Low-Density Oil Well Cement High Strength

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Low-density oil well cement: 

It is a series of new oil well cement products developed according to oilfield requirements by our company. The density range is 1.20-1.60g/cm3, and the typical product is 1.60g/cm3 oil well cement of high strength and low density. It is mainly composed of cement-based material, lightweight material and additives. The low-density oil well cement products have wide range of applicable temperature and their strength may not shrink. Meanwhile, this cement is of high early strength, good rheological property, low slurry density, less free fluid and fluid loss and low permeability at low temperature. It can often be used for shallow layer as lead slurry, and it has better effect of lead cementing particularly for deep cementing at complicated strata with low stratum pressure and active air layer. Such cement has been used in oilfield and its main property indicators have met the advanced level inChina. The product property can be customized according to customer’s demand. At this stage, there is no the national or industrial standard available, and the enterprise standard is mainly executed.

Main parameters: 

(using product with density of 1.60g/cm3 as example)



Slurry density1/(g/cm3)


Free fluid /%                                           


Fluidity /mm                                          


Thickening   time 2/min


Rheological property

Rheological   index η3                              


Consistency coefficient K4/(Pa·Sn )                                            


Plastic viscosity PV5)/(mPa.s)


Dynamic shearing stress YP6), Pa


Compressive strength (24h, 20.7 MPa,45,60,90)/ MPa    


Compressive strength (48h, 20.7 MPa,45,60,90)/ MPa     


1) Slurry density prepared   according to recommended water cement ratio;

2) Thickening time can be adjusted   according to customers   demand; 

3) η=2.096lg(θ300100);

4) K=0.511θ300/511;

5) PV=1.5(θ300100);

6) YP=0.511θ300- 0.511PV.

Low-Density Oil Well Cement High Strength

Packing and Storage

        Packing: 1000kg/bag, 50kg/bag
        Storage: Cement in transportation and storage when not damp and mixed with debris, different varieties and the strength grade of cement during storage to avoid confounding.

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