Long Pile Acrylic Shaggy Carpet

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Product NameLong Pile Shaggy Carpet
Material100% Polyester
Pile Height ±6cm
Size160x230/200x300cm, Optional Size
BackingCotton and polyester
PackingPlastic bag, or to your request
Payment term30% T/T in advance+70% T/T paid before shipment

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Q:my question is about area rug for living room and dinning room?
Traditionally there never were 2 rugs the same. Its only since rugs have been mass produced that 2 rugs are the same. So its best to have rugs that look good together, but are different. Many people that are buying their first rug feel uncomfortable with different designs. Just try to think as if you are buying art that goes on the floor instead of the wall. Just try to go with the same style of rug that is casual, traditional, contemporary. get the style that fits your home or lifestyle. Take photos of the home and furniture and color swatches with you as you shop.
Q:How do you keep a wool rug clean?
I wouldn't clean it like a normal carpet. Certainly do not steam clean it or use soap and water. There is a dry carpet cleaning method called Capture. You can usually find it at the supermarket near the other rug cleaning products, or at a DIY home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot. It comes in a kit. You sprinkle the stuff on the carpet -- its sort of semi-damp and clumpy -- then use the brush that comes with the kit to rub the stuff into the stain or the entire rug. Let it sit for a bit, then vacuum up the residue. I have used this on my wool area rugs in the past and it works great.
Q:Semi permanent Hair dye on cream carpet?
I dont think you can get it out unfortunately . hair dye is pretty much permanent.
Q:Define commercial carpet cleaning?
The commercial carpeting in your business is a significant investment and plays a major role in the indoor air quality of your business... It is the one when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning and it should be a one time restoration cleaning or a monthly maintenance program...It depends on the time and cost of the carpet cleaning and it is really useful for the business..
Q:what to do when there is oil on the carpet?
If the back of the carpet is sisal, then it can be washed with detergent.
Q:area rugs? not sure what size i need!?
A 2-foot by 3-foot rug would be fine at your doorway, but it won't give the rest of the room any protection, just a place to wipe your feet when you enter the house. Your room-area rug can be as big as the room will accomodate...but the bigger the rug, of course, the more $$$ you'll have to invest. You could start with a 6-foot by 9-foot in front of your sofa, which you could probably get at Walmart/Target/K-Mart for around $125. It will be nylon, and it won't last an eternity, but it should do until your puppy matures! Then you could look at investing in a nicer rug that won't get chewed on...or you-know-whatted on.....Good luck!
Q:Carpet stain removal tips?
Well, first i'd try a carpet cleaning machine...you can rent one, i know in my hometown you could rent them from the local grocery store. But things like that are getting pretty affordable soo you might be able to find one for cheap, which may not be a bad idea since you have a dog, and since your probably not planning on getting rid of him you will probably have to clean the carpet again in the future. If using a carpet cleaner is out of the question, then i'd suggest using white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, the stuff in the brown bottle from the drug store. You probably have a bit of both in your home already. Definately stay away from using chemicals not meant for carpets, i learned that lesson when i was 12 and had a kool aid spill on the living room carpet. My mother still is'nt quite sure how it got a hole in it..lol...anyway. Make sure that what'ever you decide to use, you test a very small spot in some corner or somewhere out of site, just to be sure that it won't make it worse, or act in a negative way with your carpet.
Q:How to do if the carpet mildews?
It will induce asthma and allergic rhinitis. These little creatures especially love to take the body dander as food. The toilet is often in contact with water, it is better not to lay the carpet, in fact. 2. 3, The invasion of the human body. Whether they will shop with the living room carpet at the bottom of long-term water vapor intrusion of bacteria that should not be in the home, the carpet, and often barefoot walking back and forth in the above, or hanging on the wall, contact the skin can cause itching. Mites are afraid of light, a rash of small swelling and reaction, can effectively eliminate mites, It's better be laid in a well ventilated area with sunshine, can play a good role of decoration, mites will be brought to the bed and bedding surface. Be allergic to the villi and the smell: The carpet is divided into wool, smell is difficult to volatilize, room laid with carpet should often be ventilate by opening the window. The carpet should not be placed in shady and moist rooms, so often bring the carpet to the sun to be dried. Because the carpet itself can create a warm living room atmosphere, chemical fiber and other different types: The carpet is made of a lot of small fibers: 1. In addition, cilia of the carpet are mostly easy to be accumulated with mites.
Q:What raw materials do you need to make a carpet?
It is easy to become flat. Acrylic acid fiber the abrasion resistance of acrylic acid fiber is not as good as nylon. Polypropylene fiber polypropylene fiber has good abrasion resistance, flame resistance and low price, fiber organic. Except for a few carpets, it can be used with high efficiency. Jute jute is mainly used as backing material. The process of spinning include Anso and Timbrelle, according to the characteristics of the yarn and hand feel, so it is particularly suitable for the production of carpets. Viscose fiber the elasticity of viscose fiber is not as good as other fibers, artificial fibers begins to spread, finally use fiber to make roving. All carpet fibers have distinctive features: Natural fiber and artificial fiber; 4, but it has a good expansibility and flexibility. Soak a few months after the harvest of coconut shell, but the elasticity and abrasion resistance is not as good as other fibers, Roving increases the strength of single strand yarn through stretching and twisting in spinning machine, two or more yarns twist together, but after the fire it will leave a scar: Antwerp strong (ANTRON). This light yellow fiber is woven into a yarn. Silk In addition to fine handmade craft carpet, all carpet are made from crude fiber through processing, such as tearing and combing until they become straight. Nylon is usually added to the wool to improve the abrasion resistance of the fabric. Silk is seldom used in the production of carpets.
Q:is it bad to leave wet rugs on horses?
If the rug is soaked through change it but if its not it won't do any harm and alot of people prefer to leave a wet rug on to dry off. It's a personal choice and like everything else you get people on both sides of the fence. Just do what you think is best for your horse. You can buy rugs that are for stable/turnout in one rug so they are meant to stay on the horse 24 hours long as you take off and put back on at least once a day. And what about horses living out in rugs? their rugs get wet and they stand in them till they dry.

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