LONKING Brand Electrical Forklift LG30B

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Four Wheel Battery Forklift LG30B

1. Adopt first-class electrical-control system, motor and meters, which produced by the European well-known brand manufactures to ensure the stability of the forklift's performance, and all the components have passed the detection test;
2. DIN standard battery which made in Germany;
3. Advanced turning and deceleration system, no need to use foot brake when turning
4. Lower the battery and the forklift's gravity center to improve the working stability;
5. Used AC motor to avoid changing the brush of the motor;
6. LIN Instrument Bus Line integrated more functions;
7. Better Electrical Differential Performance (Double Drive);
8. Better efficiency of handling and faster traveling speed (Load:15km/h, unload: 16.2km/h);
9. High efficiency pump features the forklift higher lifting speed and lower noise;

Power typeBattery
Rated capacity (Kg)3000
J Load centre (mm)                                    500
h1 STD Max.lifting height (mm)3000
h3 Free lifting height (mm)165
L5*W*T Fork size (mm)1070×125×45
Mast tilt angle (deg)6/12
L3 Front overhang (mm)478
Overall dimension
L1 Overall length(with fork)(mm)3608
W1 Overall width (mm)1225
h2 Mast lowered height (mm)2077
h4 Overhead guard height (mm)2175
R1 Min.turning radius (mm)2370
Min.intersecting aisle (mm)3728
Max.traveling speed (km/h)(F/R)13/15
Max.lifting speed (mm/s)(load/unload)240/350
Max.gradient (load/unload)(%)15/15
Dead weight (kg)4920
S/P Tread(front/rear)(mm)1000/980
L2 Axle distance (mm)1700
Min.ground clearance
m2 Mast (mm)132
Working pressure(Mpa)16

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