low energy high efficiency Food dehydrator TS-9688-3B01

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Application:dried fruit、 Dried vegetable 、dried meat、dried seafood,dried drugs etc ,Solve the traditional problem

like: dried not health, mildew, time-consuming                 

1: hot air circulation system,

2: microcomputer control,35-70°Different food temperature regulation, as control.            

3: 5 layer of large capacity large bearing capacity, easy to use                                

4: material safety: Food-grade plastic tray machine body adopts imported food-grade PS material                                             

5:double protection, Base contains temperature regulator can stays on air temperature, and the thermal fuse to prevent electric dryer overheating



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Q:Is the juicer battery moving?
General juicer are 220V power supply, you can use the sine wave inverter to convert the battery to 220V voltage, consider the start of the current moment of the big reason, the inverter power should be more than 6 times the power of the juicer.
Q:What is colloidal mill?
Colloid mill by the stainless steel, semi-stainless steel colloid mill composition, the basic principle is through the high-speed relative to the articulation between the teeth and moving teeth.
Q:High speed and low speed juicer which is good
Advantages: the fruit do not have to cut very small, squeezing speed, squeeze an apple or carrot only a few seconds, squeezed juice clear.
Q:Selection of screw pump material
So we asked us on the basic characteristics of rubber and rubber on a variety of different media to understand the adaptability, according to our experience listed in Table IV, Table 5.
Q:Third, the operation of the screw pump
Pump work, should pay attention to check the pressure, temperature and mechanical shaft seal work.
Q:In the rural areas to do waste plastic bottles broken industry prospects how
Pre-need to prepare the venue, the machine, the workers, and the local a large acquisition station to greet, understand the waste plastic market, contact a good sales, local environmental protection, health, safety supervision, fire, renewable
Q:How the screw pump is running
The screw pump must be operated in a predetermined direction to produce a certain row of suction.
Q:How to maintain the screw pump
NOTE: For mechanical seals, in most cases, leaks are not observed from the seal drain holes due to vaporization, but sometimes small and stable leaks are allowed.
Q:How to start the screw pump
Although the screw pump has a dry suction capacity, but must prevent dry rotation, so as not to scratch the working surface.
Q:What about squeezing juicers?
The advantages of this juicer: juice does not rotate at high speed, so it will not soon oxidize, taste good, but the juice in the residue relative to the centrifugal juice machine, there are more slag in the inside;

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