Low Gravity Stayed-cable Cantilever Traveller

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Stayed-cable cantilever traveller is applicable to large-scale stay-cable
cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck, heavy and long segment. Most of
the componants concentrates on bottom frame and walking system. It has no main
frame, at the same time, the lift is done by the stay-cable of the bridge. Comparing
with other types, the sigle weight of stayed-cable cantilever traveller is heavier.

●Low gravity of front trancerse beam

●Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

●Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

●Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:Unit price analysis of hanging basket service
Do not know if you are a contractor or the contractor, is a general contractor and then do subcontracting work needs to do cost analysis
Q:How to deal with the cracks in the box girder
Measurement of cracks can be watered with black ink, and then cut a section of cracks observed.The subsequent construction, the need to strengthen quality control, especially the control of masonry cracks in protective layer, the protective layer is too large or because most of the causes of cast-in-situ box cantilever especially should improve the understanding of crack, prestressed anchor head near the pipeline, after the proposal directly after chiseling epoxy resin mending.
Q:80m hanging basket construction section of how to pull the longitudinal tensile reinforcement
The first section of the closure of the pipeline to be buried, after the beam through the inside of the chamber to pull.
Q:Hanging basket construction and demolition of blue construction should meet the following requirements
(4) for the increase in the basket on the facilities (such as anti canopy, cold shed, shaft frame etc.), must be on the overall stability of the hanging basket is checked, and shall not damage the hanging basket structure and change the stress form.(5) during the assembling process of the hanging basket, it is strictly prohibited to cut and enlarge the hole of the bolt at any time, and it is necessary to obtain the consent of the hanging basket design unit. It is strictly prohibited to carry out electric welding and fire on the steel bar of the finish rolling. All of the finished steel bars must be locked with double nuts.
Q:How to choose the kind of hanging basket
Personal feeling diamond good point, because used a few diamond. The triangle is also seen, mainly to see how the design, such as the design of track running system as long as easy to use is good
Q:Construction of hanging basket hanging blue construction
8, the hanging basket to be symmetrical, before walking to the longitudinal axis, in the track to draw the control line, walking on both sides of the journey to be consistent, the right axis;9, cradle walking to a certain position, should be promptly on the web side, floor modified and polished, the concrete appearance of minor fault, consistent with the flat drill tick, not daub, sling to timely plugging holes;10, sling reserved holes to be correct, to ensure that the vertical sling force, there can be no bending;11, hanging basket after walking in place, anchor hanging basket anchor, so that the basket is basically in a horizontal position, walking car to be in a state of freedom, not force;12, the fixed horizontal pump or pulling heavy, not by hanging basket as the anchor, prevent hanging force displacement or overturning;13, before pouring concrete, fill in the "hanging basket construction inspection form".
Q:After the completion of prestressed tension grouting on the basket can move forward
[] the hanging basket is a walk along the railway activities scaffolding, hanging basket hanging in the already stretching and anchoring box girder, cantilever casting box girder formwork installation, rebar, pipe installation, concrete pouring, tensioning and grouting work were carried out in the hanging basket. When the construction procedure of a beam section is completed, the hanging basket is lifted, and the beam is moved downwards. Therefore, the hanging basket is not only the space of the construction equipment, but also prestressed tendons before the beam segment of the load-bearing structure, and now large, medium and large buildings use this equipment.
Q:On the problem of hanging basket preloading procedure
The previous one carried out the pre pressure of the hanging basket, then the second still need to pre pressure. Should be with an operation
Q:Construction scheme of hanging basket
Each pier is equipped with 23 cantilever sections: 5*2.5m + 5*3.0m + 5*3.5m + 8*4.0m. Beam length of 4.0m, maximum weight 156 tons. The cross section of the box girder: the width of the top plate is 15.42m, the width of the web is 7.5m, and the height of the beam is changed from 0 8.8m to the 3.0m of the block 23 according to the two parabola.
Q:What is the meaning of the bridge basket and bridge system
The main reason is because the bridge closure, temporary support, removal or addition of constraints, the system stress of bridge structure by the beam into continuous beam, or by the static structure into a statically indeterminate structure, or by N statically indeterminate structure into N+ (-) M statically indeterminate structure.

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