Low Voltage Copper Conductor PVC Insulation Wire Cable

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Product Description:


IEC 60227



Low voltage copper conductor PVC insulation wire cable is widely used in commercial and residential construction projects of nominal voltage not exceeding 450/750V a.c.


Product Description

1) Conductor: class 1, 2 and 5 copper, tinned or plain

2) Sectional area: 0.12 - 400mm2

3) No. of cores: 1 ~ 60

4) Insulation: PVC

5) Oversheath: PVC

6) Max. conductor DC resistance at 20°c

Sectional Area (mm2)0.50.751.01.52.546101625
Plain Copper (Ω/km)36.024.518.112.17.414.613.081.831.150.727
Tinned Copper (Ω/km)36.724.818.212.27.564.703.111.841.160.734
Sectional Area (mm2)35507095120150185240300400
Plain Copper (Ω/km)0.5240.3870.2680.1930.1530.1240.07910.07540.06010.0470
Tinned Copper (Ω/km)0.5290.3910.2700.1950.1540.1260.1000.07620.06070.0475


Product Models


Rated Voltage


No. of cores

Sectional area


60227IEC01Single-core non-sheathed cable with rigid conductor for general purposes450/75011.5-400
60227IEC02Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for general purposes450/75011.5-240
60227IEC05Single-core non-sheathed cable with solid conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 70 °C300/5001


60227IEC06Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 70 °C300/50010.5-1
60227IEC07Single-core non-sheathed cable with solid conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 90 °C300/50010.5-2.5
60227IEC08Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 90 °C300/50010.5-2.5
60227IEC10Light polyvinyl chloride sheathed cable300/5002, 3, 4, 51.5 - 35
60227IEC41Flat tinsel cord300/3002-
60227IEC43Cord for indoor decorative lighting chains300/30010.5-0.75
60227IEC52Light polyvinyl chloride sheathed cord300/3002, 30.5-0.75
60227IEC53Ordinary polyvinyl chloride sheathed cord300/5002, 3, 4, 50.75 - 2.5 
60227IEC56Heat resistant light PVC sheathed cord for a maximum conductor temperature of 90 degrees300/3002, 30.5-0.75
60227IEC57Heat resistant ordinary PVC sheathed cord for a maximum conductor temperature of 90 degrees300/5002, 3, 4, 50.75-2.5
60227IEC71fFlat polyvinyl chloride sheathed lift cable and cable for flexible connections450/7503-240.75-25
60227IEC71cCircular polyvinyl chloride sheathed lift cable and cable for flexible connections450/7504~300.75-25
60227IEC74Oil resistance, polyvinyl chloride sheathed, screened flexible cable300/5002-600.75-2.5
60227IEC75Oil resistance, polyvinyl chloride sheathed, unscreened flexible cable300/5002-600.75-2.5


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Q:What is the difference between home decoration wiring, red tube and blue tube?
According to the power A, B, C three-phase sequence order, the cable color were yellow, green, red
Q:2.5 square wire how long is it better?
The easiest and safe way is to buy a standard patch panel, to the big supermarket and other regular stores to buy authentic bull card, the bullet can be the first card. Note that your wall is 16 An outlet, the water heater on the plug to see what is the big, if it is 16 security, then buy a direct 16-inch wiring board can be, if the water heater is 10-amp (2.5 square Of the line, usually 10 An), it would replace the wall outlet or water heater plug, otherwise the size is not the same, can not be inserted.
Q:Why is the terminal metal housing of the power cable to be grounded?
How to say that interference is certainly some, if you line less words on one or two in the bridge next to do a tube it! The pipe will be a little better. Upstairs that I do not think that although in practice the construction of this practice a lot, because you do not feel the interference, but the reality does interfere with, or science should not be strong and weak must be separated.
Q:Cable Model Specification Meaning! I would like to know what the model means! The
You first need to understand the cable model you need, and then ask the manufacturers how much money one meter, it is best to say that you need the total amount, there will be more concessions.
Q:What is the position of the wire in the wall?
With linseed stuffing, and then no words with rubber stopper, but must be on the outside Caixing.
Q:Lenovo notebook b470 computer can not open the machine, but the power adapter lights have been flashing, the last time has been repaired once, is the last did not repair it?
This is a weak line can wear a tube, you rest assured that all right
Q:TC line and SC line tube What is the difference
From the laying of the environment, one in the land of a sea in the water below the sea cable to have better water tightness and mechanical strength, and more susceptible to erosion of seawater and external machinery damage; from the structural point of view, submarine cable cable With lead shield and strong armor (such as thick round steel wire armor), etc., to improve its corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, the cable is generally used wrinkled aluminum jacket, in addition to special circumstances, the general do not armor; Insulation form, and now the basic cable is insulated with cross-linked polyethylene, submarine cable from the safety and operation of a comprehensive point of view, still more use of oil-filled cable; from the construction point of view, the cable can be distributed conveyor, the middle also Can be manually assisted, sea cable by the construction of the ship + knife plow to complete, some of the simple use of frogs to help; generally no cable between the cable as the insulation or through joints, the middle is not easy to ground; sea cable due to the sea, Low and good heat dissipation, so its large capacity
Q:What is the national standard for energy saving bridge?
Some industrial and mining enterprises and chemical enterprises to the newly expanded technical transformation projects, power cables in parallel with the power supply, in parallel use, the two cables must be evenly distributed distribution, otherwise it will lead to thermal breakdown of the cable failure
Q:How can the most effortless way to put the cable on the bridge
Red line is the line of fire, green line is zero line, black line (should be gray) is to protect the zero line.
Q:How about the decoration wiring charges, about how much?
According to the area of the house count or by meters. Line has 2.5 square feet. 4 square. 6 square feet. Different specifications charges are not the same. 2.5 square meters by the meter, then the charges are generally 28 yuan a meter

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