Low frequency EI type Lead clemping Frame Transformer

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Large, small household electrical appliances, small power industrial products, instrumentation and other industries.


Wide range, high stability, easy installation, low noise. The coating lines were used for the F grade 155. Silicon steel sheet used in domestic famous brand products. Automated processing and production of shipments to ensure product consistency while improving the quality level..jpg.jpg


.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpgCompany have 21 years of business history, set research and development, production and sales as one of professional transformer manufacturing enterprises, also is transformer industry of Shandong Province CQC certification (the original Great Wall certification system, certification time longest enterprises (14 years), mainly produce and sell all kinds of transformer products, including: (transformer Division) three-phase dry type transformer, intelligent three-phase servo transformers, BK\JBK1\JBK3\JBK5 control transformer, toroidal transformer, (small transformer Division) pin, potting type, lead type power transformer series products. (high-frequency transformer Division) EE series, EFD series, PQ series, filter, I-inductor, loop inductance etc..

We are able to supply various types of terminal blocks according to clients' requirement,Please contact us so we can offer you the best quality,competitive price and timely delivery.

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Q:In the transformer load calculation to be calculated when the fire pump
And then calculate the capacity of fire, this time part of the commonly used load fire exit, all the fire load plus fire when the important load, is the fire state capacity. In accordance with these two states, the larger capacity to select the transformer capacity! Phone typing is not easy, please adopt ~
Q:Transformer Lightning
Transformer lightning strikes may result in damage to the transformer winding insulation due to overvoltages
Q:TN-S system in the transformer side pe line and n-line neutral point how to take
In the transformer side of the PE line and N line are connected to the transformer shell conductive part. TN-S for the power neutral point directly grounded electrical equipment exposed conductive part of the zero line through the grounding of the zero protection system, N for the work of the zero line, PE for the protection of the ground wire, that is, equipment connected to the PE housing.
Q:What is the meaning of the Y D11 on the transformer?
Transformer Y / D11 Y ----- primary side connection, star type, D secondary side connection, triangle 11 is the primary and secondary side of the phase difference of the side line voltage lag secondary side 330 degrees (or lead 30 degrees).
Q:Transformer how to do no load test
The test voltage of the no-load test is the rated voltage of the low-voltage side. The no-load test of the transformer mainly measures the no-load loss. No-load loss is mainly iron loss. The magnitude of the iron loss can be considered independent of the size of the load, ie the loss at no load is equal to the iron loss at the time of the load, but this is the case when the rated voltage is present. If the voltage deviates from the rated value, the no-load loss and no-load current will change abruptly because the magnetic induction in the transformer core is in the saturation section of the magnetization curve. Therefore, the no-load test should be carried out at rated voltage. Note: In the measurement of large transformer no-load or load loss, because the power factor is very low, can achieve cosφ less than and equal to 0.1. So it is necessary to use low power factor watt table.
Q:What is transformer reverse charging?
Here to step-down transformer as an example: The forward power supply is powered by the high side of the transformer to the low side of the transformer, and the "reverse charge" is powered by the low voltage side of the transformer to the high side. When the main transformer power failure operation, we must first load side, that is, first stop low side, after the power side, that is, after the high pressure side; If there are two main transformer running side by side (or other means of multiple power), when one of the main transformer power failure, if the first stop high-voltage switch, then low-voltage switch has not been disconnected, will make another master Variable power through the low-voltage switch back to the transformer power supply, resulting in transformer back-off situation; this situation not only failed to power transformer, but also increased the impact of a transformer, when there is over-voltage, etc., may cause resonance hazards Equipment safety.
Q:My device has 50KW should be used with much transformer
On the use of 50KVA transformer on the line, because your device will not appear at the same time the maximum power.
Q:Transformer ratio and transformer ratio
Transformer ratio K and transformer voltage on both sides U1 U2 winding turns N1 N2 current I1 Ⅰ2 have a relationship! In the ideal case, the ratio K = U1 / U2 = N1 / N2 = I2 / I1
Q:The specific steps and procedures for installing the transformer
Oil-immersed or dry-type transformers are generally installed by the engineering team or factory installed do not know how much capacity your transformer is electronic or industrial power system
Q:Can a transformer make a small voltage change?
Small voltage can become large voltage. If only in the theoretical considerations, as long as meet the N1

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