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Product Description

Ferro Chrome

Chrome is always used to improve the antioxidation and corrosion resistance of steel to make the surface of steel after it is oxidized to form strong adhension oxide film. Then it stops being oxidized or decelerates being oxidized.Micro-Carbon ferro chorme is applied to making stainless, acid-resistant steel and heat resistant steel.

Chrome is mainly used to improve the antioxidation and corrosion resistance of steel to make the surface of steel after it is oxidized to form strong adhension oxide film. Then it stops being oxidized or decelerates being oxidized. Micro-carbon ferro chrome is applied to making stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and heat resistant steel.


Low Carbon Ferro Chrome
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Products information

1. It can be used to produce FerroChrome and Chrome metal in metallurgy industrial.

2. As a kind of steel addition,it is used to produce various special steels with high strength,corrosion resistance,anti-friction,thermostability and anti-oxydic.such as stainless steel,acid-resistant steel,heat-resistant steel,spring steel,tool steel and so on.

3. Chromite is used to produce Chrome brick,,Chrome-magnesium brick and other special refractories in fireproofing.


1.    Ferro chrome
1).Type;HC MC LC
3).strict quality control
4).Factory price

2.    High Carbon Ferro Chrome

     Ferro Chrome  


4).Improve antioxidation.

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Q:What are the fields of nano WC Cemented Carbides applied?
(4) medical application. The drill is a fine medical instrument, the incision must be sharp, but also has good abrasion resistance and toughness, application of ultrafine grain WC hard alloy with high strength, high toughness and wear resistance in this field widely. (5) other applications. Nanocrystalline WC hard alloy because of its fine grain, as the cutting tool can grind the cutting edge radius and high precision, sharp nose arc; because of its high strength can be used for making fine tool rake angle, feed rate and small amount of snacks knife, such as small diameter cutter, reamer etc. because of its high elasticity; modulus and friction wear properties, can be used for the production of high precision mould, punch etc.; also can be used for the production of high wear resistance, erosion resistance, such as high-pressure nozzle, valve, high-pressure gun, glass cutter, cutter and textile tape, tape cutter etc.. In addition, scientists are developing circular tools, rock drilling tools and nano WC-Co based reinforced composites. Therefore, the development of nano WC cemented carbide and the search for wider applications become the focus of development, and the key technology of preparation is the preparation of nano powder and the subsequent sintering process. Particle size is to improve the performance of WC-Co hard alloy (strength, hardness and wear resistance of the Jun effective way, therefore the development of nano cemented carbide is the development focus of the next phase of the study, it will greatly broaden the application field of WC-Co hard alloy, and thus lead to a variety of precision instruments, mold, tool and electronic communication technology rapid development.
Q:What is the base material of carbide saw blade?
Carbide saw blades include the kinds of alloy cutters, matrix materials, diameter, tooth number, thickness, tooth shape, angle, aperture and so on. These parameters determine the machining ability and cutting performance of saw blades. In selecting the saw blade, it is necessary to select the saw blade according to the kind, thickness, sawing speed, cutting direction, feeding speed and width of saw.
Q:How to tell what is hard alloy and what is high speed steel?
The same size, which is much heavier which is tungsten steel, is a small size parts, hard alloy than high speed steel felt component.
Q:What type of carbide is the most ductile?
Cemented carbide material with tungsten and cobalt carbide toughness is better, at present the carbide grade in the most toughness of YG15. The relation between cobalt content and toughness is shown below. It can be seen that cobalt content and 13%-16% toughness are the best. In this interval, only YG15 cobalt content is 15%.
Q:Can carbide drills be used for high speed steel twist drills?
General workpieces do not need alloy drills, although durable, but the cost is too high
Q:The difference between cemented carbide and tungsten.
Tungsten steel (hard alloy) with high hardness, strength and toughness, good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, especially high hardness and wear resistance of it, even at a temperature of 500 DEG C also remained unchanged, at 1000 degrees C still have high hardness.Also known as tungsten steel, hard alloy, refers to the sintering of the composite materials containing at least one metal carbide. Tungsten carbide, cobalt carbide, niobium carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide is tungsten steel common components. The grain size of the carbide component (or phase) is usually between 0.2-10 microns, and the carbide grains are bonded together with metal binders. Binder usually refers to metal cobalt (Co), but for some special purposes, nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), or other metals and alloys can also be used. The composition of an undetermined carbide and bond phase is called "grade"".
Q:Japan steel tungsten carbide which is good
Japan steel tungsten carbide recommended Kunshan aloi precision mould Co. Ltd, Japan Istanbul technology research of copper tungsten alloy used for professional sales of Japanese steel tungsten carbide and discharge EDM, silver tungsten alloy, copper alloy; discharge EDM tungsten copper, copper thread electrode; non-standard thread electrode, thread grinding machining
Q:How to distinguish the authenticity of Zhuzhou diamond brand cemented carbide blade?
Now there is not much real zccc, where can do, Hebei do Zhuzhou, Zigong cemented carbide is a professional, how many are there, only to Zhuzhou branch sales agents are?
Q:What kind of cemented carbide is the most wearable?
As for what kind of carbide is the most wear-resistant, in fact, mainly depends on the use of conditions, the most wear-resistant carbide materials may be more brittle, so it may not be able to use. Under the same conditions, generally speaking, the tungsten particles smaller, higher hardness, higher wear resistance. If you come up with some materials to choose from, you can choose it. Domestic materials, for exampleYG3>YG6>YG8>YG15>YG20. Imported materials are more detailed, there are V series, K series, and so on.
Q:The milling of hard cutting workpiece hard alloy cutter knife edge collapse and Countermeasures of reason
Hard to turn materials require different speeds and special turning tools. There is a reasonable amount of feed. Ordinary alloy knives are very easy to break

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