LOG1100-A8 Injection Molding Machine QS Certification

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$132,880.00 - 155,890.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
Supply Capability:
720 unit/month

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Type: Tube Head Injection

  • Style: Horizontal

  • Brand Name: LOG MACHINE

  • Model Number: LOG1100-A8

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Plastic Type: Thermoplastic

  • Automatic: Yes

  • Injection Weight: 3751-6340 g

  • Clamping Force: 11000 kn

  • Opening Stroke: 1150 mm

  • Power(W): 45+45 kw

  • Certification: CE ISO9001

  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Voltage: 380V

  • Machine weight: 60T

  • Screw Diameter: 100-110-120-130 mm

  • Platen size: 1650*1650

  • Tie bar: 1150*1100

  • Ejector stroke: 350 mm

  • Ejector force: 270 kn

  • Heating power: 68.48 kw

  • Oil Tank Capacity: 2300 L

  • Dry cycle time: 10 Sec

Product Description



international recognized models 
injection BCD
Tjeoretical injection volumecm³4123498959386968
Shot volumeg3751454054036340
Screw diametermm100110120130
Injection diametermpa220182153130
Screw L:D ratio 24.2:122:0120.2:118.6:1
Scerw steokemm525
Screw rotate speedr/min0-110
Clamping forcekN11000
Opening strokemm1150
Platen sizemm*mm1650*1650
Space between tie barsmm*mm1150*1100
Platen Mix strokemm2350
Ejection strokemm350
Ejcetion forcekN270
Power/Elcetric Heating
Hydralic system pressureMpa17.5
Pump motorkw44+44
Heating powerkw58.85
Number of temp.conteol 6+nozzle
Cycle timesec10
Tank volumeL2300
Machine dimesionsm*m*m12.5*2.8*3.5
Weight of machinekg60000


product 1

Common thermoplastic resins include:

  •     Polyethylene  PE

  •     Polyvinyl Chloride  PVC

  •     Polypropylene   PP

  •     Polystyrene   PS

  •     Polyethlene Terephthalate   PET

  •     Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene   ABS

  •     Styrene-Acrylonitrile   SA

  •     Acrylic   PMMA

  •     Polyamide   PA (Nylon)

  •     Styrene-Acrylonitrile   SAN

  •     Polycarbonate   PC


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Q:Injection molding machine non sol 20
This kind of situation, see what material is used, if it is sticky material stronger, it is recommended to reduce back pressure, may also be a part of the temperature is broken. The temperature at the end of the back should be a little lower. What material would you like to tell me?. Try to increase the pressure and speed of the feed back.
Q:How to debug the injection molding machine? solve
This is not to say the machine belongs to the high current working machine but also large machine should have a master in their own training proficient is best not to touch.
Q:Recommend durable low pressure injection molding machines?
Low pressure injection molding machine is mainly used in the encapsulation and protection of precise and sensitive electronic components. Low pressure injection molding process is the injection pressure uses a very small (0 ~ 6MPa) package material is injected into the mold and rapid curing (5 to 50 seconds) of the packaging process, so that products meet the insulation, temperature resistance, impact resistance, vibration, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, chemical corrosion and so on performance. It is widely used in many fields, including: printed circuit board (PCB), automotive electronics, automotive wiring harness, automotive connectors, sensors, micro switch etc..
Q:Eternal life injection molding machine screen blue screen what is the reason?
DKM high speed injection molding machine can be a reboot, complete all reset
Q:Novice ask: can rubber injection molding, plastic injection function?
Rubber can be injection molded and has a special rubber injection molding machine (plastic requirements for blended rubber). Plastic injection molding machine can not be used for rubber injection molding.
Q:What does injection mean?
Heel cast steel. The cast iron is about the same,,
Q:4 160T injection molding machine, how much cooling tower should be equipped with?
In general we 160T mold, pipe size of 16MM-20MM in diameter, but in general we pump flow rate Straw at 2 m / S (injection cooling water is recycled, water pump Straw flow is the decision point need air conditioning cooling tower), so we can assume that the size of pipe diameter is 20MM, the water flow rate of 2 meters so every hour per second; each injection molding machine needs the amount of water:PI (0.01 meters) * (0.01 meters) *2 M / s *3600 s =2.26 cubic metersYou do this, and here you should be clear! In addition, individuals feel that there is still need to consider whether the subsequent expansion of production, that is, increase the number of injection molding machine, so personally feel that the need to reserve space as well!
Q:What's the pressure and speed of melt press in injection molding machine?
The driving force of the screw is the pressure of the sol, and the speed of the screw is controlled by the speed of the sol;
Q:How do we control the mold opening and injection molding process?
Q:Injection molding machine outjected products should be red, why will change
1, first you added to your rubber masterbatch and are of the same nature. For example, ABS then use ABS professional masterbatch.2, you need to add the material if the white masterbatch.3, is the computer color masterbatch, color masterbatch do tell you a packet of material (25 kg) need to add a few pounds masterbatch you will be in accordance with what he said to add, at the same time to stir, and then poured into the hopper dryer.Barrel 4, injection molding machine to rinse, or does the product may have dark spots or other noise.

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