Low cost solar panel system made in China

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off grid solar home system
1.300w-20kw single phase
2.high efficiency energy saving
3.CE TUV certificate with 5year warranty

 500w 1kw 2kw 3kw 5kw 10kw off grid solar power system solar home system include complete parts

The Solar home System, which is manufactured by our company consist of solar module, lead-acid battery, controller, breaker, bracket and cable. In installation, it utilizes independent power supply system, without buried cables, charging automatically, simple execution, without manual operation, steady & reliable working, long life-time and has characters of safety, energy saving, environment protection, utility, high- efficiency and easy assembly.

Characteristics of Solar Home System:

Long working-lifetime\battery with high efficiency\small weight\no need change any accessory until 10 years

Durable\wind range of working environment

Energy management\high exchange efficiency\high performance ratio

It applies to rival land\ship\seaboard\horde\mountain, etc.

Supply power independently\no need worry about power ending

Energy-saving and pollution-reducing; Happy life

Safe and reliable\save cost of delivering power and maintaining

We also can customize the solar home system according to client's requirements.

Warranty: solar module 5 years, other 3 years.

Material:Mono and Poly Crystalline

Solar Panel:10-300W

Cell Type:Poly and Mono Crystalline

Solar System:300W to 100kw

Warranty:25 Year Limited Warranty 80% Power Output

Module Efficiency:17.6%

Cell Efficiency:17.2%

Cell Grade:A Grade

Accessary:Junction Box, Cables, etc.

Protection:Bypass Diodes to Minimize Power Loss with Shading

Manufacturer of solar power complete system.

Products include:

1. Solar panel 10W to 300W (poly&mono), A grade cell, with water proof junction box, and cables.

2. Hybrid inverter ( inverter with controller)

3. Solar battery (gel battery and deep cycle lead acid battery)

4. Panel rack, according to customer's different request to design, such as bracket for roof and ground, etc.

5. PV cables, our engineer can calculate according to customer's request.

Take one 5KW off grid solar PV system as example:

Good guarantee:

1. Warranty:

Solar panel :

25 Year Limited Warranty 80% power output

10-year limited warranty of 90% output

5-year limited warranty of materials and workmanshop.

Controller & inverter 3 years, battery 2 years.

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