Low-voltage PCV insulated power cable

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Product Description:


sta power cables
1, Self-made material
2, Fast delivery
3, CCC: ISO 9001:2008
4, Accept OEM

Manufacture price best sale pcv insulated and pvc sheathed low voltage sta power cables

Product Description:

Rated voltage for sta power cables

0.6/1kv for sta power cables
Conductorfor sta power cables Cooper for sta power cables
Insulation for sta power cables PVC for sta power cables
Filler for sta power cables

Polypropylene filament with lapped binding tape

Wrapping tape for sta power cables

Polyester tape for sta power cables

Armour for sta power cable

Steel tape armored for sta power cables

Sheath for sta power cables PVC for sta power cables
Working voltage for sta power cables 450/ 750V for sta power cables
Test voltage for sta power cables 2500 volts for sta power cables
Minimum bending radius for sta power cables 4 x Ø for sta power cables
Maximum operating temperature-10°C to +70º C for sta power cables

Standards & Service:



ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

GB/T 28001-2011  


1. Fast delivery

2. Sample available

3. OEM Service Offered

4. Buyer Label Offered

5. Design Service Offered

6. Advanced customization  

7. Strong technical support

8. Strict quality control system

9. Quality guarantee after delivery

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Q:How can I use a Power over Ethernet cable to connect to a hub and use PoE and non PoE devices?
The easy answer is that you need a POE switch. There's nothing really special about a POE cable, a POE enabled piece of equipment just uses the extra pins to provide the power. If you try setting up POE switch dumb switch antenna, the dumb switch will not forward the power to the Antenna. You can get a dumb switch, put it where your POE switch is now, then move your POE switch to wherever it is that you want to add equipment, and that should work if you don't want to spend the extra cash for another POE device. In that scenario, it's just a non-PoE connection from the regular switch to the new spot for the PoE switch, then PoE from that switch to the antenna, and the remainder of the devices will connect to the additional ports as non-PoE
Q:My PC is giving a proble, on attaching the power cable into the CPU, the display goes off, What's the problem?
Power cable into CPU? I guess you must possibly still have some of those dual power connector Power Supply? Those one where you can connect both the Power to the monitor and the input power to the CPU? If this is the case, your Power supply is possibly dying slowly. You need to change the poer supply. However, if that is not the kind of power supply that you have, I guess what you are pssibly talking about is that your monitor data communication cable which you connect to the CPU so that the data can be transmitted through to your monitor? If this is the case, then your monitor is not having any problem, it is just responding to the fact that it is properrly connected. Put on your system and see if your monitor do come on... If it comes on then everything is fine.... Now finally, if all these is not the case, then it mean you have not put your question properly. Rephrase your question so that you can have an answer... except ofcourse you are just trying to fool around...
Q:A power cable has length 2000m. The cable is made of twelve parallel strands of copper wire each of diameter is 0.51mm, what is the resistance of cable?
Resistance (R) of a wire is given by: R = ρ.L / A where (ρ) is the resistivity of the wire in Ω.m ; (A) is the cross sectional area of the cable in m² ; (L) is the length of the wire in metres. Radius (r) of one strand = (0.51 / 2) = 0.255 mm = 0.000255 m Cross sectional area of one strand = πr² = (π * 0.000255²) = 2.0428 x 10^-7 m² Total cross section of cable = (12 * 2.0428 x 10^-7 m²) = 2.45 x 10^-6 m² R = (1.7 x 10^-8 * 2000 / 2.45 x 10^-6) = 13.87 = 14 Ω to 2 significant figures.
Q:Does the eVGA GT 440 graphics/video card need a power cable connect from the psu to it?o?
No, it doesn't need one, but it's also a crappy purchase. The Radeon 6670 costs about the same, doesn't require external power, and slaps the GT 440 silly.
Q:no extra power cables for graphics card?
i does not subject with a GT220 or GT240, they are not lots better if no longer worse than the cardboard you have already. those are not gaming enjoying cards, they're particularly for video accelerating etc. Get a HD 4850 in case you will stumble on one, if no longer maybe a HD 5750 which grants comparable overall performance, yet i does not bypass above this as you will start to be bottlenecked via your processor. maximum enjoying cards merely take one 6pin connection, the only exception being the perfect end enjoying cards such because of the fact the Nvidia GTX 470 or ATI HD 5870. desire i've got helped ;)
Q:How to connect power cables back to the motherboard?
If your talking about the power cables from the power supply to the motherboard those are fairly straight forward. It is a 20 or, 24 pin connector. Usually along the edge opposite the external connections for the motherboard. Although, the placement really depends on the manufacturer and, could even be near the middle of the board. They are keyed and, you can not plug them in incorrectly. As long as you don't force them into the slot. If your speaking of the wires from the case to the motherboard that is a little more difficult. P3 and, P4 motherboards usually have a keyed connection that simply plugs in. Other boards have markings on each of the wires corresponding with it's connection. The one thing that is the same for every board is that the two black wires must be side by side. If you've never done it before you should have labeled each wire and, made a diagram of their placement. Your best hope short of taking your computer to the local shop is to try and, find diagrams for both your motherboard and, the case.
Q:If the Remote Power Cable is switched off, would the subwoofer/amp still cause a power cutoff in my car?
valuable it extremely is put in on your motorized vehicle in spite of the undeniable fact that it's not extremely valuable. The gadget bypasses the main significant and ignition exchange giving capacity to the motorized vehicle and starter. issue is that your motorized vehicle will initiate however if its in kit. think of of approximately status indoors your place and and wanting to warmth up your motorized vehicle. You grab your keys and hit the button. next subject you recognize is that your motorized vehicle has basically ran off by using itself and crashed into each element in its course as a results of certainty it became into in kit. Your coverage employer won't even pay for the wear and tear and tear as a results of certainty the education on the distant initiate says to no longer set up on education manual transmission autos. So valuable you could yet no you shouldn't
Q:where does the power cable for the headlights go to... i think my power cable broke somewhere and?
The power for the headlights comes from the front fuse/relay box, usually on the drivers side wheel well under the hood. There should be a relay in the box for the headlights.
Q:Windows Media Centre starting when power cable gets plugged in?
Use windows defender hit softwares tab and remove windows media center from startup programs list
Q:where can I buy this DC power supply cable?
If you are located outside USA, let me know so that I can provide you the correct information. Let me know if you need any further support. I will be glad to help you. Dell-Niranjan

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