LQFZ corrosion self-priming centrifugal pump

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Product Description:

A, LQFZ straight association-like stainless steel corrosion resistant 

characteristics of centrifugal pump:
LQFZ series pump is developed by our company stainless steel corrosion

resistant centrifugal pump, two series of pump impeller using half open 

structure, others adopt closed structure form, in addition, the pump and 

motor coupling way and straight association-like and belt bearing bracket 

type two kinds, all of the pump shaft seal adopts the Germany advanced 

technology of cantilever type mechanical seal, because our products with 

excellent structure, performance and forms at a suit, and parts and connecting 

frame is made of high quality stainless steel material, so, two series of products 

have corrosion resistance, reliable and convenient operation and maintenance, 

compact structure, low energy consumption, good sealing performance, and a 

series of advantages.

Second, LQFZ straight association-like corrosion resistant stainless steel centrifugal 

pump main use:
LQFZ series pump can supply temperature is not higher than 90 ℃ (straight association-like) 

or is not higher than 105 ℃ (with bearing bracket type), with (or without) a small soft

particles or fiber, corrosive or have health requirements of liquid, LQFZ series pump also has 

a self-priming performance, two series of pump is widely used in now, beverage, medicine, 

sewage treatment, chemical, electroplating, bleaching, fine

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Q:About the problem of model spray gun air pump
Better not to use it. The air pump isThe use of compressed air supplied to the electric motor by airbrush, at the time of purchase, in addition to considering the pump pressure is stable enough, also must listen to the 'buy', otherwise, hey, don't blame the neighbors at midnight knock on your door! Gun models in words is too small can only be called the airbrush. Can be divided into single action and double action two, generally is single action trigger type, double acting is a button type, which can control the air volume, the amount of paint (as well as in the two harmonic transfer). Price gap is relatively large, from one hundred or two hundred to thousands of all, there is no need to buy brand-name, cheap good. I used to use the gun made of HD, the red gun is very beautiful, is now made in Taiwan called "GREEN" card, double gun 2, when buying 280. The paint can is smaller. I changed the bottle.Air pump: the most expensive of all tools, hundreds to more than 10000. The same as above, no need to buy brand-name, there is no need to buy a professional professional use (not the ordinary people can afford, I have seen a Tamiya pump, is a cylindrical flat, it looked like a few pieces of dough cake stacked together. It's priced at more than 360 thousand yen, I can't see where it costs so much. Buy an air pump to consider the pressure you need, whether it is mute pump, can adjust the pressure, there is no water separation (oil and water separation), is not gas storage, of course, the more functions, the more expensive. 300-700 is usually ok.
Q:What's the difference between an air pump and a cylinder?
The air pump (Q. B ng air pump), namely "air pump", a device for removing air or add air from the enclosed space from a closed space. The air pump is divided into an electric air pump and a manual air pump. Electric air pump. An electric pump powered by electricity; produces air pressure by constantly compressing the air through electricity.Reciprocating cylindrical metal parts. The working medium converts heat energy into mechanical energy in the engine cylinder by expansion, and the gas is pressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to raise the pressure. A housing, such as a rotating piston engine, usually called a cylinder".
Q:Does the high pressure air function replace the air pump?
High pressure fan air flow, but the pressure is not enough, can not replace the air pump.
Q:Domestic aquarium, air pump, oxygen pump, oxygen pump, what brand, good quality?
The first is a connecting device, the black T is the piston and the blue is water. In the case of no load, pressed down the piston, the connector for the right side, because direct contact with the air pressure, the atmospheric pressure and the water itself is negligible, the water is not under any pressure, so the water level will rise. When after the above on the right side of the water load, for example, is coupled with a piece of stone, the stone is part of the shadow of the black twill. At this point, pressing the piston harder, the pressure on the water is increasing because of the load on the right, and the water level will not rise unless the water pressure is increased enough to hold up the stone.
Q:Should the air pump in the tank keep open all the time?
Carp are considered to be aerobic fish, and your 80 largest round cylinder, if you keep ten carp, I'm afraid it's too dense. If you do not have long-term oxygen open filter, otherwise, you back a week, even if the fish die, will be very dirty. So please think twice.What's more, I don't know if you're a combo pump or a separate oxygen pump, and even the 21, these aquarium equipment, are able to fit in for long periods of time.
Q:The 7.5kW motor pumps the generator and directly uses the diesel engine, which is economical
I think it's cost-effective to drive directly from diesel engines. The reason is that any mechanical transformation has an efficiency problem. The efficiency of converting a diesel engine into a generator is 80%, and the generator to the compressor is 80%. Then the conversion efficiency from the diesel engine to the generator to the compressor is only 56%. The direct conversion efficiency from the diesel engine to the compressor can reach 80%.
Q:How can the air conditioning compressor be refitted into a pump?
Transfer door to novice or buy ready-made, that thing is too advanced
Q:What is the air pump for the loader?
The air pump is called an air compressor! The engine is different in different positions! There is an air inlet pipe and an air outlet pipe! It provides air pressure to the vehicle!!
Q:My air pump doesn't pump up automatically
You'd better stop the machine and stop using it before the trouble is solved, otherwise it will burn the motor! As you say, the phenomenon should be that the magnetic starter is missing. It is recommended to replace the magnetic starter. The current value must not be lower than the original configuration!
Q:Can the oxygen pump position lower than the fish tank?
Normal use will not be a problem, once the power failure will appear water backflow damage to the air pump, so it is best to match a check valve, fish stores have, 5 hair or one yuan a bar.

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