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World famous engine,Strong power, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable in performance. Advanced hydraulic system, transmission system ensure the soft and reliable operation, better economy and high work efficiency. The new steel structure cab, huge space, ample view and mechanical damping suspension seat ensure the driver’s safety operation and comfortable experience.
Articulated frame, small turning radius, and high level through ability. Reinforced high drive axle, bearing capacity, and high reliability.


EngineSCIICB220G2B1Min. Swing radius(The outer edge of the front wheel)(mm)6668
Capacity (m3)3.0The radius of the level(The outer edge of the bucket)(mm)7230
Rated load(kg)5000Max. Breakout force(kN)≥160.0
Max. Tractive force(offered by engine)(kN)≥150.0Max. gradeability(°)30
Tipping load(kN)≥110.0The sum of three items≤11.5s






Overall length(Bucket flat on the ground)(mm)


Bucket width(mm)


Overall height(mm)


Wheel track(mm)


Overall width(The outer edge of the wheel)(mm)


Wheel base(mm)


Max. Dumping height(-450Unloading angle)(mm)


Operating weight(kg)


The Dump Distance(-450Unloading Angle )(mm)


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Q:What will be happen if we use water as hydraulic fluid in hydraulic cylanders?
Water is a dandy incompressible liquid, but that is where the good points end. If you use it in a hydraulic circuit the following will happen: 1. When put under negative pressure gasses will evolve from the water. This will result in soft actuation as the gas is compressible. 2. The system will be subject to freezing if left in a cold environment. 3. Metal fittings will likely rust. 4. Hydraulic oil filters will likely clog. 5. You will wind up with one expensive repair bill.
Q:Sump Pump Draining Idea?
You are installing what is basically called a dry well. Make it a couple of feet deep and it should be fine.
Q:Excavator b.c.d what do you mean?
Type 1, A, produced 96 years ago,2, B type 96-2000 years of production,3, C type 01-07 annual production,4, D type 97-2013 years of production.Carter excavator is the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer in the world. Caterpillar Inc is one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery. As an industry leader, Caterpillar has always been committed to global infrastructure construction, and has worked with its agents to promote positive and lasting reforms on all continents.
Q:What does free dump mean?
Excavators often have to remove excess dirt from a construction site after digging a hole for a basement or foundation. The farmer is willing to allow dirt to be dumped on his land at no charge. Other places charge them to take the dirt. Dirt only means no construction debris, garbage, etc., can be mixed in with the dirt. Hope this helps.
Q:How do you drive the forehand and backhand drive of an excavator?
As we all know, the hydraulic excavator operation is accomplished through two handles, two handle before and after, left and right four directions, respectively control the excavator and the moving body part arm, bucket rod, and the rotating bucket. But according to the corresponding way, the operation mode of excavator is divided into two kinds, "left and right spin" and "front and back rotation". Then, I will talk about some differences between them.Two modes of operationThe first kind is the Japanese second-hand import machine and senior veteran driver as the representative, the left hand handle of the front, back, left and right corresponding control is the excavator's right rotation, left rotation, bucket extension and bucket recovery. We used to be referred to as "front and back spin"".The second type is the domestic new machine and the new generation of young drivers as representatives, left hand handle of the front, back, left, right, respectively, corresponding to the control of the excavator's bucket stick, bucket recovery, left rotation and right rotation. We used to be referred to as "left and right spin"".There are people who have called these two modes, "mobile phone" and "mobile phone", but due to the lack of a unified nomenclature, caused the differences on the way, before and after rotation is called mobile phone, the mobile phone is called reverse rotation, but also to rotate around the mobile phone is called, before and after the rotation is called reverse mobile phone. So to avoid confusion, said only this, before and after the rotation and rotation, to note here is "mobile phone" is refers to the rotation, and rotation or rotation before and after the "anti mobile phone", two kinds of the different mode of operation is only the left hand excavator operating handle, right invariant handle mode.
Q:Daewoo solar 400 excavator?
No idea sorry,but i searched for 30 minutes for an answer...
Not 100% sure but I would think that it uses its own motor for a counterweight to help you not tip over into the hole you are digging.
Q:After Hurricane IKE Cleanup?
Where do you live? do you run the equipment??
Q:Are there any differences between backhoe and crawler hydraulic excavators?
These are two completely different conceptsBackhoe bucket is a form of installation, is our common kind of excavator bucket, bucket shovel is to turn over. Generally only in the 100 tons or more models will be equipped with shovelAccording to this standard, there are two forms of spade (backhoe and backhoe)Hydraulic crawler excavator means that the walking gear is in the form of caterpillar tracks, according to which there are (wheeled, tracked)
Q:What is the problem of excavator holding cars?
Your hydraulic pump has been cleaned, but is it appropriate to adjust the pressure? What else is the problem with the hydraulic pump?. Sometimes these conditions can occur with too much pressure regulation. If the pressure is normal or lower, it should not be a hydraulic pump. You can now find a school oil pump master to show you, ah, as long as the master is generally, you can certainly be an oil pump problem. Do you have a lot of exhaust under your engine, and do you have engine oil? These are the criteria for determining whether or not your engine is having problems. If the diesel pump, with the hydraulic pump is no problem, it is only the demolition of the engine overhaul. Exception, you walk running, the reason may be the hydraulic pump on both sides of the uneven pressure regulation, or side of the walking pump wear a little bit larger.

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