Low Frequency EI In-line Transformer

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Large, small household electrical appliances, small power industrial products, instrumentation and other industries.


Wide range, high stability, easy installation, low noise. The coating lines were used for the F grade 155. Silicon steel sheet used in domestic famous brand products. Automated processing and production of shipments to ensure product consistency while improving the quality level.






Company have 21 years of business history, set research and development, production and sales as one of professional transformer manufacturing enterprises, also is transformer industry of Shandong Province CQC certification (the original Great Wall certification system, certification time longest enterprises (14 years), mainly produce and sell all kinds of transformer products, including: (transformer Division) three-phase dry type transformer, intelligent three-phase servo transformers, BK\JBK1\JBK3\JBK5 control transformer, toroidal transformer, (small transformer Division) pin, potting type, lead type power transformer series products. (high-frequency transformer Division) EE series, EFD series, PQ series, filter, I-inductor, loop inductance etc..

We are able to supply various types of terminal blocks according to clients' requirement,Please contact us so we can offer you the best quality,competitive price and timely delivery.

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Q:What are the specifications of the transformer capacity?
Select the transformer capacity, to the existing load as the basis, appropriate consideration of load development, select the transformer capacity can be determined in accordance with the 5-year power development plan. When 5 years of power development is clear, little change and then the load is not less than 30% of the transformer capacity:     SN = KS ΣPH / (cosφ η)     Where: SN - box change in 5 years required configuration capacity, kVA ΣPH - 5 years old with financial calculations, kW KS - at the same time, generally 0.7 to 0.8 Cosφ - power factor, generally 0.8 ~ 0.85 Η - transformer efficiency, generally 0.8 ~ 0.9     According to the formula generally KS = 0.75, cosφ = 0.8, η = 0.8     SN = 0.75ΣPH / (0.8 × 0.8) = 1.17ΣPH     Example: a district in accordance with 50W / m2 design, then     PH = 50 × 19200 = 960kW     SN = 1.17 x 960 = 1123 kW     So the district selected three 400kVA transformer.
Q:how big are the transformers?
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Q:Transformers 2 question.?
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Q:rheostat on DC transformer?
Transformers do not rectify and filter the output. It's AC in and AC out. A transformer either steps up the voltage or steps it down, depending upon direction. A transformer is only the first step in converting 110vac to a DC voltage. After the transformer has stepped down the 110v to 30v (AC!), it needs to be rectified into pulsating DC. Using 2 diodes (half wave rectifier), the DC will be 21v (still pulsating an unreliable for your use). If you use 4 diodes (full wave bridge), the resultant pulsating DC will be 42v. Now you need to filter it using capacitors so that it's a steady DC. You COULD use a potentiometer (rheostat) in a voltage divider network to dial down the voltage that you want to use, but fluctuations in the 110v will still be transmitted to the finished DC. So you also want to use a voltage regulator chip. That way, you get a steady, filtered, reliable DC voltage.
Q:What is a transformer paused?
5. Users who charge the basic electricity charges according to the maximum demand shall apply for the suspension of all the capacity (including high-voltage motors that do not pass the receiving transformers) and comply with the relevant provisions of Clauses 1 to 4 of this Regulation.
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Q:Three-phase transformer how four ways to connect it?
If the three-phase transformer has four windings can not have four kinds of wiring way?
Q:Physics Help Solving transformer problems?
1:150 implies a Voltage Step Up transformer. Hence the secondary voltage is 4500 x 150 675000 V 675 KV. 45 W at 4500 V means Ipri 45 / 4500 1/100 A or 10 mA. Secondary current 10 mA / 150 66.6 uA If they meant a 150:1 transformer the answers would be:- Secondary Voltage 4500 / 150 30 V. Primary Current 45 / 4500 1/100 A or 10 mA AGAIN; Secondary Current 10 mA x 150 1.5 A.
Q:Transformer insulation level L175 AC35 / 5 What does it mean
The voltage withstand voltage is 480kV, the power frequency withstand voltage is 200kV, the middle voltage side of the neutral point of the lightning impulse withstand voltage is 250kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 95kV; low side of the terminal side of the lightning Impact withstand voltage is 75kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 35kV; 3, "LI 75 AC 35" means that the 10kV transformer high voltage winding lead side of the lightning impulse withstand voltage is 75kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 35kV.

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