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Q:my car sounds like it wants to start up but it wont turn over. happened after i changed my water pump?
im confused at everything you are saying here. first off you said you changed the water pump and then it wont start and u said u changed the fuel pump in the next sentence.... so which one did you change?? and how does it try to start but not turn over? if it trys to start the engine has to turn over other wise you would hear a click sound which could be low battery or looose connections... try jumping it. if that doesnt work it could be the starter as well. but generaly if the starter goes out it wont make no noise at all when u turn the key..... if urs makes noise then its trying to turn which means it needs more power... unless you did somthing wrong and the engine is in such a bind it cant turn. now if ur engine is turning over when u try to start it then it could mean its still not getting fuel so u need to check for fuel. if it has fuel then ur problem could resume in no spark to ur plugs which means if u replaced the fuel pump cause it wouldnt start then that may not have been ur problem the whole time u should have checked for spark and fuel before replacing random parts cause u think they are bad. so depending on what your trying to say here its hard to give u a direct answer cause u completely reword yourself over and over and nothing makes sense.
Q:Detroit diesel water pump?
usually when leaking or noisy
Q:water pump?
If you don't see drip marks under your car when you come out in the morning or when it's parked, it's probably not the water pump. Either way, that coolant is going someplace. Might it be possible that you had the AC on when you heard the clunking sounds? When you have the AC on and the AC compressor comes on it puts an extra drain on the engine and makes a noticable change in the way the engine sounds. What I would do is find a way to get under the car with a flashlight and take a look around and see if anything is wet. I had a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and had all these same sort of things you are describing, so I climbed up under it and looked around and saw a drip around one of the seals on the water pump. For about three weeks I kept my eye on it and noticed the drip marks under my car. Eventually one day on a quick trip to the corner store, the pump finally went and and deluge of coolant came pouring out the bottom of my car. It could also just be a loose hose or a blown headgasket. Check your oil and see if you have any coolant in the oil (you'll be able to tell). If you do, take it to a garage ASAP or you'll be really screwed! Either way, if it's the pump you'll know it sooner or later when it blows out!
Q:2001 Ford Windstar Van Water Pump?
2001 Windstar Van
Q:Engine ticking after Water Pump Replacement?
Chrysler Sebring Water Pump
Q:What would happen if you combined two water pumps?
Any discharge piping system down stream of a pump (in this case a hose) will have a pressure drop that varies with flow. You can develop a curve of this pressure where flow rate is plotted against pressure drop. Any centrifugal pump will have a performance curve. The lower the discharge head (pressure) the more the pump will pump. The higher the head the less the pump will pump. Assuming these are centrifugal pumps then their performance will balance with the system pressure drop curve to seek a point on each pump's operating curve that matches the overall system pressure drop curve. In other words the pressure will go up some and the flow rate will also go up some but neither will double.
Q:How do you know your water pump is bad?
Take it to a mechanic ! You have a serious problem.
Q:Help replacing water pump in Chevy Impala 2003....?
agree with michael except you may have to pull p/s any way to install water pump without messing up gasket and reinstalling bolt.
Q:92 blazer water leak -- NOT WATER PUMP?
look at the housing that the water pump bolts to ,it may be busted and there's some of the bolts that go all the way through in to the block if those wasn't coated with sealant it will still leak from the bolts that hold the water pump on,and that will make it appear to be leaking from the front cover,you got two freeze plugs in the front and three down each side,good luck with it,
Q:What motor with Grundfos pumps
Grundfos pumps with the motor Grundfos own.

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