Low-voltage PCV insulated power cable

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Product Description:


sta power cables
1, Self-made material
2, Fast delivery
3, CCC: ISO 9001:2008
4, Accept OEM

Manufacture price best sale pcv insulated and pvc sheathed low voltage sta power cables

Product Description:

Rated voltage for sta power cables

0.6/1kv for sta power cables
Conductorfor sta power cables Cooper for sta power cables
Insulation for sta power cables PVC for sta power cables
Filler for sta power cables

Polypropylene filament with lapped binding tape

Wrapping tape for sta power cables

Polyester tape for sta power cables

Armour for sta power cable

Steel tape armored for sta power cables

Sheath for sta power cables PVC for sta power cables
Working voltage for sta power cables 450/ 750V for sta power cables
Test voltage for sta power cables 2500 volts for sta power cables
Minimum bending radius for sta power cables 4 x Ø for sta power cables
Maximum operating temperature-10°C to +70º C for sta power cables

Standards & Service:



ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

GB/T 28001-2011  


1. Fast delivery

2. Sample available

3. OEM Service Offered

4. Buyer Label Offered

5. Design Service Offered

6. Advanced customization  

7. Strong technical support

8. Strict quality control system

9. Quality guarantee after delivery

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Q:How come my computer turns on just by inserting the power cable in the PSU ?
There are two possible problems 1. there is a short on the motherboard, specifically, the power on circuit. It is acting like the power button is held in. May have a faulty board. 2. The cmos has reset, and the default setting for activity on power failure is full on. Meaning, if power is lost to the computer (even if it is off), it will power on. A simple change in the bios would fix this In all likely hood, #2 is your problem
Q:Switching my PS3 power cables?
It won't short out, cause it will only take certain power
Q:Does a power supply come with the cables that allow you to connect the computer to the wall?
Yeah, it comes with a three prong power cable and a bunch of internal cables, one or two for the motherboard, one or two for graphics cards, and a bunch for drives.
Q:Power cable on outside of garage wall?
Plastic grey conduit is the way to go easy to work with just need a hack saw and some glue
Q:Power cable YJV22-8.7 / 15kv-3 * 300 what meaning
Strictly speaking is not in line with the norms. Special signal lines may be subject to interference
Q:how can i repair the cut off in my power cable?
Have you got an anti surge socket to even out any voltage spike in line? I have and I've had several power cuts and my computer has never been affected. If not, then there is a possibility that you have blown the motherboard or the PSU. The reason this happens is your PSU drops the mains voltage from 240V to about 4.5V or less that your motherboard uses. Now when you get a power cut, when the switches in the power lines drop out, as the gap in the switch increases the voltage will jump as the current is trying to jump the gap. Thus for a few milliseconds the voltage in the mains can jump up to 20% which take it up to about 280V. Push that ratio all the way along and your motherboard voltage will jump to about 6V. Poof! Motherboard blown. Your only option is to put it into a workshop and find out exactly what damage you have done to it. You may be lucky as some manufacturers fit internal anti surge fuses.
Q:Splitting a power cable?
What sort of power cable? If it is mains or an automotive power outlet, you can get splitters for those.
Q:Can the Belkin Standard Power Cable be used with Xbox 360?
Yep its the same thing as the 1 that came with the Xbox 360 but not made by Microsoft. Only problem is you'll still need the power block that came with the xbox 360.
Q:Need a laptop power cable with Australian plug. Help?
Just get a small plug adapter in Australia. That will be cheaper than buying a whole new power cable.
Q:My Xbox 360 AV cable power supply light is red.?
switch power supply and see if that works if not somethings wrong with your system and halo does suck thats only game that xbox has that is good and thats pretty sorry

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