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CL956 series wheel loader adopts single rocker arm. It features optimized design, like extended axle base and enlarged total weight, advanced engine system, drive system, hydraulic system, and brake system, which brings tremendous advantages in terms of breakout force, traction force, tipping load, and work cycle time. The frame adopts low carbon alloy steel plate, which is rigid and reliable, which makes it applicable to various tough work conditions; It also features small turning radius, flexibility and good pass ability. CL956 is a very popular new product.


EngineD10.22T21Min. turning radius (outer front wheel)(mm)6044
Bucket capacity(m3)3.0Horizontal pass radius (outer bucket)(mm)6832
Rated load (kg)5000Max. breakout force≥160.0
Max. traction force (by engine)(kN)≥150.0Max. gradeability30
Tipping load (kN)≥110.0Work cycle time≤11.5s


Length (bucket on ground)(mm)8020Bucket width(mm)2988
Height(mm)3382Wheel base(mm)2248
Width (outer wheel)(mm)2844Axle base(mm)3200
Max. dump height (-450)(mm)3120Operating weight(kg)16800
Corresponding dump distance (-450)(mm)1120

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You can try contacting an equipment supplier in Canada or elsewhere.

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