LT958L Customizing Grapple Log Loader Trailer

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Product Description:

2015 hot sale multifunctional LTMA grapple log loader for sale price

8-15 ton log loader


The specifications of LT 958L log loader:


Operating  weight


Rated load


Engine model


Rated engine power


Rated rotate speed




Breakout force


Driving speed









Overall length


Overall width


Overall height


Wheel base


Track base


Min.ground clearance


Max.dumping height


Max.dumping reach


Torque converter

Single stage,4elements

NO.of shifts

1Forwards2/Reverse 1



Raise time




Tyre type



Features and Advantages of log loader:

1). Quality: With CE and ISO certificate,  10 km away from the Xiamen Port, China, 14 years' manufacture's  experience specially in loader. LTMA have the customers covers more than 30 districts and zones in the world.


2) Competitive price:we manufacturer’s products are directly exported to buyers without the trading company in China


3).Optional accessories and Customizing:There are some accessories could be chosen by users ,such as engine, transmission,floating forks ,marble slab carrier ,manure fork and grab ,bucket ,fixed platform etc.we can customzing the machines specially for your requirement.

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