Low Voltage Comprehensive Distribution Box

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Supply include: Enclosure door, mounting plate, gland plate sealing gasket

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wooden case
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1.Material :sheet steel
2.Color:Ral7032 or Ral7035
3.Mounting plate:Orange or Galvanized

1. Matterial: Sheet steel
2. Paint finish: Both externally and internally
3. Protected with epoxy polyester coating
4. Textured finish RAL7032 or RAL7035
5. Mounting plate: Powder coated similar to RAL2000 or galvanized
6. IP rate: IP65
7. Certificate: CE, RoHS
8. Supply include: Enclosure door, mounting plate, gland plate sealing gasket

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Q:If i buy electrical equipment from the US and it is delivered to the UK, other than face value and postage.
Thats a reflect of the IO interface. Same with me too
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Q:does the brass pin conduct electricity?
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The last three electric utility companies we've done business with offer whole-house lightning protection, with a guarantee. Not free, but the good stuff. I've not used it, having just the usual consumer electronics, not like a home-office server system, etc. Out here in the plains, we have some of the biggest thunder storms in the country, too. If it's a Big one, I'd more likely physically unplug my best stuff, take a bit to get ready to go to basement shelter if a tornado warning is broadcast, and call anybody that's away from home to make sure they stay alert. Next door, the neighbor's house was hit by lightning three times over ten years, finally apparently stopped by tree-pruning and complete removal of one big tree that, at about 120ft in height, had acted as a lightening rod. Just an anecdote.

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