Lobby green trash series

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Product Type : MJN-GPX-80B (A)

Product Name : Round Floor ashtrays

Product Specifications : 255X610mm

This product is a waste container storage, use is made of stainless steel . Because stainless steel resistance of air, steam , water and other corrosive medium and weak acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching medium corrosion , stainless steel trash so high durability . Body made of stainless steel bins also has fire safety features , durable.

The product made from high quality stainless steel, there are various types of paint。


1. The use of high-quality manufacturing engineering materials , durable, lightweight and flexible , good looks , environmentally friendly ;
2. Configure the load wheel , you can cascade or across the street level, both inside and outside smooth surface, easy to empty the trash and cleaning;
3. Applicable to all types of public places to collect waste or material handling, greatly improve work efficiency;
The ergonomic , lightweight and durable , mobile and flexible ;
5. A variety of colors, suitable for different environmental and waste collection


Our products are specialized, through the provision of high quality, innovative design products and attentive service and dedication to provide customers with high-quality , durable , cost-effective , innovative portable products, all in the US market leader in this industry , and won at home and abroad high praise

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Looking for documents to remove the software, scan, get back, are a bit boring

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