Low Voltage Copper Conductor PVC Insulation Wire Cable

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Product Description:


IEC 60227



Low voltage copper conductor PVC insulation wire cable is widely used in commercial and residential construction projects of nominal voltage not exceeding 450/750V a.c.


Product Description

1) Conductor: class 1, 2 and 5 copper, tinned or plain

2) Sectional area: 0.12 - 400mm2

3) No. of cores: 1 ~ 60

4) Insulation: PVC

5) Oversheath: PVC

6) Max. conductor DC resistance at 20°c

Sectional Area (mm2)0.50.751.01.52.546101625
Plain Copper (Ω/km)36.024.518.112.17.414.613.081.831.150.727
Tinned Copper (Ω/km)36.724.818.212.27.564.703.111.841.160.734
Sectional Area (mm2)35507095120150185240300400
Plain Copper (Ω/km)0.5240.3870.2680.1930.1530.1240.07910.07540.06010.0470
Tinned Copper (Ω/km)0.5290.3910.2700.1950.1540.1260.1000.07620.06070.0475


Product Models


Rated Voltage


No. of cores

Sectional area


60227IEC01Single-core non-sheathed cable with rigid conductor for general purposes450/75011.5-400
60227IEC02Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for general purposes450/75011.5-240
60227IEC05Single-core non-sheathed cable with solid conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 70 °C300/5001


60227IEC06Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 70 °C300/50010.5-1
60227IEC07Single-core non-sheathed cable with solid conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 90 °C300/50010.5-2.5
60227IEC08Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 90 °C300/50010.5-2.5
60227IEC10Light polyvinyl chloride sheathed cable300/5002, 3, 4, 51.5 - 35
60227IEC41Flat tinsel cord300/3002-
60227IEC43Cord for indoor decorative lighting chains300/30010.5-0.75
60227IEC52Light polyvinyl chloride sheathed cord300/3002, 30.5-0.75
60227IEC53Ordinary polyvinyl chloride sheathed cord300/5002, 3, 4, 50.75 - 2.5 
60227IEC56Heat resistant light PVC sheathed cord for a maximum conductor temperature of 90 degrees300/3002, 30.5-0.75
60227IEC57Heat resistant ordinary PVC sheathed cord for a maximum conductor temperature of 90 degrees300/5002, 3, 4, 50.75-2.5
60227IEC71fFlat polyvinyl chloride sheathed lift cable and cable for flexible connections450/7503-240.75-25
60227IEC71cCircular polyvinyl chloride sheathed lift cable and cable for flexible connections450/7504~300.75-25
60227IEC74Oil resistance, polyvinyl chloride sheathed, screened flexible cable300/5002-600.75-2.5
60227IEC75Oil resistance, polyvinyl chloride sheathed, unscreened flexible cable300/5002-600.75-2.5


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