent of R & D products and has its own patent. Is the first domestic R & D laser positioning and finishing machine company. Products parts manufactured in Europe and America, Japan, and effectively ensure practical effect. System products have been widely used in factories, engineering and other industries, and have been recognized by customers and partners.
Q:There are several kinds of paver balance beam. Where can I find them?
Probably so:Imported: MOBA, MINI-lineDomestic brands are also more, see more on the market: Xi'an, Baoying, Changzhou Siming Guangwei communications etc..Domestic and imported prices vary widely, roughly:Domestic 5-10Imported: 12-18.According to the size of the probe, the price is different.
Q:How does the paver adjust the cylinder 30?
And leveling computers are required to manually adjust the appropriate to open the computer, automatic leveling.
Q:Dynapac df145cs is asphalt concrete paver and it
Asphalt is best laid, concrete can do, but laborious!
Q:Loudi municipal asphalt paver operators will not go to repair the highway, tired?
Salary level is not very high, but also depends on individual ability, ability, responsibility is different, the salary will be different.
Q:Why is the paving speed of asphalt paver somewhat fast and slow?
Each brand model paver is not the same as the engine, electrical component and hydraulic system, so the walking speed will be biased.
Q:How to carry out paving operation of self-propelled asphalt mixture paver?
The paving process of self-propelled spreader is as follows:1. according to the construction requirements, set the width of the paving, paving thickness, paving speed and vibration vibration and other related parameters.2. after the start of paving, paving the top lorry at the grassroots level, while traveling on the road side of the mixed material on the receiving hopper.3. the mixture in the receiving hopper is transported to the rear of the mainframe by the scraper conveyor.4. the mixture which is sent to the back of the mainframe is conveyed to both sides of the whole ironing device by the screw conveyor.5. the ironing device moves forward under the traction of the main engine. The mixture is compacted and compacted to form a flat and dense paving layer for further compacting and forming of the roller.6. automatic or manual control during paving operation to ensure the width, thickness, cross slope and degree of compaction of the paving
Q:I have a roller, a paver, a project outside there, how do I know?
The search for a paving machineOr send your own post, say where the project needs to pave the machine, just wait for someone to ask on the line

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