LONKING Brand Skid Steer Loader CDM312(2) with 1230Kg Rated Load

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Construction Machinery CDM312(2) features:

Xinchai Engine

Advanced Hydraulic System

Low Effort Mechanical Servo Controls

Comfortable Operator Station

More Work Tools

High Performance Power Train

Advanced engine, high horsepower and torque deliver outstanding performance.

Comfortable Operator Station

Spacious, comfortable ROPS/FOPS cab and ergonomic, low effort mechanical servo comtrols or joystick controls reduce operator fatigue.

Advanced Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system provides maximum power and reliability for demanding applications.

More Work Tools

Work tools can be changed quickly and easily with the machine's quick coupler system.Lonking's broad range of performance matched work tools make the Lonking Skid Steer Loader the most versatile machine on the job site.

Machine ModelUnitCDM312
Engine Model
Emission Standard
Rated PowerkW/rpm55/2500
Operating Weightkg3700
Rated Payloadkg1230
Bucket Capacity0.54
Engine Model 
Rated Power kW/hp\rpm 55/75\2500
Displacement L3.168
Stroke mm98
Bore mm105
Operating Weight kg3700
Power Train  
Travel Speed -F&Rkm/h11.8
Hydraulic System  
Hydraulic Flow – StandardL/min/rpm91
Loader Hydraulic Pressure Mpa21
Hydraulic Flow – High FlowL/min/rpm135
Loader Hydraulic Pressure MPa19
Operating Specifications  
Rated Payload kg1230
Tipping Load kN2460
Breakout Force kN25.9
Traction Force kN28.06
Service Refill Capacities  
Chain Box, each side L9
Cooling System  L12
Engine Crankcase  L9
Fuel Tank L91
Hydraulic Tank  L65
A Max.Operation Height mm3880
B Bucket Pin Height mm3060
C Cab Roof Height mm2050
D Max.Height at Bucket Leveled mm2870
E Length without Attachment mm2530
F Length with Standard Bucket mm3350
H Dumping Height mm2440
J Reach Rollback mm610
M Wheelbase mm1080
P Ground Clearance mm180
R Front Turning Radius without Attachment mm1180
S Front Turning Radius mm2050
T Rear Turning Radius mm1580
U Tail Length mm980
V Center Distance between Two Wheels mm1320
W Bucket Width mm1820
G Dumping Angle at Max.Height mm40°
K Bucket Angle on Ground mm29°
L Bucket Rollback Angle At Max.Height mm96°
Q Start Angle mm28°

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3 okorder.com - they're the most reliable source on the net.
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Q:Question About Front Loader Washer...?
Unplug the thing and then back in. The timer is out of sinc with were the knob shows it to be, try starting the entire cycle over again if unplugging does not clean it's brain.
Q:Thinking of buying Bosch front loader washer and dryer, anyone have any problems with them?
I have a friend who has had this set for a while and is very happy with it. Front loaders have problems with the musty odors, which is solved by leaving the door open when not in use. Other people complain also about the length of time the cycles take. I guess you have to learn to deal with that. Others say that they can hold so much more clothing, that the longer cycles don't actually matter. I have also heard that front-loaders can be noisy and 'walk'. I just bought a Samsung - kind of a risk, as they have only been on the market a couple of years. But I am pleased so far. It is very quiet and smooth - certainly the quietest, smoothest washer I have ever owned. Some of it's cycles are long, but mostly they are fine - and there is a 'quick wash' that is about 36 minutes. I have been using it for several weeks, and it has not developed a musty odor, and so far I am please with the small amount of water and electricity it uses. In addition, I've also started making my own laundry soap, at a fraction of the usual cost, and I am quite pleased with the results. My husband is in the army, and hunts, so I am especially glad that I won't be using fabric brighteners on his clothes, so he can remain invisible to deer and enemies. I did a ton of research, and sometimes I worry that I made the wrong decision - that perhaps I should have purchased the Bosch, or the American Made Kenmore Elite series. But when it came down to it, my husband was pretty impressed with the SilverCare technology (it uses silver ions to remove odors from the clothing), especially for his hunting clothes, so we bought the Samsung. I hate my Samsung cell phone, but so far, I really like the washer. I just hope that I will still be happy with it in 10 or 15 years. My last washer only lasted about 8 years, so I wasn't happy with that (though I was happy to finally be able to invest in a front-loader). Good luck and happy washing!

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