Low Voltage Copper Conductor PVC Insulation Wire Cable

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Product Description:


IEC 60227



Low voltage copper conductor PVC insulation wire cable is widely used in commercial and residential construction projects of nominal voltage not exceeding 450/750V a.c.


Product Description

1) Conductor: class 1, 2 and 5 copper, tinned or plain

2) Sectional area: 0.12 - 400mm2

3) No. of cores: 1 ~ 60

4) Insulation: PVC

5) Oversheath: PVC

6) Max. conductor DC resistance at 20°c

Sectional Area (mm2)0.50.751.01.52.546101625
Plain Copper (Ω/km)36.024.518.112.17.414.613.081.831.150.727
Tinned Copper (Ω/km)36.724.818.212.27.564.703.111.841.160.734
Sectional Area (mm2)35507095120150185240300400
Plain Copper (Ω/km)0.5240.3870.2680.1930.1530.1240.07910.07540.06010.0470
Tinned Copper (Ω/km)0.5290.3910.2700.1950.1540.1260.1000.07620.06070.0475


Product Models


Rated Voltage


No. of cores

Sectional area


60227IEC01Single-core non-sheathed cable with rigid conductor for general purposes450/75011.5-400
60227IEC02Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for general purposes450/75011.5-240
60227IEC05Single-core non-sheathed cable with solid conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 70 °C300/5001


60227IEC06Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 70 °C300/50010.5-1
60227IEC07Single-core non-sheathed cable with solid conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 90 °C300/50010.5-2.5
60227IEC08Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 90 °C300/50010.5-2.5
60227IEC10Light polyvinyl chloride sheathed cable300/5002, 3, 4, 51.5 - 35
60227IEC41Flat tinsel cord300/3002-
60227IEC43Cord for indoor decorative lighting chains300/30010.5-0.75
60227IEC52Light polyvinyl chloride sheathed cord300/3002, 30.5-0.75
60227IEC53Ordinary polyvinyl chloride sheathed cord300/5002, 3, 4, 50.75 - 2.5 
60227IEC56Heat resistant light PVC sheathed cord for a maximum conductor temperature of 90 degrees300/3002, 30.5-0.75
60227IEC57Heat resistant ordinary PVC sheathed cord for a maximum conductor temperature of 90 degrees300/5002, 3, 4, 50.75-2.5
60227IEC71fFlat polyvinyl chloride sheathed lift cable and cable for flexible connections450/7503-240.75-25
60227IEC71cCircular polyvinyl chloride sheathed lift cable and cable for flexible connections450/7504~300.75-25
60227IEC74Oil resistance, polyvinyl chloride sheathed, screened flexible cable300/5002-600.75-2.5
60227IEC75Oil resistance, polyvinyl chloride sheathed, unscreened flexible cable300/5002-600.75-2.5


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There is no national standards, but the general works of the Party and the supervision unit for the aesthetic requirements of the fire with the mud to block the construction caused by the construction of empty. The material is mainly used for wire, cable hole blockage to prevent the wire, the cable fire and spread from the hole to the adjacent room to reduce the loss of fire. To avoid the expansion of the accident with smoke, fire, dust and other functions. Therefore, the block material is widely used in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, shipbuilding power, telecommunications, substations, metallurgy and other systems in the vertical level of the wire, cable through the hole block.
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With the conductor, copper cross-sectional area is greater, better heat dissipation, the use of different occasions.
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The plug to face their own, the right side of the line of fire, the left side of the zero line, for the protection of ground
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Fibers are mainly used for FTTB, FTTH to solve the problem of insufficient core, is a light splitter plus a few discs melt fiber tray, usually hanging in the district staircase on the wall or stand in the green belt. Integrated wiring box and integrated patch panels are placed in the engine room, used to connect indoor and outdoor cable and jump fiber. The terminal box is a box for cable and pigtail connections. The transfer box is used for the machine room out of the trunk cable and the user's wiring cable jumping equipment. General fiber optic cable to connect these devices in the order: integrated wiring box - transfer box - split fiber box - terminal box. Originally wanted to give you insert pictures, what did not find.
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There is a relationship, the aging of the wire will increase the resistance, so the voltage loss in the wire becomes larger, so the voltage will be reduced. Cable aging reasons: external damage. In recent years, the operation of the analysis point of view, especially in the rapid economic development of Haipu East, and now a considerable number of cable failures are due to mechanical damage caused. For example: cable laying installation is not standardized construction, likely to cause mechanical damage; in the buried cable to engage in civil construction is also very easy to run the cable damage. L sometimes if the damage is not serious, to a few months or even years will lead to complete breakdown of the damaged parts of the formation of failure, and sometimes serious damage may occur short-circuit failure, a direct impact on electricity and electricity units of safe production. Insulation damp: This is also very common, generally occurs in the direct or barrel of the cable connector. For example: the cable connector production failure and in the wet weather conditions do joints, will make the joints into the water or mixed with water vapor, a long time r in the electric field under the action of the formation of water branches, and gradually damage the cable insulation strength caused by failure. Chemical corrosion. Cables are buried directly in the area of ​​acid and alkali, often lead to cable armor, lead skin or outer sheath is corroded, protective layer due to long-term chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, resulting in protective layer failure, insulation reduction, Cable failure. The corrosion of the unit is quite serious.

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