LONKING Brand Single Drum Road Roller CDM520D

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM520D features:


Front & Rear Light for Night Operation
Panoramic Cabin / Tiltable Column
Close-loop Hydraulic Vibration System
Wear and Impress Resistant
Powerful DF Cummins Engine


● Highway construction and maintenance

● Parking lots

● Walkways, bicycle and cart paths

● Asphalt repairs and resurfacing

● Driveways

Model                  CDM520D

Operating Weight (kg)20000
Length*Width*Height (mm)6118*2300*3220
Weight Burden on Front Drum (kg)12500
Weight Burden on Rear Wheel (kg)7500
Static Linear Load (N/cm)580
Min. Turning Radius (mm)7000
Travel Speed (km/h)0-10.8
Gradeability (%)45
Vibration Frequency (Hz)28/35
Nominal Amplitude (mm)2.1/1.0
Centrifugal Force (kN)400/300
Engine (DF Cummins) Model6CTA8.3
Min. Fuel Consumption (g/kWh)203
Rated Power (kW/ rpm)160/2200
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)280
Vibration Pump Imported Variable Piston Type
Vibration Motor Imported Variable Piston Type
Steering Model Hydraulic Steering
Axle TypeFront Reduce + Middle Reduce + Wheel Hub
Tyre23.1-26 12PR
Service Brake Type Hydraulic Lock Front and Rear Brake
Parking Brake Type:Oil Cut Front and Rear Wheel Brake
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)90
A/C ModelGK15-5.0Y
A/C Refrigerating Capacity (w)4500
A/C Heating Capacity (w)5800

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Q:Loader shovel skills
A lightWhen loading the loader, place the heel firmly against the floor of the cab, parallel the pedals and the accelerator pedal, and gently press the refueling pedal.Two.The loader always keeps the throttle steady during the operation. General operating conditions, the throttle opening at about 70% is appropriate.From threeIn the loader operation, the baseboard should be separated from the brake pedal, flat on the cab floor, and never step on the brake pedal. Loaders often work on uneven job sites. If the foot is always on the brake pedal, the body is running up and down, causing the driver to step on the brake pedal without interest. In general, control the engine conditions and shift gears by controlling the speed of the throttle. This will avoid frequent braking, resulting in overheating of the braking system, but also for the loader to speed up quickly to bring convenience.Four QinIn loader operation, especially in the operation of digging and digging, the bucket should be filled with material under the condition of stable throttle. The cycle pull of the hoisting and turning control lever is called "diligence"". This process is very important and has a great impact on fuel consumption.Five coordinationCoordination is the combination of lifting and bucket handling. Generally, the backhoe process of the loader is to lay the bucket flat on the ground and smoothly to the material pile. When the bucket is parallel to the hopper, the resistance should first follow the principle of first lifting the arm and then receiving the bucket. It can effectively avoid the bucket bottom resistance, which can give full play to the maximum breakout force.Six strictly prohibitedFirst of all, tires are strictly prohibited. When the loader is working, the door will skid when encountering resistance. This phenomenon is usually caused by improper handling by drivers, increasing fuel consumption and damaging the tires.
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Q:what does a skid loader do?
A skid loader gets is name because the wheels do not angle to steer like they do on most machines that have wheels. To steer you stop one wheel (or wheels) and keep turning the other(s). This action makes the machine able to steer with a sort of skidding action which is where the name comes from. Its pretty much the same way tracked machines (like military tanks) steer. There are even track options for skid loaders now days. In the USA the most well known brand is Bobcat so in the USA many people just call them Bobcats even if they are made by Case, or John Deere which are also both popular brands. I believe Bobcat actually known world wide but I dont know how common they are in other countries. The JCB I believe is a British company. They were supposedly the first ones to combine 2 machines into one. They tool a front loader which is a machine with a big bucket on the front of it that is used for scooping up stuff off the ground and lifting it into either another pile or dumping it onto some other machine. The other part was the excavator. That is a machine with a sort of scoop on the end that is made for digging down. They figured out that most of the time when you dig down you eventually need to move the pile of dirt you made or put it back in the hole so they took a loader machine and attached the excavator (or hoe) to the back of it making the new name backhoe. Much like in the USA we tend to call all skid loaders Bobcats in other parts of the word (especially UK) they call those combo machines JCBs even though Im sure even over there that there are other people that make them. A dump truck is just a truck thats cargo area can tilt so it dumps the load.

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