Lottery slips scanner

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Product Description:

2012 optical cis *  Specifications:

Feeding mode: 

hand feed

horizontally enter

Running slip distance:


per second

Processing speed:

about 45~60 sheets

per minute

Track spacing:



Ready/reading indicator:

two colored LED

green and red

Bit error rate:


Paper jam rate:


Power input:

DC 12V,1.5A


USB or DB9(RS232 protocol)

Operating system:

Windows 98/XP/2000/7, Linux, Mac

SDK for development

DLL and demo code

Operating condition:

Indoor use only, temperature: 0°C~50°C,Humidity: 35%~95%, no erosive gas


*  Form designed standard:

Form’s width:



Form’s length:



Paper thickness:

60g ~130g

per square meter

Paper material:

offset/wood-free printed paper

or thermal sensitive paper

Column space :



Line space:



Data capacity:

≤13 data columns

≤75 lines

Marking tools:

black/dark blue color pencil, pen, signing pen or ball point pen


    A portable optical mark reader (or named: OMR scanner), small volume and be portable, or easy to be put into the auto-service terminals.

    Dimensions (Length×Width×height): 187×136×76 (mm) = 7.36×5.35×2.99 (inch)

    Net Weight: 0.8kg                

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