LONKING Brand Wheel Loader CDM818D with 1.05CBM Bucket

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500 unit/month

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM818D features:

Powerful YTO Engine
Hydraulic Transmission & Torque Converter
Optimized Structure Design
Variety with Attachment
Convenient Maintenance

YTO 63kW diesel engine, Powerful, Energy saving and environment friendly. 
Hydraulic transmission and torque converter.
New seal cab, Operational environment more comfortable. 
Hydraulic transmission and torque converter making power transmission more reliable, Operation more flexible. 
Full hydraulic steering making operation more flexible, Convenient and reliable.
Equipped with A/C as optional. 
Implement with computer optimization design, High strength and well reliability. 
Bucket with the special function of automatic leveling, Shorten working hours, Increase working efficiency and reduce fault rate. 

Overall Data

Steering System

Bucket Capacity (m3)



 Hydraulic Load Sensor System

Rated Payload (kg)


Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)


Operating Weight (kg)


Steering Pump

Shared With Working Pump

Traction Force (kN)


System Pressure (MPa)


Breakout Force (kN)


Steering Angle




Travel Speeds (km/h):

Hydraulic System



Lift Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)





Tilt Cylinder-bore x Stroke(mm)





Working Pump

Gear Pump


YTO  YT4B3-24

Flow Rate (L/min/rpm)


Rated Power (kW·hp)/rpm)


System Pressure (MPa)


Rated Torque (Nm/rpm)


Hydraulic Cycle Time, Rated Load in Bucket (In Second):

Starting Voltage (V)






Drive Train





Torque Converter

Single-stage, Single-turbine, 3-element

Electrical System

Torque Ratio


System Voltage (V)



Fixed Shaft Hydraulic Shift Spur Gear

Battery(2 in series) (Ah)




Lamp Voltage (V)


Pressure of Transmission (MPa)


Service Refill Capacity

Main Reducer

Spiral Bevel Gear Single-stage Reduction

Fuel Tank (L)


Final Reducer

Planetary Reduction

Hydraulic Tank (L)




Transmission (L)


Brake System

Front Axle (L) / Rear Axle (L)


Service Brake

Air Drive, Four Wheel Brake (Dry)

Air Conditioning System (Optional)

Setting Pressure (MPa)


Heating Capacity (W)

4500 (±10%)

Parking & Emergency Brake

Flexible Shaft Controlled Caliper

Cooling Capacity (W)

3200 (±10%)

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Q:What is the deadweight of the ZL50 loader?
Liugong 50C standard is 16.5 tons, now 50CN is 16.5 tons, if plus the long arm of words is 17.1 tons, plus the enlarged it runs 18 tons.
Q:50 bucket capacity of loader
50 are usually 3 sides, and Iwa Ishito is 2.7 parties (all 50 cars)Like Jin engineering Xiamen, earthwork bucket are 2.8 party rock bucket will be smaller.
Q:The loader is out of water. Will it change?
The front cover can not be opened. Add water to open the plastic lid beside it! Water tank cover usually does not need to be opened. To add antifreeze, please open the water tank cover, the landlord will not know which is the Deputy tank, look!
Q:Dragon loader type 30 parameter
2. the frame structure of the finite element analysis has high strength and good reliability. 3. the working device linkage mechanism has been optimized by computer. The unloading height and the unloading distance have reached the ZL50 grade standard, and are among the best in the profession.
Q:The role of Loaders
More, can the earthwork and stonework, coal, slag, coal, ore, general construction waste loading and so on. 1, the general cargo yard loading 2, leveling the site 3, inverted side operations. 4, do traction in special circumstances. Hope to be of some help to you
Q:Customs HS code for imported loader tires
A total of 10 HS, you can choose 40116200.91: Commodity encoding 4011620011 commodity section width more than 24 inches of herringbone tire declaration elements 1: name; 2: application; 3: specification; 4: bead size; 5: tread; 6: section width; 7: brand;The description of the goods is more than 24 inches wide section herringbone tire (construction industry, industrial use, rim less than 61cm, the new pneumatic rubber tire, containing 4011620019 commodity goods) encoding section width is more than 24 inches of herringbone tyres to declare the elements of 1: 2: uses the 3: specification; name; type; 4: rim size; 5: tread; 6: section width; 7:; conditions of customs supervision A inspection supervision conditions to enable the description of the goods is not less than 24 inches wide section of herringbone tyres (construction industry, industrial use, rim less than 61cm, the new pneumatic rubber tire, containing 4011620091) commodity code commodity name other herringbone tread tire declaration elements 1: name; 2: application; 3: specification; 4: bead size; 5: tread width; 6: section; 7: product name brand; 4011620099 other herringbone tread tyres to declare the elements of 1: product name; 2: application; 3: specification; 4: rim Dimensions; 5: tread; 6: section width; 7:; conditions of customs supervision A inspection supervision conditions to enable the description of the goods of other non radial tire tread herringbone shape (construction industry, industrial use, rim less than 61cm, the new pneumatic rubber tire, containing)
Q:What brand of loader tires are good?
Wearable: Guizhou advance, Xuzhou a wordThere are also cheaper: Rongcheng, Henan, Dongying Huasheng Chengshan Jiaozuo Delta and so there are also shuangqian
Q:What are the reasons for the high water temperature of the loader?
The loader loader high temperature is one of the common faults, especially in the hot summer, more attention should be paid to cool the loader, to ensure normal work, the loader water plugging, thermostat damage, water plugging, engine cylinder gasket is damaged, dirty oil may cause the temperature rise of loader. There are several ways to reduce the temperature of the loader:Flushing radiatorFlush the radiator well. Be careful not to spray the grease onto the radiator, because the oil stains are not easy to clean. This will hold the dust firmly. The thicker it is, the sooner it will seal the radiator, and the oil will be warm and the water temperature will rise. The normal work of the engine water temperature should be between 70-80, high work load to allow 95 but try to avoid high temperature for a long time, can stop using idle cooling, don't immediately turn off, so the engine overheating caused bypulling accident. Check the tightness of the engine belt after cooling down. Such as boiling phenomenon, conditions should be to find a shade parking cooling, let the engine idle cooling down the temperature, use a wet towel to open the tank cover, to prevent water vapor to hurt yourself, then add enough water to the water tank.
Q:Consult bucket width of loader
30 is 2 meters, 4 or so, and 50 is about 3 meters
Q:Loader hydraulic oil always goes into the gearbox.
Do not consider the problem of the hydraulic pump, check the hydraulic system pressure is not too high, because the system is the weakest part of the main burst pressure of hydraulic system is too high, to seal the hydraulic pump, O type ring pipe, weak link hose and the like.

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