Lithopone B311 Used For White Masterbatch

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Product Description:

Lithopone 30% DS


The product:

LITHOPONE 30% DS is an organically coated white pigment based on a co-precipitated zinc sulfide / barium sulfate.


Typical Properties:

 Low binder requirement

 Excellent dispersibility

 Neutral hue

 Low abrasiveness, thanks to low Mohs hardness



 Paints and coatings

Suitable for use in matt and semimatt powder-coating systems, thanks to its favorable rheological properties and excellent compatibility with coloured pigments.


Achieves high dry opacity in the pulp. Its good retention permits use in pigment size preparations. Bimodal particle distribution improves the porosity of the paper.

 Plastics and rubber

TiO2 can be partially replaced with LITHOPONE 30% DS in thermoplastic masterbatches.This products low binder requirement compared to TiO2 permits higher pigment concentrations.

The use of LITHOPONE 30% DS makes it possible to reduce friction and abrasion in production of master batches and films. The extremely low absorption which LITHOPONE 30% DS possesses in the near UV range significantly improves the effects of optical brighteners and polymerization initiators. LITHOPONE 30% DS produces good rheology in duroplastic moulding compounds without causing abrasion.


Technical Data:

ZnS [%] 


approx. 30


BaSO4 [%

DIN EN ISO 3262‑3 

 approx. 70


Colorimetric index L* (powder) 

A 400-14


Sieve residue1) m.p. > 45 μm [%] 


< 0.004




approx. 8


 Rel. lightening power2) (blue paste)

 A 400-12

 approx. 125


 Hardness (Mohs)



Density [g/ml]

 DIN EN ISO 787, Part 10

 approx. 4.3




Keep the product unstacked in dry and closed rooms at normal temperature and air humidity.

To achieve best possible results, we recommend storage under the conditions stated above and use within 12 months from delivery.

Lithopone is a white pigment composed of a mixture of barium sulfate (68 - 70 %) and zinc sulfide (28 - 30%) with trace amounts of zinc oxide. It is produced by precipitation through filtering, heating and quenching works. Lithopone has mostly been replaced by titanium dioxide which is more durable, but it is much cheaper. It is used as a base for lake pigment and used as a inert pigment for paint, ink and cosmetics as well as in a large range of applications in plastic industry. It is used as a filler in paper, leather, and linoleum.


Packing: 25kgs net bag, 21mts in the 20'FCL

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Q:When the tie-dy, can the direct pigment make the same effect as the reactive dyes?
If not washed, it will affect the color fastness of finished products, wet ironing on the white cloth serious stains. This color reactive dyes printed cloth is the control of the quality is particularly important, if not fixed on the dye, in the process of washing to produce white pollution, reactive dyes can not be ignored in the application of the problem.
Q:What are the effects of primer, intermediate paint and topcoat in exterior wall coating systems?
In the atmosphere corrosive environment of the external wall coating coating system is usually divided into primer, intermediate paint and topcoat.The main role of the primer is to lay the foundation on the substrate, the substrate has a good adhesion, with anti-rust performance The primer has a good wetting property on the surface of the substrate, as well as the osmotic effect, which enhances the adhesion to the substrate The main effect of the intermediate paint is to increase the film thickness and thus play a more effective shielding effect. The primer and topcoat in the exterior paint coating structure should not be too thick, so the middle layer is usually also a high-solids, thick slurry coating with a thixotropic variant, and the intermediate paint is also able to work well with the primer and finish Combined with the role of the machine, the car, the middle layer but also to make the surface smooth, is conducive to the topcoat. The most commonly used intermediate paint is the epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint in heavy anti-corrosion coatings, there is no simple intermediate paint concept , Many times the so-called intermediate paint can be used as a separate primer, and even as a glossy and aesthetic performance requirements of the top parts of the use of topcoat The main role is to prevent the external environment of harmful corrosive media, such as oxygen , Water vapor, sulfur dioxide and the chemical atmosphere of the same time, the beauty of the topcoat of the paint is now more and more attention, and sometimes also requires the outer layer of varnish, such as aliphatic polyurethane varnish, in order to get more For the dense shielding film.
Q:Buy paint how to buy
look at the weight, do not sloppy, the market's packaging specifications are varied, in our, the lightest is 3 kg, the most important is 9.5 kg. You have to pay attention to the time of purchase, marked 5 kg there are two, gross weight 5 kg and net weight of 5 kg, I think the choice of which you should be very clear! 5, understand
Q:What is the difference between latex paint and ordinary paint?
Latex paint because of its composition determines the strong adhesion, scrub resistance and so on. Ordinary coating because of the simple process, the general hiding power less than latex paint, and dry after the powder was, not dirty, easy to mold color.
Q:Can you use a watercolor pen on a wall painting?
Do not recommend the use of watercolor pen, although the wall paint raw materials between propylene and oil paint and no adverse reactions, but the use of its adhesion to be time to test, in general, easy to use watercolor painting deformation.
Q:What is the most lacquer taste?
Canna: also known as red flowers banana, corn, cactus, glowing ginger. Flower proverb said, "beauty banana strong resistance, sulfur dioxide pomegranate: also known as pomegranate, sea pomegranate, Dan Ruoyu said." Flower pomegranate red fire, both view flowers and fruit, air lead not to hide, Indoor pendulum two or two pomegranates, can reduce the lead in the air it can drop, "it has a strong absorption of sulfur dioxide performance....
Q:How to distinguish between fluorocarbon paint and ordinary paint?
Electrostatic spray gun, aluminum electrostatic spray gun, aluminum fluorocarbon paint electrostatic spray gun to find large spray electromechanical. Focus on industry for twenty years.
Q:What is the difference between ink and paint?
The coating is watery and can be dissolved in water. The ink is oily and can only be dissolved with an organic solvent that is lighter than it. Generally speaking, the paint and ink are similar, are made of resin connection material (ink) or called the base material (paint), color, additives and other components. The difference should be used in the application of the industry, used in the printing industry called ink, relatively ink more refined, and the coating is mainly to protect the role of both sometimes to protect the decoration. There is no clear boundary between the two.
Q:What is the polymer orientation structure?
According to the external force can be divided into: uniaxial orientation, biaxial orientation uniaxial orientation - fiber stretching biaxial orientation - film stretching
Q:What is the difference between spraying and brushing?
Most of the latex paint on the market, but also the most practical, latex paint the base of the most important treatment, most of the paint company you buy paint in his painting will help you free painting, but will not help you deal with the base of this point to pay special attention.

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