Low Temperature Pressure Vessel Steel

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Low temperature pressure vessel (low temperature pressure vessel), is a kind of cryogenic vessel.


Design of temperature for pressure vessel -20 DEG C; the container is of low temperature pressure vessel for storage and transportation of liquefiedethylene and liquefied natural gas, liquid nitrogen and liquid hydrogen etc..The general pressure vessel commonly used ferritic steels in the temperaturedown to a temperature, the toughness of the steel will decrease sharply, and is very brittle, this temperature is usually referred to as the ductile brittle transition temperature. The use of pressure vessel in below the transition temperature conditions, due to defects, residual stress, stress concentrationand other factors caused by the high local stress such as the existence of a container, the container may be in no obvious plastic deformation under the condition of brittle rupture and disastrous accident. For low temperature pressure vessel must first select suitable materials, these materials should have good toughness at service temperature. The grain size of low alloy steelsavailable to -45 DEG C, 2.5% nickel steel available to -60 DEG C, 3.5% nickel steel available to -104 DEG C, available at -196 deg.c for 9% nickel steel.Below -196 DEG C when the selection of austenitic stainless steel andaluminum alloy etc.. In order to avoid local high stress in low temperaturepressure vessel, in the design of container should avoid excessiveconcentration of stress and additional stress; be strict inspection inmanufacturing the container, in order to prevent dangerous defects exist in the container. For because of the welding residual stress caused by excessive,should eliminate welding residual stress treatment after welding.

Performance characteristics

Cryogenic vessel performance and features of industrial [1] with liquid nitrogenat extremely low temperatures by nitrogen pressure variable is a colorless liquid, low temperature container at liquid nitrogen temperature is very low, and then use the cylinder holding, then put the cylinder in normal temperature, due to the environment temperature, temperature of liquid nitrogen is placed inside the bottle rises, also into the room temperature, then the liquid nitrogen in the bottle pressure will become higher.

But in the actual case, either the cylinder heat preservation effect is very good,or pressure safety valves, cylinders placed either opening time is very short.The cylinder temperature could not reach the normal temperature.

The industrial use of the liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures by nitrogen pressure variable is a colorless liquid, then the liquid nitrogentemperature is very low, and then use the cylinder holding, then put the cylinder in normal temperature, low temperature storage tank due to environmental temperature, then:

The bottle containing liquid nitrogen transformation could take place, i.e.vaporized, by liquid nitrogen into gaseous nitrogen, the cylinder pressure rise,this time the inside temperature or liquid nitrogen and nitrogen coexisttemperature is generally -196 degrees, absorb heat temperatures continue to rise, the pressure continues to rise, pressure safety valve will work, relief. If nopressure relief, only temperature, pressure of liquid nitrogen in the cylinder will be very high, resulting in high pressure vessel explosion.

Liquid nitrogen tank insulation effect is very good, the liquid nitrogen can bestored for 1 months does not vaporize finish inside.

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Q:What's the difference between single rolling steel sheet and continuous rolling steel plate?
Single rolled steel plate usually refers to medium plate, in the process of rolling and finishing, the plate has been flat, usually thicker (6mm or more), the width of the fastest up to 4800mm.
Q:What does steel plate "A3" mean?
It can be used in all kinds of grinding tools, handles and other unimportant Abrasives parts
Q:Bathroom washing machine, galvanized steel and color steel which good?
Color steel plate is coated with color coating on the surface of the steel plate, without changing the nature of the steel plate, coating scraping will reveal inside the steel plate
Q:Definition and application of steel sheet pile
Cold rolled steel sheet pile is a steel structure formed by continuous rolling and forming of a sheet pile wall from a cold bending millNot knowing, then asked
Q:Is galvanized steel plate or iron plate?
In metallurgy, iron, pure iron, is not available in actual industrial production. Iron is a very active chemical element, which oxidizes rapidly in the air at room temperature. This is like some people say we have not seen the real 'aluminum' exposure to aluminum elements in the air immediately oxidized alumina, so we see in the normal is covered on the surface of alumina aluminum complex, real aluminum and we do not see. The activity of iron is second only to that of aluminum.
Q:What's the difference between steel plate 20 and Q235 steel plate?
Q235 steel yield point is 235MPa, the elongation is 21-26%; widely used in the production of general machinery parts have certain strength and elongation, such as pin, shaft, rod, connecting rod, ring, bolt, nut, cylinder, gear, rack, rack and welding parts.
Q:What are the reasons for the steel mesh on both sides of the back pouring belt?
Increase overall stability. To prevent cracks due to settlement, uneven cement shrinkage, etc., but also to increase the overall firmness. Generally speaking, the stability of the post casting belt is increased.
Q:How can steel plates with a thickness of 1MM be welded?
The seam is also called the wheel welding equipment for the production, mainly uses fuel exhaust pipe seal. The principle is similar to that of spot welding. The difference is that the output current is uninterrupted.
Q:What is called steel plate sanding process?
Steel plate sand, we call sandblasting, sandblasting is the steel structure of the steel plate surface treatment.
Q:What is the difference between Q235A steel and Q235B steel?
Materials Q235A and Q235B belong to carbon structural steel. In the national standard GB700-88, the distinction between Q235A and Q235B material mainly in the carbon content of steel, the material is Q235A of steel, carbon content between 0.14-0.22%, Q235B of carbon content of steel between 0.12-0.20%;

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