Longtime Span and Large Span Prefabricated House of Heavy Steel Structure

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Product Description:

Long Time Span and Large Span Prefabricated House of Heavy Steel Structure

Product Information

1) Steel Structure Workshop Description:

Light steel structure building is a new type of building structure system, which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, Z-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety of panels and other components such as windows and doors. Light steel structure building is widely used in warehouses, workshops, large factories etc.

2) Steel Structure Workshop Characteristics:

1. Wide span: Single span or multiple spans, the max span is 36m without middle column.

2. Low cost: Unit price range from USD35/m2 to USD70/m2 according to customers request.

3. Fast construction and easy installation.

4. Long using life: Up to 50 years.

5. Others: Environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake proofing, water
Proofing, and energy conserving.

3)Steel Structure Workshop Materials:

1. The main frame (columns and beams) is made of welded H-style steel.

2. The columns are connected with the foundation by pre-embedding anchor bolt.

3. The beams and columns, beams and beams are connected with high intensity bolts.

4. The envelope construction net is made of cold form C-style purlins.

5. The wall and roof are made of color steel board or color steel sandwich panels, which are connected with the purlin by Self-tapping nails.

6. Doors and windows can be designed at anywhere which can be made into normal type, sliding type or roll up type with material of PVC, metal, alloy aluminium, sandwich panel etc.

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Before sales:

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2. Special product design and manufacture based on your requirements.

3. Gratis professtional technology consultant, and detailed working scheme as reference for your special project.

After sales:

1. Gratis professional technology training, to train qualified operator for you.

2. Satisfying solution response in 2 hours after your quality feedback.

3. Save your individual product records

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