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CL935 wheel loader is the new product made by Lishide construction machinery Company. The whole machine adopts Guangxi Yuchai YC6B125-T10 engine; The transmission adopts monopole four component torque converter, planetary dynamic shift gearbox, drive axle of four-wheel drive; work device adopts single rock arm ”Z” linkage, flexible axle operation; steering system adopts pin joint frame, hydraulic steering gear; Braking system adopts Gas cap oil pliers disc driving brake and parking brake hoof type system. The cab can be allocated fan heater.
1) Appearance molding of European style, full sealed, low noise, luxury  upholstery cab;
2) Single stage four components fixed shaft power shift transmission, powerful and durable power system;
3) Linkage of optimized design, with high transmission efficiency, big breakout force, and strong lifting capacity;
4) Hydraulic steering system, with high efficiency and energy economy, easily and conveniently to operate. 


1Bucket Capacity  (m3)1.7Height of Delivery Location :400 mm
2Rated Load(kg)3000
3Operating Weight (Kg)9800
4Length (mm)6875Bucket flat on the ground
5Width (mm)2260
6Height (mm)3010
7Wheel Base(mm)2600
9Min. Ground Clearance420
10Departure Angle,(°)29.5
11Angle to the Body(°)≥35.0
12Dumping Height(mm)3100Dumping Height 45°
13Dumping distance (mm)1270Dumping Height 45°
14Collecting Bucket Location on Ground (°)45Bucket Pin Height :220 mm
15Collecting Bucket Location on Delivery Location (°)47Bucket Pin Height :400 mm
16Turning Radius (mm)5240Tyre center line
17Max. Grade Ability(°)30
18Max. Rim Pull (KN)90
19Tipping Load (KN)≥51
20Max Breakout Force (KN)115


Length (MM): 6875
Width (MM): 2260
Height (MM): 3010 

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