Long Pile Shaggy Carpet

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Product NameLong Pile Shaggy Carpet
Material100% Polyester
Pile Height ±6cm
Size160x230/200x300cm, Optional Size
BackingCotton and polyester
PackingPlastic bag, or to your request
Payment term30% T/T in advance+70% T/T paid before shipment

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Q:Wet carpet?
Sounds like you used too much water to clean the carpet, and didn't soak any of it up. Grab a towel or two lay them over the spot and walk around on top of the towels to soak up the excess water. Then, grab a fan and turn it on high, and set it so that it blows over the carpet. This will help to circulate the air and make it dry faster. A carpet should really only take about 20-60 minutes (give or take the type of carpet) to dry when being cleaned. When I shampoo my carpet, it dries pretty quickly, usually about 30 minutes or so. You should give your mom a heads up on what you did. She may want to rent a carpet cleaner to try to rid the carpet of the smell if it's still around.
Q:how do i keep rugs from creeping and moving? My rugs are on carpet.?
There are specific pads to place under rugs on top of carpet. They are sold wherever rugs are sold. I bought mine recently at Home Depot. Be sure to specify you want a pad for carpet. The ones for bare floors are not the same and won't work. All of our orientals would creep and buckle until we got the pads. They are very reasonable as well.
Q:What is the adhesive of the red carpet of the automobile exhibition hall
Not always, some with ordinary tape, some with no trace of double-sided adhesive.
Q:Residential And Commercial Carpets?
Floors scrubbers perform the same work as getting down on your hands and knees with a scrubber in hand. The difference is they do it better despite not being able to clean under obstructions and corners. They're more hygienic as the anatomy effectively separates clean water from waste water while a squeegee attachment scoops up dirty water. A scrubbing head works cleaning agent dispensed by an automated system onto floors as the other components gear up to finish the job.
Q:How do i remove pen ink from my carpet??
Try rubbing alcohol - or if you don't have any in the house use hairspray. Put it on a cloth or cotton ball and blot.
Q:removing pet urine odor from carpet?
Nothing works I have been trying to get the urine smell out of my carpet for months. Tried the black light trick and my whole carpet was glowing. It was rather disturbing. I bought urine be gone and it still stinks. If its not completely out they will just keep going in that same spot. Good luck.
Q:Carpet padding law?
Bull Hocks. You will not find anything written because it's simply not true. Your salesperson is not telling you the truth. She is probably just trying to jack up the price so she can make more money. Or she may be ignorant. Any carpet can be loose-layed or glued directly to the sub-floor. In many cases it is necessary. For instance, it is difficult for someone that is wheelchair bound to roll over a floor made too soft by carpet padding. And some people put carpet into wet areas such as a kitchen or bathroom. That carpet is not attached to the floor so it can be pulled back easily in case of a water spill. Attaching carpet in this case over a pad underlayment would be ludicrous. Find another salesperson or better yet, go to another store.
Q:How do you prevent the carpet from static electricity?
The main season of electrostatic carpet is in winter, the key reason is that the dry climate in winter, people walk on it, produce friction, easy to lead to static electricity.Theoretically, as long as the humidity is big enough it will not produce static electricity, can buy a humidifier to humidify the air, or spraying softener carpet between fabric soft, the friction is reduced, so as to eliminate static electricity.
Q:how to lay a carpet on the iron sheet In the winter?
First, clean up the stairs and then brush a layer of floor glue and put a carpet on the it.
Q:How to clean out the stubborn stains on the carpet with a simple method
Carpet cleaning method One, if blue ink smudges carpet, use rice to rub immediately, then use neutral detergent, such as washing powder solution. If red ink smudges carpet, use alcohol to scrub immediately, then use neutral detergent to wash. If the carpet has old ink stains, first, use milk to soak the stains, and then use brush to dip milk to scrub repeatedly. If the floor splotches book stimulated spending time couple effect to raise the smoked moxibustion ship oily oil stains, you can use brush to dip strong brine or gasoline to scrub. If the shoe polish, paint pollute the carpet, you can use banana oil or gasoline to scrub, then use neutral detergent to rinse. If the blood pollutes the carpet, you can use cold water to scrub, then use salt or lemon juice to scrub. Don't use hot water, blood with heat will be solidify cement. If the tea and coffee pollute the carpet, you can use glycerin to paint polluted place, then use cloth to dip warm water to wipe, fianlly use a neutral detergent. If the soy sauce, vinegar, milk, ice cream, beverage pollute carpet, you can use a cloth with warm water squeezed after the draw, and then use alcohol to scrub. 9 If fruit stains pollute the carpet, you can use about 8% concentrations of ammonia to soak the polluted place, then use brush to dip this ammonia to scrub. If there is dust on the carpet, you can soak the broom in soap water, then clean the carpet, after sweeping the carpet, with the sweep of the dip, keep the broom wet, and then sprinkle fine salt, and then use broom to sweep, and finally wipe with a duster cloth. Or use water to soak old sheets and wring, laying on the carpet, and then use crabstick to hit, the dust was adsorbed on the wet cloth.

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