LQFZ corrosion self-priming centrifugal pump

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Product Description:

A, LQFZ straight association-like stainless steel corrosion resistant 

characteristics of centrifugal pump:
LQFZ series pump is developed by our company stainless steel corrosion

resistant centrifugal pump, two series of pump impeller using half open 

structure, others adopt closed structure form, in addition, the pump and 

motor coupling way and straight association-like and belt bearing bracket 

type two kinds, all of the pump shaft seal adopts the Germany advanced 

technology of cantilever type mechanical seal, because our products with 

excellent structure, performance and forms at a suit, and parts and connecting 

frame is made of high quality stainless steel material, so, two series of products 

have corrosion resistance, reliable and convenient operation and maintenance, 

compact structure, low energy consumption, good sealing performance, and a 

series of advantages.

Second, LQFZ straight association-like corrosion resistant stainless steel centrifugal 

pump main use:
LQFZ series pump can supply temperature is not higher than 90 ℃ (straight association-like) 

or is not higher than 105 ℃ (with bearing bracket type), with (or without) a small soft

particles or fiber, corrosive or have health requirements of liquid, LQFZ series pump also has 

a self-priming performance, two series of pump is widely used in now, beverage, medicine, 

sewage treatment, chemical, electroplating, bleaching, fine

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Q:Can aquarium filters instead of oxygen pumps?
Take charge of the bubble pump filter, in fish less cases can replace the fish, the fish are not a full cylinder veteran, is not too much, otherwise the power or pump out of the trouble, I have a cylinder of one meter, dragon map, 9 fish parrot, crown, scavenger, in addition inside the dozens of small fish when the fish feed, is a 12W pump, live very good, the last stop for 9 hours, the fish reaction is not small, thanks to the tank cover is opened, increasing the air flow of oxygen into the strengthening, adhere to 9 hours, probably a good the pump should be around 50, general more than and 20, the pump is not recommended to buy the filter barrel, are not used. Hello, more than once, wash the filter one or two times a day, the effect is very good.
Q:The mechanic charged the high pressure pump into his colleague's anus and caused serious injuries. Does it constitute a negligent crime?
The mechanic will be high pressure pump into the practical joke colleagues anal inflation caused serious injury, to look at the behavior of the charge if it is intentional, overconfident negligence, constitute the crime of negligence causing serious injury, if the structure of harm to society knowing that their behavior and laissez faire, constitute indirect intentional. According to the actual situation, it is more likely to constitute negligence and cause harm.The crime of causing serious injury by negligence refers to the act of negligently harming another person's body and causing serious injury.China's "criminal law" the fifteenth stipulation: should have foreseen that his act may endanger the society, because of negligence did not foresee, or have foreseen the gullible can be avoided, that the results of criminal negligence.The crime is manifested as negligence in subjective aspect, including negligent negligence and overconfidence fault. The former refers to the result that the victim's serious action should be foreseen in the event that the victim is seriously injured and is not foreseen because of carelessness; the latter is the result of having been foreseen and gullible to avoid the serious injury of the victim. The essential characteristics of the crime of negligent injury lie in the fact that the perpetrator has neither intentional homicide nor intentional injury, but only the result of negligence or overconfidence.
Q:What brand is good for car mounted air pump?
When choosing a car mounted air pump, it is recommended that you do not hold the idea that you can use it. After all, it is related to driving safety, so you should choose carefully. When we buy should first look at the brand has no warranty and maintenance of customer service, also is the primary factor to consider when choosing the number of pump outlet amount per minute how many litres of gas (L/min), which is related to the rate of inflation.At present, there are many brands of air pump on the market, and it is better to select good reputation and reputation. The more popular brand has COIDO, and he is also the car, the new brand is good, such as k-boxing. With the wind Rimula V600 this model, 195/70R14 tire filling time only 1 minutes and 30 seconds, a work time can be up to 60 minutes, single cylinder type pump is very good.
Q:The family has a high pressure air pump that has been used to inflate tires
Add a high pressure water tank, put the water inside, open the high-pressure gas out of the water is not high-pressure water?
Q:Can I spray paint without an air pump?
Best not to spray, I borrowed a pump spray yourself a shoe and invisible door on their own, the effect is very poor, if there are ready-made can buy, or buy ready-made, unless you are confident of their own woodworking.
Q:How to make a simple oxygen pump?
Oxygen in the water can be increased through the flow of water, not necessarily to the water filling oxygen. Just as the living creatures in the river do not lack oxygen, a reason, because the river is flowing.Understand this principle, oxygen pump is not so complicated. To get a small motor or engine, and power, then the gear in a motor with a plastic or metal sheet made of water,, fan blades and so can, anyway, let the water flow up fast. Just fine. But it's better to buy one than waste so much. Small power pump is only 56 yuan, a little more than ten yuan. At least in terms of electricity, than homemade safety..
Q:What's the difference between a filter and an oxygen pump? Can a fish filter be used only?
Yes, the filter is,
Q:How long does the oxygen pump in the tank need to last?
The aquarium is usually open because the fish tank is small
Q:My air pump doesn't pump up automatically
You'd better stop the machine and stop using it before the trouble is solved, otherwise it will burn the motor! As you say, the phenomenon should be that the magnetic starter is missing. It is recommended to replace the magnetic starter. The current value must not be lower than the original configuration!
Q:How is three-phase air pump changed into single phase?
Domestic power in our country is a phase of three-phase electricity as a line of fire, in conjunction with the ground zero line voltage of 220. When the three-phase voltage is 380, the Japanese motor should be three-phase, with 200V single-phase 110V. A transformer is needed to change the power of each phase from 220 to 110 and then to the motor.

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