LP series vertical turbine long axis deep well pump

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Product outline
LP vertical turbine long axis deep well pump is mainly used for pumping clean water or waste water which are non corrosive,the temperature lower than 60℃ and of which suspended
substances are free of fibers or abrasive particles, concentration is less than 150mg/L.
On the basis of LP type pump, LPT type is additionally fitted with muff armor tubing with lubricant inside, serving for pumping of sewage or waste water, which are at the temperature lower than 60 and contain certain solid particles, such as scrap iron, fine sand,coal powder, etc.
LP(T) Type Vertical Discharge Pump is wide applicability in the fields of public work, steel and iron metallurgy,chemistry, paper-making, tapping water service, power station and irrigation and water conservancy, etc.
Operational conditions
1.The temperature of medium shall not be higher than 60 .
2.The medium shall be neutral and PH value between 6.5~8.5. If the medium is not consistent to the requirements, specify in the order list.
3.For LP type pump, the content of suspended substances in the medium shall be less than 150 mg/L; for LPT type pump,the max. Diameter of solid particles in the medium shall be less than 2 mm and the content less than 2 g/L.
4.LPT type pump shall be connected with clean water or soapy water outside to lubricate the rubber bearing. For twostage pump, lubricant pressure shall not be less than operational
5.The first stage impeller of pump shall be immersed in 0.5m above at min. water level and generally it is suggested to be within 2~3 m.
6.The wellbore shall be straight.
7.Specify the depth of well or under-liquid depth of pump in the order list.
8.Special operational condition is subject to agreement or technical agreement.
Performance range
Flow:8 m³/h ~ 60,000 m³/h
Head: 3m ~ 150m
Power: 1.5 kW~3,600 kW

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Q:Can a Water Pump issue cause your car to overheat?
if coolant is leaking out of the front of the pump(right where it spins) the water pump does need to be changed.300.00 dollars is a fair price for parts and labor. you may also have to change the thermostat
Q:took car to mechanic put in timing belt engine coolant and water pump now green fluid leaking what is it?
What kinda car is it? I bet you they didn't clean and replace the o-ring in the area where the back of the water pump connects to the cross-over pipe. The area is usually neglected and it'll cause a leak that will run across the LIM onto the top of the bell housing.
Q:does aquarium pump go in water?
NO the air stone is connected by airline tubing. The airstone should be in the water, the pump out.
Q:instaling a water pump on 1998 sunfire,?
dont need to tighten until good and snug torque is critical on head bolts and bearing cap and rod cap bolts etc
Q:How long will a bad water pump last?
There is no way of knowing how long it will last. How long has it been going out? What does the mechanic mean by loose? Is it leaking water? It could last a couple of years, it could go out tomorrow. If you trust your mechanic, which I would over people on here, I would have the water pump changed as soon as possible. When it goes out, and it will, it will leave you stranded, and in the most inappropriate place and time.
Q:Water pump part is stainless steel, which part is it?
Of any part of the body that is in contact with water
Q:Could the whistling noise i hear be related to a possible bad bearing in the water pump?
Yes the water pump can make that noise even when new. The pump will keep working until the seal fails. You will see water pissing out of a small hole under the pump and that is when you replace it.
Q:What does a fish tank/pond water pump do?
your koi pond should be in direct sunlight not in a shaded area. Also, just a water pump is used for fountains and waterfalls. this allows dissolved oxygen to enter the water since Koi and goldfish needs lots. Usually a pump is attached to a filter when it comes to ponds, however there are pumps and filters that are stand alone. If you have a large pond, I would suggest a biofilter box with a pump. usually they will have attachments for additions of fountains and waterfall hoses. A stand alone pump will not FILTER the water it will just add dissolved oxygen
Q:My water pump is leaking?
Check the hoses first.
Q:1995 Honda Civic water pump replacement steps?
The okorder.com You don't want to leave anything out and certainly don't want to trust a stranger on Yahoo Answers! Good luck!

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