Long Pile Acrylic Shaggy Carpet

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Product NameLong Pile Shaggy Carpet
Material100% Polyester
Pile Height ±6cm
Size160x230/200x300cm, Optional Size
BackingCotton and polyester
PackingPlastic bag, or to your request
Payment term30% T/T in advance+70% T/T paid before shipment

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Q:i need help buying my horse a rug.. what does 5.9 6.0 6.3 etc mean.. pls help.?
haha 19hh is absolutely huge!!!!! as for 5'9 6'0 etc, that just means the length of the rug in feet and inches e.g 5 foot 9 inches. This measurement is taken from the front corner of the rug to the back corner. My horse is 15.2hh and I put him in a 6 foot rug, if thats any help. You need to find out the correct size of your horse to get the right sized rug. To measure him, just measure from the ground to the top of his withers (the nobbly part at the base of his neck) There's 4 inches to every hand. Use this formula to determine his height in hands: height in inches divided by 4 Hope this helps
Q:Big Comfy Couch Clock rug?
Check a teacher store. They have theme rugs for classrooms and they are very durable. It may not be the exact rug but it my be very similar. There are some of these types of stores that you can order on line as well. Good Luck!
Q:California Law for the landlord replacing carpet?
I'm in FL and every 2-3 years or every new tenant where the former tenant has been there for one year then a new carpet is installed and the cost of that carpet is about $300 for a one bedroom place. I too have lived in an apartment for many years and have not changed it but only to keep my rent down. They said they would not replace it unless i removed some boxes which I refuse to do that, so they haven't come in to change mine. But if I wanted them to I'd simply ask them to do that and they'd raise my rent for me to pay for it. I never heard of any law or regulation about replacing carpets.
Q:What is the carpet on the floor that is used for stepping on the doorway?
Doormat classification1., according to the use can be divided into: outdoor mats, indoor mats, location pads, elevator mats, etc..2., according to the functions are: sand scraping, dust removal, water absorption, anti-skid and other functions. [1-2]3., according to the appearance of the shape can be divided into: Ring silk type, Z font, modular, aluminum alloy floor mats, carpet mats.4. according to the material types: tufting Mendian, acrylic, polypropylene, Aluminum Alloy doormat doormat doormat, rubber mats, door mats, doormat, polyester fabric.
Q:how to get koolaid out of carpet?
Red dye from kool aid is one of the hardest stains to clean. Your best bet would be trying to find a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain, but since the carpet is such a light color I'm sure they won't be able to guarantee any type of results.
Q:big folds on a big area carpet rug?
Do you have a thick carpet pad beneath it? A good carpet pad will prevent a rug from creeping and creasing. Rotating the rug periodically will also help.
Q:breeding carpet pythons?
Its ok. Just as long as you understand the process of breeding. It is not as easy at it would seem sometimes. In almost every animal, when we classify it as reaching sexual maturity, that means in nature that it will do it naturally on its own. Your biggest worry is just getting the right environment set up. Good Luck
Q:Material for a braided rug?
So far as I know, any fabric will do and I have seen all kinds used. However, my grandmother would go to an upholstery shop where she'd get scraps for free or near free. It is very tough fabric and those rugs lasted for many years.
Q:Difference between handmade and machine made silk rugs?
Are you sure its silk? A real silk rug machine made in 8 x 11 will be over $1000. Handmade more like $3000 to $30,000. Its more sounds like a mercerized cotton rug. They look about the same. The cotton rug shedds more. Is there a label on the back of the rug with any infomation. Manufacture ? Country of manufacture? Any information will help to track it down. Post it and I will help. Two easy tests: rubb the rug with the palm of you hand, if it feels warm it may be silk. cool its cotton or rayon. One of the best tests is the burn test. Pull a piece of the yarn from the face. Just one will never be missed. Burn it, smells like burning hair, silk. smells like plastic, rayon. Smells like cloth, cotton. Also real silk is very, very strong. Cotton and rayon are must weaker.
Q:help with play doh on carpet?
Any fine stuff that will not come up by stomping on it, you use a little coarse sand paper on.

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