LONKING Brand Wheel Loader CDM816D with 0.95CBM Bucket

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500 unit/month

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM816D features:

Powerful YTO Engine
Hydraulic Transmission & Torque Converter
Pilot Control & AC as Optional
Variety with Attachment
Convenient Maintenance

Equipped with YTO 55kw diesel engine, Powerful, Energy saving and environment friendly. 
Hydraulic transmission and torque converter making power transmission more reliable, Operation more flexible. 
Full hydraulic steering making operation more flexible, Convenient and reliable.
Equipped with pilot control and A/C as optional. 
Implement with computer optimization design, High strength and well reliability. 
Bucket with the special function of automatic leveling, Shorten working hours, Increase working efficiency and reduce fault rate. 
Easy and convenient to replace quick change device, Various optional attachments. 
New appearance, Beautiful and elegant. 

Overall Data

Steering System

Bucket Capacity (m3)



 Hydraulic Load Sensor System

Rated Payload (kg)


Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)


Operating Weight (kg)


Steering Pump

Shared With Working Pump

Traction Force (kN)


System Pressure (MPa)


Breakout Force (kN)


Steering Angle




Travel Speeds (km/h):

Hydraulic System

Lift Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)





Tilt Cylinder-bore x Stroke(mm)





Working Pump

Gear Pump


YTO  YT4A2-24

Flow Rate (L/min/rpm)


Rated Power (kW·hp)/rpm)


System Pressure (MPa)


Rated Torque (Nm/rpm)


Hydraulic Cycle Time, Rated Load in Bucket (In Second):

Starting Voltage (V)






Drive Train





Torque Converter

Single-stage, Single-turbine, 3-element

Electrical System

Torque Ratio


System Voltage (V)



Fixed Shaft Hydraulic Shift Spur Gear

Battery(2 in series) (Ah)




Lamp Voltage (V)


Pressure of Transmission (MPa)


Service Refill Capacity

Main Reducer

Spiral Bevel Gear Single-stage Reduction

Fuel Tank (L)


Final Reducer

Planetary Reduction

Hydraulic Tank (L)




Transmission (L)


Brake System

Front Axle (L) / Rear Axle (L)


Service Brake

Air Drive, Four Wheel Brake (Dry)

Air Conditioning System (Optional)

Setting Pressure (MPa)


Heating Capacity (W)

4500 (±10%)

Parking & Emergency Brake

Flexible Shaft Controlled Caliper

Cooling Capacity (W)

3200 (±10%

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Q:Consult bucket width of loader
Domestic loader model 30 and 50 of the bucket width is 2 meters, 4, 3 meters or so,
Q:Loader generator does not generate electricity
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Yep. in easy words situation is the fittings, because the Ion makes use of macroline fittings for it even as the Kaos makes use of a metal braided hose. you're prepared to apply the Kaos hose, in basic terms get rid of the setting up from the Ion reg.
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try search here
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about $1800 will get you in the door.
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