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Steel structure workshop warehouse building
1. ISO9001:2008, SGS and BV Certification
2. Structural safety and reliability

steel structure workshop warehouse building


1.      Enviromental friendly

2.      Lower cost and maintenance

3.      Long using time up to 50 years

4.      Stable and earthquake resistance up to 9 grade

5.      Fast construction, time saving and labor saving

6.      Good appearance

Technical Parameters

Item Name

steel structure workshop warehouse building

Main Material

Q235/Q345 Welded H Beam and Hot Rolled Section Steel


Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized

Roof & Wall Panel

EPS Sandwich panel /Single Corrugated Steel Sheet/ Colour sheet with Glass-wool, for customers choose


PVC Steel or Aluminum Alloy


Sliding Door or Rolling Up Door


Design, Fabrication and Installation

We can make quotation according to customer's drawing or requirement

(size by length/width/height and wind speed), offering a free design

drawing and all detailed drawings for installation.


According to customer's requirement

Load into 40/20GP,40HQ or 40OT

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