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Specifications of Little Picker:

1.Strong frame
2.Comfortable grip handle
3.Very suitable for the old people
4.Make life more easy and clean

Features of Little Picker:

The Little Picker is easy-to-use grabbing tool features an extendable, rotating arm that enables users to reach hard-to-get items without bending, climbing, or straining. Perfect for use around the home and yard, it has a comfortable handle with large trigger. Avoid painful or dangerous reaching situations with this lightweight, durable tool.

andle, the length of the handle can be customized.

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Q:Room with a special cleaning tools are charged
(Such as dust, fumes, tide, salt, accumulated static electricity and various charged particles, etc.) which are adhered to the inside and the surface of these devices for various reasons,
Q:What tools are needed for interior cleaning?
The first step: vacuum and clean the car supplies: cleaning the first step should be the first to remove the dust inside the car, sweep large dirt, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the carpet and seat gap in the dust.
Q:Is there a tool to clean the anti-theft window?
And will not rust, strong Ning anti-theft window to remind you, anti-theft window is to protect the family safe, do not use poor quality, or accident on the regret
Q:About how to buy a cleaning tool cart
On the Hechuan campus cleaning tools and daily items to buy the request at the leadership: the property company has just completed the formation of the Department of cleaning staff and cleaning items used by all the original Hee and property left residual items
Q:Six meters on the pole on the monitoring camera to use what tools to clean
The cost of a separate monitor the camera does not take it, I suggest you do when the external wall cleaning
Q:What are the tools for cleaning the bathroom?
2: to provide soap machine (weekly check soap) 3: electric cleaning machine, (to replace the essence of the week) 4: urine compartment (for Drainage Odor treatment) These four mainly for the bathroom air
Q:What tools are best for cleaning windows?
Drag a mop head, and then the other side of the glass mop head also followed the move, clean the side of the glass to achieve the effect of cleaning on both sides
Q:What tools are needed to clean the façade?
High hanging board (rope way): workers use the hanging plate (rope) down to the designated location for construction operations. This construction method has the characteristics of convenience, flexibility and high safety factor. At the same time, take up less resources, to the maximum extent possible to reduce the daily work of the owners, the impact of life
Q:Kitchen where the oil is heavy and how to clean the tool
May wish to use thick rice soup painted on the stove, to be dry, rice soup scab, will grease stick together, so that only with iron scraping, oil will be removed with the rice plaster together. In addition, with the more dilute rice soup, soup directly washed, or with cuttlefish bone scrub, the effect is not bad.
Q:What are the hood cleaning tools?
Can adjust the height of the brush shaft, suitable for different diameter of the pipeline, high pressure spray gun spray high pressure water erosion pipe wall, combined with the brush, the use of double cleaning, efficient and thorough cleaning of the smoke pipe wall, high-definition Sony 1200-line micro-surveillance camera, imaging More clear, with night vision function, full video operation

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