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CL956 series wheel loader adopts single rocker arm. It features optimized design, like extended axle base and enlarged total weight, advanced engine system, drive system, hydraulic system, and brake system, which brings tremendous advantages in terms of breakout force, traction force, tipping load, and work cycle time. The frame adopts low carbon alloy steel plate, which is rigid and reliable, which makes it applicable to various tough work conditions; It also features small turning radius, flexibility and good pass ability. CL956 is a very popular new product.


EngineD10.22T21Min. turning radius (outer front wheel)(mm)6044
Bucket capacity(m3)3.0Horizontal pass radius (outer bucket)(mm)6832
Rated load (kg)5000Max. breakout force≥160.0
Max. traction force (by engine)(kN)≥150.0Max. gradeability30
Tipping load (kN)≥110.0Work cycle time≤11.5s


Length (bucket on ground)(mm)8020Bucket width(mm)2988
Height(mm)3382Wheel base(mm)2248
Width (outer wheel)(mm)2844Axle base(mm)3200
Max. dump height (-450)(mm)3120Operating weight(kg)16800
Corresponding dump distance (-450)(mm)1120

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Q:Heavy machine soldier 3 crab excavator, where I can't get on
I've been looking for that place for a long time... It's very weirdFirst of all. In 1 wandering into the factory on the ground is 3 rooms, it is the factory, the roof is excavator, don't go into the factory... Now go outside, there is a place that can trigger automatic plot, look up, sway the crab excavator swagger before others go directly to... I, this story no trigger...
Q:Which country makes the excavator the best?
In 1904, Holt developed the first steam crawler bulldozer. In 1906, Holt developed the first natural gas tracked bulldozer. In 1915, the Allied forces used Holt's "Caterpillar" crawler bulldozer in World War i.. In 1925, the Holt manufacturing company merged with the C. L. Best bulldozer to form a Caterpillar bulldozer. In 1931, the first Diesel Sixty bulldozer from assembly line in Illinois East Peoria line, it is a bulldozer using a new type of efficient source of power. In 1940, the Caterpillar range now included motor graders, shovel graders, lift graders, terraces and electric generators. In 1942, the United States used Caterpillar's crawler bulldozers, motor graders, generators and special engines for M4 tanks during the war. In 1950, Caterpillar bulldozer was founded in the UK, the first of many overseas companies. The aim is to help manage foreign exchange shortages, customs duties, import controls, and provide better services to global customers. In 1953, 1931, the company set up an independent engine sales team to promote diesel engines to other equipment manufacturers. In 1953, the group was replaced by an independent sales and marketing division to better meet the needs of the vast numbers of engine customers. Engine sales now make up about 1/3 of the company's total sales and revenues. In 1963, Caterpillar and MITSUBISHI heavy industries established the first joint venture in the United States with some stake in the us. Caterpillar Mitsubishi Ltd began production in 1965 and has now been renamed the new Caterpillar Mitsubishi Ltd. It is now Japan's second largest producer of construction machinery and mining equipment. 1981-83 years, the global economic downturn spread to Caterpillar, the company paid a daily loss of $one million price. The company was forced to slash staff in case it was forced to do so.
Q:Do excavators require strong insurance?
All companies can guarantee strong risk, strong insurance is compulsory national insurance clauses are the sameStrong insurance is mainly to claim the third, and when the third death, through the strong risk insurance claims maximum fifty thousand,Wounding occurred, the highest claims eight thousand, third property loss, claims two thousand (and the car is fully responsible for the case)
Q:What is the length, width and height of bucket shovels for type 240 excavators?
Model is 60, that is, 6 ton bucket capacity of about 0.3 cubic meters;Model is 120, that is, 12 ton bucket capacity of about 0.5 cubic meters;Model is 160, that is, 16 ton bucket capacity of about 0.65 cubic meters;Model is 220, that is, 22 ton bucket capacity of about 1.1 cubic meters;
Q:Import Sumitomo A5-210 excavator fault code 0087 what does that mean? Is the engine system abnormal?
Plug the road, the big pump may plug, plugging the electronic pump, and there is a large pump into the East and West, and all kinds of blocking.
Q:The hero League digger listens, will the enemy show it on the map?
Will not show, only in your present position can see
Q:How about Xugong excavator?
With his right, my boss seven excavators, five units are the only service of Xugong, also follow..., there is a little bad, did not dare to dig, the bucket rod stand... Domestic machine inside, or a machine, after all others or with Carter engaged in so ten years. Not all learn well, also set a point.
Q:How do you drive the forehand and backhand drive of an excavator?
Forehand and backhand are domestic terms.The operation method from the original machine in Japan is backhand: the left handle controls the bucket before and after, and the backhand is controlled by the left and rightThe domestic production method of excavator is said to be forehand: left hand handle, left or right control rotation, the left handle, front and rear control bucket excavator is forehandThis thing and foreigners driving, steering wheel in the car to the right, Chinese driver's cab is on the left side of the car. Reversing valve, loosen the screws to break, you can change an action, a total of four adjustable! No, the handle is removed, change the oil line, the tube before and after the change with the left and right, you can adjust the backhand.
Q:How do you calculate the amount of backhoe?
According to the drawing and calculation rules, the working surface and the slope are calculated. The type of excavator is not related, but the coefficient of slope is different between the pit operation and the down hole operation. If the coefficient of operation under the pit is small, the earthwork of the downward slope of the excavator should be calculated
Q:What are the different uses of wheeled excavators and crawler excavators?
Wheeled excavator is easy to move, mainly in the city inside to do some small projects, municipal use of more. You can't work in a very soft place.

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