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It adopts articulated frame, which has small turning radius and high trafficability.
It adopts load sensing full hydraulic steering system. In the condition that it first meet the steering requirement, the conflux of steering hydraulic system and the working hydraulic system make the hydraulic system match with the travel system reasonably, which reduces power loss in the system and improves work efficiency.
The full closed cab is capacious and bright with a wide view. It is mounted with luxury shock absorption seat and audio system, providing a comfortable operation environment.
The hydraulic system for working device adopts pilot control, which is convenient to operate, provides smooth movement, and it reduces the work cycle time and the work intensity.
The key structural parts like frame and working devices are all welded with low pressure alloy steel plate, which is firm and durable.
The quick coupler device makes it convenient to change attachments. 


ItemsParameters ItemsParameters
Bucket capacity (m3)1.7Tipping load6400kg
Rated loading capacity (t)3Max. gradeability30°
Max. breakout force (kN)≥96kNMin. turning radius (outer side of rear wheel)5837mm
Max. traction (kN) (providing by engine))≥107kNRadius of horizontal pass (outer side of bucket)6487mm
Max. steering angle30°Tire inflation pressureFront wheel 0.333-0.353MPa
Rear wheel 0.275-0.294MPa


Total length (bucket lowers onto ground)7100mmMin. ground clearance309mm
Total width (wheel outer side )3250mmMax. unloading height (-45°)2950mm
Bucket width2510mmUnloading distance (-45°)1070mm
Total height3255mmUnloading angle45°
Wheel tread1865mmOperating weight10.2t
Axle base2850mm

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