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Product Description:

1. Features:

a. Anti acid,alkali,salt and other corrosive chemicals, long-life time up to 30 years.

b. Anti-impact,stretch, and UV, fire-proof, low-noise.  

c. Rich color for option, no fading, no asbestos, a new environmental protection material.

d. Low freight cost and easy installation.

2 .Company qualification certification No.: 02406QI0238ROM  

   Production standard: GB/T4454-1996; JC/T562-1994

3. Application: Widely used in permanent buildings like factory, workshop, warehouse, residence, canopy, market and road fence, etc. Especially apply to some corrosive fields like workshop, chemical factory, galvanization and aluminum factory, etc.



a. Excellent WaterProof: the layer material of HoLu PVC tile adopts super durable engineer resin with excellent waterproof capability.

b. Good Self-cleaning: surface is compact and smooth, doesn’t absorb any dusts and easy washed by rain.

c. Shape stability: the coefficient of expansion is 4.93X10(1°C), ensure stability even though high temperature change.

d. Light Weight: 1.85kg/m2 for 1mm thickness, effectively reduce the load of buildings to ensure better safety, improve quake grade, and convenient for transfer to save freight cost.

e. Excellent Anti-Flaming: Holu resin tile is self-extinguishing, according to GB8624-2006, fireproofing reaches to class B1.

f. Excellent Heat Insulation: The coefficient of heat conductivity is 0.325w/m, approximate 1/3 of clay tile, 1/5 of cement tile and 1/2000 of color steel tile that thickness is 0.5mm.

g. Excellent load-carrying and anti-impact ability: Falling ball experiment proves no crack or any damage on HoLu PVC tile after 1KG steel ball falling from 1.5M height in normal temperature. .

h. Excellent corrosion resistance: By an experiment that Soak Holu synthetic resin tile in the solution of 40%NAOh or 40%H2so4 for 24 hours, there is no shape -change and color fading, no microbe survive as well.

i. Excellent sound insulation: Filtered sounds can reach 35% to 50%.

j. Transmittance rate is 20~30%, better than other construction material.

k. Environment-friendly and Energy Saving: Don’t contain asbestos and any redioactive element, recyclable and can be made to other appendants like diesel, etc.

l. Excellent insulation: no electric conduction to ensure safety rate of buildings and residents.

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