LONKING Brand Double Drum Road Roller CDM5033DD

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500 unit/month

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM5033DD features:

Stepless Variable Speed

3Level shock absorption of the drive seat


Glass steal cover

Good appearance

All-steel anti-over turn frame

Easy maintenance

Operating Weight(kg)3000
Weight Burden on Front Drum(kg)1400
Weight Burden on Rear Wheel(kg)1580

Width of Drum (W2)1200
Diameter of Drum (mm)700
Min.Ground clearance (h)233
Wheelbase(L1) (mm)2054
Static Linear Load (n/cm)123/123
Min.Turning Radius(mm)4050
Travel Speed(km/h)0-8
Gradeability (%)20
Steering Angle(°)35+/-1
Vibration Frequency (HZ)50
Nominal Amplitude (mm)0.5
Exciting Force(kn)30
Engine ModelZN390Q
Rated Power(kw/rpm)25/2600
Start motor (kw)3
Start motor (V)12
Fuel Tank-capacity (L)50
Hydraulic Systemclosed-loop
Vibration SystemSingle-frequency
Streeing TypeHydraulic Steering
Steering System Setting Pressure(MPa)14
Service BrakeHydraulic Lock
Pariking BrakeOil Cut

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