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CL956-2 Series of Wheel loaders adopt international famous brand engine, it has stronger power. The advanced transmission system and hydraulic system make sure this series of machine much more prominent performance. The cab of humanized design has big internal space,widen horizon, equipped with a mechanical suspension damping chair, which safeguard operator’s safety and comfort. High-intensive body structure and work device allow machine adapt to different kinds of adverse working circumstances. CL956-2 series of wheel loaders have good climbing property, flexible and trafficable, much suitable for complex ground working conditions.


Engine6CTA8.3-C215Min. turning radius(Front Wheel Outboard)(mm)6668
Bucket Capacity (m3)3.0Level Through the Radius
(Bucket Outboard)(mm)
Rated Load (kg)5000Maximum Breakout Force(kN)≥160.0
Maximum Tractive Force(KN)≥150.0Maximum Gradeability(°)30
Tipping Load(KN)≥110.0Sum of Three Items Work Device≤11.5s


Vehicle Length(Bucket Lay on the Ground)(mm)8120Bucket Capacity (mm)2988
Vehicle Height (mm)3447Wheel Base(mm)2248
Vehicle Width(Wheel Outboard)(mm)2844Track Width (mm)3350
Maximum Dump Clearance(-450Unload Angle)(mm)3138Operating Weight (kg)16800
The Dump Distance(-450Unloading Angle )(mm)1123

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Q:I need a hammer/breaker for my Cat320 excavator,Which one is suitable?
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Q:I have a 1995 Kamatsu excavator that wont shut off once its started?
Start at the fuel cut of solenoid on the diesel fuel pump. When you turn the key to the off position it should kill the power to the solenoid, closing off the fuel to the cylinders. If there is still is power at the solenoid with the key off, then there is a problem at the ignition switch. If there is no power then the solenoid is stuck open and needs to be replaced. For some reason the cylinders are still getting fuel. All a diesel needs to keep running is fuel and air. Be sure to let me know how it goes. Good luck
Q:how to r&r waterpump johndeere 790elc excavator
TROLL ALERT - JOINED TODAY sry SENSor, I stole your job.
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Q:24v outlet 12v charger?
u will need to buy an adapter.......haven't checked recently but bought one for my dad for his excavator last year for like 12 bucks shipped....
Q:I am searching for ideas for my sons birthday cake. I been looking at a Edible Excavator will post link and.
Q:What card does excavator driver need to mount guard?
For the driver of the excavator, the required certificate is: Excavator operation permit.Excavator (loader) operation certificate, namely: by the Ministry of labor or Safety Supervision Bureau approved the formal operation card (also known as the certificate of work, also known as IC card), type of technical certificate and various certification. Also known as "special operations operation card", is engaged in special types of work personnel must be familiar with the corresponding special types of job safety knowledge and prevention of various accidents skills. Practitioners must be required to hold (IC card) posts, that is, by the State Administration of work safety issued the "People's Republic of China special operations permit" before the job, this certificate nationwide. The old version of the certificate is reviewed every 2 years, and the review of the new special operation permit is reviewed 1 times every 3 years.

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