Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant Polyolefin Jacket Compound

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LSZH compound:
1. competitive price
2. 30 years of experience
3. stable quality
4. customized product

LSZH compound:

1. Applications and cable specifications of LSZH compound:

Common jacket for flame retardant wires and cables which operation temperature is at 90 degree C.

2. Description of LSZH compound:

Thermoplastic, low-smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant POE jacket compound, based on POE resin, is produced and pelletized by special technology with adding special modifier, flame retardant, anti-oxidant and other special additives.

3. Processing of LSZH compound:

The compound can be processed with conventional extruders, and the screw with a minimum 20:1 L/D and a compression ratio of 1.2 is recommended.

The following temperature(°C) profile of extruder is recommended:

ZoneZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4HeadDie
temperature degree C140145150150145145

Note:Compound should be dried at 70-80 degree C before use, which has been stored more than two months.

4. Storage and transport of LSZH compound:
Packing: 25kg/bag, PE membrane inside bag and craft outside bag.
Avoiding in direct sunlight and weathering.
Storage place should be clean, cool, dry and ventilated.

5. Properties of LSZH compound:


HardnessShore A--95--95--95--96
Tensile StrengthMPa912.5912.5912910.5
Elongation at Break %125200125190125230125150
Thermal Agingdegree C * h110×240110×240110×240110×240
TS/EB Retention %75/75105/8675/75110/8275/75104/9175/75115/85
Hot Deformation 80 degree C 4(6)h %5022502150245016
Impact Brittleness Temperature≤degree C-20pass-20pass-20pass-20pass
Volume Resistivity, at 20 degree C≥Ω*m1.0×10111.1×10121.0×10112.3×10121.0×10111.8×10121.0×10112.9×1012
Oxygen Index   3333353637383840
Smoke Density Flaming10066100621005110054
Non flaming200135200132200143200125
Acidity of gases evolved (pH)
Conductivity of gases evolved≤μs/mm101101101101
Content of halogen acids mg/g515150.950.8
Toxicity Index2.
Thermal Impact Test Condition 150 degree C*1h
No crackingPassNo crackingPassNo crackingPassNo crackingPass

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