LONKING Brand Hydraulic Excavator CDM6385H

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Construction Machinery CDM6485H features:

This model has many optional working devices, and has strong travelling driving force. The ground clearance is high. It adopts to mining and other serious conditions. The undercarriage can be disassembled, so it’s easy to be transported.
This model is widely applied in mines and earthwork sites such as mining, road construction, railway construction and urban construction.

Strong power system
Adopt the QSM11 series engine with low noise, low emission and strong power that supports the work at high altitudes and meets Phase III waste gas emission standards of Europe and America.

Advanced hydraulic system
Adopt the double-pump double-loop negative flow control system that follows technical and intelligent electric proportional control and allows the engine and hydraulic power to be always consistent, thereby improving power utilization and fuel economy.

Excellent computer monitoring system
• Set three power control modes to meet different load requirements.
• Adopt the integrated electro-mechanical hydraulic technology to realize intelligent control, this technology can perform auto-diagnosis and auto-alarm display to the fault and it can provide functions of automatic idle speed, automatic engine overheating protection, auto-prompt of maintenance information and history fault log.
• The multi-function monitor can fully monitor engine speed, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure and fuel level and so on.
• Automatic sound warning for travel.

Multi-function comfortable luxury cab environment
• The spacious and multi-function cab designed according to ergonomics enhances comfort for operator.
• The luxury suspension seat can be regulated to provide optimal comfort for driver.
• The mounting seat of cab adopts silicone oil & rubber material, it can both reduce the vibration and noise in the cab and greatly reduce the driver's fatigue, tremendously enhancing work efficiency.
• The high-power air-conditioner and multi-hole circulating system enhance the refrigeration and heating capacity, to ensure comfortable temperature in the cab.
• The cab has protective railings, so the operator is safer and more comfortable.

Convenient maintenance system
• Three side doors can be opened, so that each maintenance point can be accessible when routine inspection and maintenance are performed.
• The label of maintenance point is clear and simple, convenient for operation.
• Electrical components are all arranged in the cab and the electrical control box for easy maintenance.
• Walkways are increased on both sides of the platform, avoiding the trouble from ground maintenance and making maintenance easier.
• The engine hood is opened a small door for the part of the engine needing maintenance, so that maintenance work becomes very convenient.






Rated power

269kW /1850 rpm

Max. torque


Bore× Stroke

125mm × 147mm


11.04 L


Maintain the rated power at 2300m elevation.

Operating weight


Operating weight:48200kg
The operating weight includes the weight of 7060mm standard boom,3380mm standard arm,2.2m3 standard bucket,600 mm track,lubricating oil, coolant, the full diesel oil tank and the rest standard configuration units.

Ground pressure

83 kPa

Fluid capacity

Fuel tank

655 L

Cooling system

43 L

Engine oil

40 L

Swing drive unit

7.3 L

Traveling gear

2×10 L

Hydraulic oil tank

480 L

Swing mechanism


High torque plunger motor and 2-stage planetary reducer drive.Brake inside loading motor is applied by spring and released by hydraulic unit. The automatic braking is available when the swing control lever is in neutral position.

Swing speed

9.1 rpm

Travel drive


The integrated 2-speed plunger hydraulic motor and reducer drive, motor and hydraulic pipeline are arranged inside the track frame to prevent the damage caused by the rugged road surface; The motor inside is provided with the service brake and shock absorption valve to ensure the smooth running and stop and the reliable braking.

Taveling speed

3.3 - 5.32 km/h





Traveling mechanism

Standard track shoe width

600 mm

No. of track shoes

49 (each side)

No. of carrierrollers

2 (each side)

No. of track rollers

9 (each side)

Hydraulic system

Main pump

Duplex axial variable plunger pump

Pilot pump

Gear pump (integrated in main pump)

Max. flow of system

2×360 L/min

Max. pressure of equipment

37.2 MPa

Max. pilot pressure

3.9 MPa

Operating equipment

Each machine action is under the pilot control. The right lever controls the motion of boom and bucket while the left lever controls the arm motion and upper structure swing. The foot pilot valve is provided with the lever joystick to control the machine traveling or turning by the foot or lever. The traveling gear shift adopts the solenoid switch control.

Electrical system

System voltage:24 V
Battery:12 V,120 A×2

Transport Size
The following sizes approximate to that of the equipment of standard configuration.

The figure marked with “*” refers standard configuration.


Boom Length (mm)


7060 *

Arm Length (mm)


3380 *

a     Transport Length(mm)



b     Total Transport Height(mm)



c     Tumblers Distance(mm)


       Tail Swing Radius(mm)


e     Counterweight Ground Clearance(mm)


f      Track Gauge(mm)

2890 (2390)

g     Total Transport Width(mm)

3490 (2990)

h     Upper Structure Width(mm)

3710 (3160)

i      Standard Track Shoe Width(mm)


J     Min. ground Clearance(mm)


Cab Height(mm)


Operating Range
The following sizes approximate tothat of the equipment of standard configuration.

The figure marked with “*” refers standard configuration.


Boom Length(mm)

7060 *


Arm Length(mm)

3380 *


aMax. digging radius(mm)



b     Max. digging depth(mm)



c     Max. digging height(mm)



d     Max. dumping height(mm):



e     Max. digging radius on ground(mm)



Max. bucket breakout force-ISO(kN)



Max. arm breakout force-ISO(kN)



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