Loudspeaker Part Frame

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Product Description:

loudspeaker part  frame

Size: 12"



♦ Surface trearment could be : powder spray with many colors (black,red,green,gray etc.), zinc plating, chrome plating, or electrophoresis 

Parameter :

Effective height

Outer diameter

Bottom height
Overall height D1  Outer diameter of gasketD2  Inner diameter of gasket
D3 Diameter of damper  D4 Center bore D Outer diameter



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Q:computer speakers busted?
Sounds like you blew your speakers. Check that they are plugged in, and try another outlet. If they don't work then just buy new ones, as repairing speakers would cost more than a new set. Good luck!
Q:Surround sound speakers?
Duct tape? Surround speakers are too heavy to mount to the wall without using screws.
Q:What are the best in-ceiling speakers?
KEF okorder
Q:Notebook speaker headset can not automatically switch, how to do
First open the "Control Panel" in the Smart Audio software
Q:How do Speakers work?
When a current passes through a wire in a magnetic field it experiences a force, at right-angles to both the magnetic field and the wire. In a speaker you have a coil of wire attached to the back of the speaker cone. The coil sits between the poles of a circular magnet arranged so that the lines of the magnetic field cut across the wire. When AC current is applied through the coil by the amplifier it moves back and forward, causing the cone to move in and out. That in turn pushes and pulls on the air in front of the cone. If this happens fast enough (20 - 20,000 times per second) it creates sound waves. hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hba acoustics.salford.ac.uk/acous
Q:Multi Room Speaker System?
They are correct you will need a receiver capable of multi room audio.
Q:Speakers These parameters represent what
F-130v on behalf of the speaker's caliber is 130mm is 5 inches
Q:How do I make my rear speakers work?
5.1 means that the sound travels to 5 speakers plus a sub-woofer. but you have to make sure the surround sound reciever is running to all speakers. the reciever has sound pre sets. cycle through and see if one is full surround(using all speakers)
Q:Car Speakers on a Computer?
you like a receiver to potential the audio gadget, and to course the wanted indicators to the place you like. desktops would not have any audio amplifiers with which tocontinual audio gadget, that is why small notebook notebook audio gadget have a tiny amp progressed into one among them. yet, to run audio gadget resembling what you describe, a variety of tiny and susceptible amp can no longer return virtually doing it. So, purchase a receiver, run the speaker wires to that's speaker outputs, and use a cable with a three.5 stereo male plug on one end and twin RCA male jacks on the different. placed the three.5 plug interior the speaker out of the notebook, and the twin RCA jacks into an audio in on the receiver. that's how my workstation is plugged into the abode theater audio setup I extremely have in my place of employer. a stable commonplace receiver could value approximately $2 hundred, like a Pioneer 521K at Amaz*n.
Q:Luxury Speaker?
What is a luxury speaker?

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